Alan Brubaker against frac’ing: “Those chemicals they use to frack are highly poisonous to humans. Those chemicals cannot be filtered out. What are you thinking, money over the lives of millions people? All who pass this should be put in prison for life.”

Against fracking by Alan Brubaker, Snowflake, Jun 1, 2021, White Mountain Independent

In first place, I still am against fracking, because the the chemicals used in the process to break up the soil and rock to remove the oil or gas from the ground.

If there were no danger of any water near or around, then I say it would be fine.

Here in northeastern Arizona, we have a huge aquifer of fresh water, and drilling for water or gas, of any kind should be against the law, and against polluting our water supply. Those chemicals they use to frack are highly poisonous to humans.

Those chemicals cannot be filtered out. What are you thinking, money over the lives of millions people? All who pass this should be put in prison for life.

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This historical list of some products for CAPP. It used to be publicly available, after I went public with it, it was removed from the Internet, so I uploaded it to my site.

Unfortunately, most of the chemical ingredients that make up these products are withheld (like my ex lawyers Murray Klippenstein and Cory Wanless withholding my case files after abruptly quitting, contrary to the rules of their profession).

I tried for 15 years to find out the chemicals Encana/Ovintiv illegally injected directly into my community’s drinking water aquifers. Alberta Environment doesn’t know, and is too chicken and or corrupt to ask; the water “regulator” investigated community-wide drinking water contamination without knowing what chemicals to test for. Science, Alberta style, led by bully Encana/Ovintiv.

The AER publicly proclaims that companies file all chemicals used with the regulator, which is a lie. AER doesn’t know, doesn’t care to find out (even if AER did, I expect companies would just ignore their pet & paid for “regulator”) and refuses to make law-violating companies hand over their toxic recipes, not even to families with children sickened by activities near their home or to doctors treating those children.

In 2014, Justice Neil C. Wittmann ordered Encana into document exchange with me. What a judicial fart that was. It cost me a fortune, never mind having to endure the stench. Trade secrets are not allowed in Alberta Rules of Court; of course Encana did not disclose the chemicals the company injected into my drinking water supply (and did not disclose any information on most of their wells in my community, including ultra shallow and problem wells).

Rule of Law in Caveman Canada when it suits the rich and powerful, especially when it makes the rich richer and the powerful more powerful.

New Investigation: Fractured: The body burden of living near fracking: Families in western Pennsylvania exposed to harmful chemicals; regulations failing to protect mental, physical, social health. In Alberta, doctors will not investigate if we are poisoned by oil/gas/frac’ing; will not take a blood test without politician permission

New study: Frac chemicals in farm water linked to rare birth defect in horses; The implications for human health are “worrisome” say researchers.

Frac Hanky Panky hits the UK: Cabinet Office defies **court** order to release 2016 secret gov’t report on frac’ing industry – Like Encana still defying Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench 2014 order to release to Ernst all relevant documents to her lawsuit, most evilly withheld: all chemicals Encana secretly injected into Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers

Colorado study shows toxic chemicals up to 2,000 feet from frac sites; Benzene (carcinogen), toluene (neurotoxin, notably damages the brain in children) and ethyltoluenes found at up to **10 times** recommended levels 500 feet from frac operations. “Secret exposure to chemicals that our own EPA reports as a potential hazard to human health is unconscionable.”

Remember Emergency Nurse Cathy Behr? Ohio, New Report: Widespread use of frac’ing and drilling chemicals risk water supplies and health. Companies injected undisclosed chemicals “10,992 times into 1,432 wells” enabled by the “law” that allows trade secrets, even from first responders.

New Study: Frac chemical mix causes disturbing changes in breast tissue; Low levels of chemicals used in unconventional oil & gas production cause abnormal mammary glands and pre-cancerous lesions

“The public has a right to know”: Fracking companies don’t have to disclose chemicals linked to health concerns

Documents show EPA health concerns on frac chemicals kept secret, approved for use by companies near families & communities anyways: Intentional Environmental Racism by Regulators? Against everyone living frac’d?

CBC News: Alberta is a Fracking Black Hole for Information! Since 2006, Ernst has been trying to get disclosure of the chemicals Encana injected into her community’s drinking water aquifers and elsewhere, with zero success, not even for her lawsuit, Alberta Rules of Court do not allow trade secrets but no authority is compelling Encana to disclose the information

MUST READ Amazing New study: Hazardous Chemicals Go Unregulated in Routine Oil and Gas Operations. Chemical regulations that govern hydraulic fracturing do not apply to numerous other uses of same chemicals on oil & gas development fields. (The toxic secrecy is much worse in Canada)

Hypocrites! Health Canda wants “expanded powers” to strengthen regulation of natural health products but not toxic frac chemicals – not even to make companies disclose their secret frac brews to families breathing them! Not even to disclose Health Canada’s own frac health hazard report!

Firefighters: Increased disclosure needed for fracking emergencies: “Not requiring fracking companies to disclose trade secret chemicals to those we entrust with our safety, even during a disaster, is just plain irresponsible.”

New Peer-Reviewed Paper: A systematic evaluation of chemicals in hydraulic-fracturing fluids and wastewater for reproductive and developmental toxicity

Alberta research shows fracking fluids cause ‘significant’ harm to fish, Can harm fish even at low concentrations. Chemicals caused premature aging in gills, organs

Environmental causes of childhood cancers ‘grossly underestimated.’ In Canada, toxic chemicals used by oil and gas industry are exempt under CEPA (1999)

Crop-dusting company fined for spraying pesticide without registration, but not Encana for violating Alberta’s Water Act, diverting drinking water without a permit, and for violating Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, illegally injecting secret chemicals into a community’s drinking water supply, contaminating it?

Yale School of Public Health: Fracking Linked to Cancer-Causing Chemicals; Pennsylvanians Against Fracking Call on Governor Wolf to Implement Statewide Moratorium on Fracking

Democracy Now Interviews Standing Rock Sioux Pediatrician: Threat from Fracking Chemicals is “Environmental Genocide”

Two new peer-reviewed studies published after Florida significantly increases toxic chemicals allowed dumped in waterways: 1) Chemicals used in fracking, other gas, oil operations increase risk of miscarriages, reduced male fertility, prostate cancer, birth defects, preterm birth by disrupting hormones; 2) Lit review shows increased risk of negative reproductive effects from exposure to fracking, other oil, gas extraction activities, especially for miscarriages, reduced semen quality, prostate cancer, birth defects, preterm birth

CEPA, Canada’s main environmental law isn’t working. Of course it isn’t, the oil and gas industry is largely exempt while emissions of the most harmful chemicals are on the rise. Live in a frac field? Hold your breath, don’t drink the water.

Do your children drink secret oilpatch chemicals when they drink milk? Dairy farmers in New Zealand allow oilfield waste spread on their farms. When Radio New Zealand reported it, Taranaki Regional Council spent $85,000 in legal fees fighting it and lost

Air Monitoring & Biomonitoring finds Industry’s Natural Gas is not “Clean” and “Safe.” Toxic Chemicals Linked To Natural Gas Operations Detected In Pavillion, WY Residents

Massachusetts Senate Passes 10-Year Moratorium on Fracking and Disposal of Frac Wastewater in the Commonwealth. Senate President: “Fracking releases harmful chemicals into our air while contaminating fresh groundwater, causing seismic events, flaring methane and severely harming public health.

Another New Peer-Reviewed, Published Frac Health Harm Review: Harmful chemicals used in, produced by unconventional oil & gas pose serious threat to infants & children

Albertans still don’t know what toxic oilfield chemicals their children are breathing. When will companies be ordered to fully disclose all chemicals, including trade secrets, before racing toxic truck loads through school zones, by hospitals, where children play, and before injected, spilled, dumped, spread on foodlands, flared, vented, spewed from endless facilities?

High Levels of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Found Near Fracking Wastewater Site while FracFocus Fraud Continues: “To adequately investigate such reactions, available information is not sufficient, but instead a full disclosure of HF additives is necessary.”

Oil & gas & frac companies poisoning Alberta families, injecting toxic chemicals into community air, on roads & food land & in drinking water aquifers Go Free while Edmonton dry cleaner first person in Canada to get jail sentence for using dangerous chemicals

“Total Farce” Australia’s national assessment of chemicals used in CSG (CBM) 2.5 years delayed: Is industry afraid of sick families finding out what they’re being poisoned by?

Bravo! Prevent Cancer Now calls out AER’s Health Fraud! “The AER has no jurisdiction for human health, and Alberta is famed for a chill against the medical community linking ill health to petrochemicals.”

Texas: Hydraulic Fracturing Stimulation contaminating drinking water, 25 per cent of water wells tested by Dr. Zack Hildenbrand show contamination with man-made chemicals used in fracking the Eagle Ford: “This practice is having an affect”

New Research: Fracking chemicals lower sperm count in mice when they reach adulthood, Could have fertility implications for people living in shale gas zones

What drilling chemicals are under our communities, on our foodlands, blowing in the air we breath, running off into water we drink?

Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals Not Protected…or Known

Publicly funded FrankenFrac: Fracing with nanoparticles: “It is possible to attach all sorts of chemicals and that allows you to do all kinds of interesting things”

Another study after frac harms already done, and hiding the toxic drilling, cementing, perfing, servicing and secret frac chemicals

“Keeping the names of the chemicals secret is preposterous” American Medical Association blasts frac chemical secrets, calls for full public disclosure and water monitoring

Denmark bends over for industry after suspending Total’s fracking over ‘hazardous’ chemicals: “We will simply not accept this kind of violation of our EIA”

Colorado Supreme Court: Antero/Calfrac lose ‘Lone Pine’ Order Escape in Frac Contamination and Health Harm Case, Win for William and Beth Strudley, forced to move their children after toxic chemicals contaminated their property

Range Resources Appeal to keep Frac Chemicals Secret in Pa Lawsuit Denied; PA Superior Court Orders Range Resources, Halliburton, et al to divulge frac fluid ingredients…Again

Fracking criticism spreads, even in Alberta and Texas, Canadian, U.S. studies raise concerns that chemicals used in process make people sick

EPA Frac Investigation: Most Drillers Keep Chemicals Secret in Fracfocus; “One or more ingredients were claimed confidential in more than 70% of disclosures”

Australia: “urine tests of Tara locals of all ages showed up levels of various toxic chemicals used in the controversial ‘fracking’ of coal seams

Superior Court hears arguments on release of frac chemicals; Range Resources appealing 2013 Court Order to release all chemicals

Dr. Alfonso Rodriguez challenging Pennsylvania’s Act 13 Gag Rule which prohibits disclosure of frac chemicals, even by doctors treating patients poisoned by fracing unless they sign strict confidentiality agreements

A lot too late: Federal officials warn about dangers of airborne petrochemicals blowing out of oil well tank hatches

PA DEP: September Drilling Communication Event Contaminated Drinking Water in Doddridge County, Proves drilling, perforating, acidizing, fracing, cavitation, servicing chemicals must be fully disclosed – without trade secrets – before any activity, not just frac chemicals long after fracing

Study: Toxic Chemicals, Carcinogens at Levels Far Exceeding Federal Limits Near Frac Sites, Will almost certainly lead to cancer increase in surrounding areas

Environment Canada Keeping Nearly a Thousand Frac Chemicals Secret: Memo released through Access to Information Legislation

American Chemical Society: A new look at what’s in ‘fracking’ fluids raises red flags but does not name the toxic chemicals of concern

Judge denies Range Resources’ testing request because company still hasn’t complied with court order to disclose frac chemicals, including those proprietary

Wyoming Draft Report funded by Encana, says Encana not to blame, suggests nature and water well owners are; frac chemicals not disclosed by Encana to the state – What kind of a review is that?

Companies Illegally Dumping Toxic Fracking Chemicals in Dawson Creek Water Treatment Systems, City to pay $4 Million and more for monitoring to try to stop illegal frac waste dumping How much of this dumping was done for Encana/Ovintiv?

Ian Jessop interviews Jessica Ernst about the Harper government leaving frac chemicals off pollutant list CFAX pulled most of the interviews Jessop had with me and Diana Daunheimer. I was too busy at the time with the lawsuit and speaking tours, to download/save them, and upload to my site. Jessop courageously asked fabulous questions.

EPA Investigation report details toxic chemicals at Statoil Frac Site Explosion; Chemicals spilled into Opossum Creek – 70,000 fish killed; Ohio Regulator says safe to drink the water

Harper government enabling the frac harm cover up? Environment Canada criticized for leaving fracking chemicals off pollutant list saying not enough frac chemicals used – 362,000 litres of diesel invert lost underground near Alberta family home

Too Late: Federal Report Details Chemicals Used At Statoil Frac Site after the toxic and radiological chemicals including Cesium-137 “went up in a giant inferno”

Only a frac ban will protect health, livability in Denton Texas; Frac regulations poison us, “There is no escaping the harmful chemicals. … We feel like prisoners in our own home.”

Recent court rulings: Range Resources responsible for disclosing chemicals; In best position to get chemical list, including trade secrets but, us usual, just like Encana/Ovintiv, Range refused.

Air Pollutants From Fracking, Acidizing Threaten Public Health, Report Says; Oil Companies Used More than 45 Million Pounds of Toxic Chemicals in Los Angeles Area Over Past Year

Arvin California: Expert Says Independent Air Sample of Evacuated Home Shows Relatively High Levels of Chemicals Linked to Hydraulic Fracturing

West Texas county sues Odessa oil service company for dumping thousands of gallons of toxic oilfield chemicals down Odessa city sewer

Canada’s National Pollutant Release Inventory [NPRI] Oil and Gas Sector Review; Chemicals injected and fugitive or venting emissions (e.g. H2S) by oil and gas industry exempt from reporting

Federal study confirms toxic chemicals from Alberta tarsands leaching into groundwater and the Athabasca River

Hormone-disrupting chemicals found in ground and surface water at fracking sites, Peer reviewed study of fracking sites in Garfield County Colorado finds chemicals linked to infertility, birth defects and cancer

ConocoPhillips chemical data falls short, releases same report as previously, keeps some frac chemicals secret and does not list drilling, servicing, perforating chemicals which can be more harmful

BC OGC orders closure, drainage and remediation of Talisman’s leaking toxic frac waste water pit, Talisman says tests show soil and groundwater contaminated with chemicals Encana/Ovintiv dumped their waste onto farmland and into unlined pits in my community, with regulator eyes wide shut.

Use of Chemicals for Fracking May Be Illegal Under REACH, European Commission Says

Questions linger after company spreads toxic chemicals on northern Michigan roads

Alberta announces new cancer-care plan, but won’t stop hydraulic fracturing or disallow trade secrets of the toxic chemicals injected

Fracking chemicals shouldn’t be kept secret

Maryland Delegates: Children’s Environmental Health Report Provides Fuel for Change to protect children from fracking chemicals

Official urges EPA review, labeling of fracking substances

Busted, Part Deux! Fracking Chemicals Found in Wyoming Water Supply Guess who frac’d the drinking water aquifers there! Yup, Encana/Ovintiv.

Voluntary Fracking Reporting? Bloomberg: Chemicals Not Reported, Half of All Wells “Obscured”

Doctors fight “gag orders” over fracking chemicals

The hidden health risks of fracking, Nurses demand disclosure of chemicals used in natural gas drilling

Fracking chemicals could poison water: expert

North Dakota Turns Blind Eye to Dumping of Fracking Waste in Waterways and Farmland, Releases of drilling and fracking waste, which is often laced with carcinogenic chemicals, have wiped out aquatic life in streams and wetlands

Potentially harmful fracking chemicals are considered secrets


About That Dimock Fracking Study: Result Summaries Show Methane and Hazardous Chemicals

Mystery of fracking chemicals worries Californians

The 10 Scariest Chemicals Used In Hydraulic Fracking

Fracking fears spur review of oilpatch regulations: Provinces commited in 2011 to registry to disclose use of chemicals But, it still has not happened; they let CAPP and companies copy USA and post bogus (fraudulent) frac focus with heaps of trade secrets, missing data and late.

Living in fear of fracking, ERCB says frac chemicals publicly available upon request FRACSHIT! ERCB (now AER) lies like my ex lawyers. I asked, and asked, and asked; I have never yet rec’d the chemicals Encana/Ovintiv illegally injected into my community’s drinking water aquifers. I did receive a letter from a lawyer at ERCB, admitting the regulator does not know what the chemicals used by industry are and so can’t tell me. Like oil, gas and frac company lawyers, regulator lawyers lie so often, they can’t keep their lies straight.

Wyoming regulators keep 146 fracking chemicals secret Lucky Encana/Ovintiv!

Gas drillers should reveal fracking chemicals, manage impacts But, they don’t.

A company that contaminated groundwater with cancer-causing chemicals banned from any future underground coal gasification (UCG) activities in Queensland Why has OGC and AER not banned Encana/Ovintiv?

Family doesn’t pursue lawsuit in cancer death blamed on fracking chemicals

Truth comes out on ‘Fracking’ Toxins. Who finally tells us the nasty chemicals used for shale gas drilling in Western Canada? US Congress

Chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing

Private lab finds toxic chemicals in Dimock water

Boom in gas drilling fuels contamination concerns in Colorado, Some scientists and citizens want firms that extract natural gas to reveal what chemicals they’re using

Drill for Natural Gas, Pollute Water. The natural gas industry refuses to reveal what is in the mixture of chemicals used to drill for the fossil fuel

Ernst Testimony (2007) on water contamination and non-disclosure of chemicals used in shallow hydraulic fracturing of coalbed methane wells in Alberta

I gave the letter below to Rick McKee, EUB lawyer interrogating me, trying to bully me into obedient submission and silence, after the “regulator” violated my Charter rights (in writing no less). I never received answers to my questions. McKee was most unhappy I made him sign receiving my letter. A nasty bully – I’ve had to endure plenty of them living frac’d. And then along came Murray Klippenstein, another bully. Because his threatening me to make me let him wind down my lawsuit after he abruptly quit, failed? (When I retained him in 2007, Klippenstein told me he took on cases in the public interest and clients that don’t quit.)

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