Australia: “urine tests of Tara locals of all ages showed up levels of various toxic chemicals used in the controversial ‘fracking’ of coal seams

Metgasco merger deal collapses as CSG ban urged by Luis Feliu, March 18, 2015,

Troubled north coast coal-seam-gas (CSG) miner Metgasco suffered another setback this week with the collapse of a proposed merger with oil explorer Elk Petroleum. The failure of the merger comes as the CSG issue hots up for the 28 March election, with Labor calling for a statewide moratorium on CSG activity as a major environmental policy, while also announcing it would return tens of thousands in donations given to its NSW branch by giant CSG miner Santos Ltd. Metgasco told the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) it had decided to terminate the proposed merger as it had low chances of securing finance for the deal in the face of falling oil prices.

The company, which is fighting to have the suspension of its north-coast exploration licence lifted, told the ASX conditions on the proposed merger, such as raising finance and lower than expected oil prices, had not been met. …

‘The oil price MAC has been triggered. Based on discussions with numerous financial organisations, Metgasco has concluded that the chance of securing acceptable finance is now very low,’ the statement said. … ‘Under the terms of the Convertible Loan Facility, which was put in place to support Elk Petroleum through the merger implementation period, no further payments to Elk Petroleum will be made and Elk Petroleum has 30 days in which to repay the loan plus interest incurred. ‘Of the overall A$2.5 million loan facility, A$1.69m has currently been drawn down. The loan is secured against Elk and all its assets.

‘Metgasco is disappointed that this opportunity has not been successful and will continue seeking means to realise value from its Clarence Moreton Basin exploration acreage and identifying opportunities outside of NSW,’ the statement by Metgasco management said. The company’s woes continued this year with its finance director, who had been with the company for only a year, quitting in January.

‘Labor’s moratorium commitment is welcome, but the detail of their promises for communities facing immediate threat is not clear. People in Gloucester, Camden and Narrabri need certainty that the next NSW government, whoever they are, will act immediately to address the threats these communities are experiencing and facing. The enormous groundswell of discontent must be addressed and statutory protections put in place not just for future coal seam gas, but where the threat and the impact is happening now,’ Mr Laird said.

Toxic chemicals found in urine

Meanwhile, a north coast supporter of the anti-CSG campaign in southeast Queensland has slammed Metgasco CEO Peter Henderson for telling media this week there were ’absolutely no health concerns’ over CSG.

Clunes resident Anne Thompson told Echonetdaily that a fundraiser held earlier this month at the Lismore Workers Club for the health testing of children from Tara in southeast Queensland, where the CSG industry is booming, raised $12,500.

Ms Thompson said urine tests of Tara locals of all ages showed up levels of various toxic chemicals used in the controversial ‘fracking’ of coal seams for gas.

‘If Peter Henderson think the above levels of these terrible chemicals in children and their parents and grandparents is of no concern, then he either needs to do more research or he simply does not care,’ Ms Thompson said.

‘The National Party has shown their contempt for the electorate by renewing PEL 445 which covers the huge area that includes Lismore, Coraki, Woodburn, parts of the Clarence Valley, Clunes, Bexhill, Eltham, Dunoon, Nimbin, The Channon, Kyogle, Urbenville, Tabulam and Mallanganee, plus water supply areas including Ballina, Byron Bay, Lismore.

‘This licence has now been purchased by multinational operator AJ Lucas which is based just across the border in Queensland where they are extremely active.

‘This is is a huge threat to all of us who fear our area being turned into a gasfield where children and their families will suffer so much.

Ms Thompson urged people not to vote for the Nationals at the election, as it was ’a vote for coal seam gas’. [Emphasis added]

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