Bravo! Prevent Cancer Now calls out AER’s Health Fraud! “The AER has no jurisdiction for human health, and Alberta is famed for a chill against the medical community linking ill health to petrochemicals.”

Alberta Energy Regulator Aspires to Excellence – Admirable Goal is Difficult and Distant Media Release by Prevent Cancer Now, November 23, 2015

The content in this release is offered for reprint, with attribution to Prevent Cancer Now

In the lead-up to Paris climate talks and amid accusations of Canada exporting “dirty oil,” the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) is wrapping up consultations in pursuit of excellence in regulation. Much of Canada’s petrochemical exports originate in Alberta, and every energy development – mining, drilling, fracking, flaring, transportation via pipes or trains, processing or refining – is under AER jurisdiction.

The AER aims to ensure “the efficient, safe, orderly and environmentally responsible development of oil, natural gas, coal and oil sands throughout the province for the benefit of all Albertans.”

How do we know that energy developments are indeed “safe” as claimed? The AER has no jurisdiction for human health, and Alberta is famed for a chill against the medical community linking ill health to petrochemicals. To connect the dots, researchers first need publicly accessible data about environmental quality (air, water, earth, food), health, socio-economic factors and so on. This data must be sufficiently fine-grained and in formats easily meshed to see trends and conduct research. In an absence of evidence, how could the AER and Albertans possibly respond?

Only with data will “common knowledge” and anecdote become “fact.” For example, during and following the Peace River Proceeding on health effects of bitumen emissions, community members identified that as novel extraction facilities and emissions increased, more and more children required special help in school, such as speech therapy. Is this in fact true, that neurotoxins such as reduced sulphur compounds (RSCs) and hydrocarbons from bitumen are harming the children? School boards didn’t give “special needs” data to parents, and whatever educators may have discovered is not public.

Academic researchers are raising concerns. American researchers found higher rates of blood cancers downwind of extraction and processing in the Alberta “Industrial Heartland.” Recently, the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics published a consensus that children born “pre-polluted” with these industrial toxicants develop poorly and are more prone to cancers.

[MUST READ PARA] Data-driven evidence and decisions are only as good as the numbers, and the AER relies principally on proponent-supplied laboratory results. The only commercial lab conducting specialist analyses for companies closed unexpectedly and abruptly in 2014. Coincidentally, that sudden shuttering took place one week after disclosure to the AER Peace River Proceeding of a “Canadian Detection Limit Policy” to maximize detection limits “to protect our clients’ interests.”

[ The reasons why detection limits are sometimes increased are as varied as the samples we receive for analysis. In all cases, our goal is to protect our clients’ interests by preventing false positive results. ]

This followed years of academic work finding industry-related polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) downstream and in lakes, versus government and industry-sponsored research (e.g. Suncor-sponsored, using the now-closed laboratory) finding that PAHs more likely arise from natural weathering.

Key messages to the AER include:

  • Prove the claims of human and environmental health and safety, with high quality data on all relevant chemicals, plus health and environmental data
  • The oil patch employs many out-of-province workers. When they get sick, they don’t come back. Is Alberta exporting ill health?
  • Set standards for AB environmental analytical laboratories, and only use data from reliable labs
  • Forbid long distance transportation of dilbit – “detox” and upgrade bitumen

Prevent Cancer Now is a Canadian national civil society organization including scientists, health professionals and citizens working to stop cancer before it starts, through education and advocacy to eliminate preventable causes of cancer.

For further information please contact:

Meg Sears, PhD
Co-chair and science advisor, Prevent Cancer Now

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Excellent comments to this Stephen Ewart article by Jo Dion and Diana Daunheimer

Diana Daunheimer
Breaking news from Pennsylvania, first public water source contaminated by fraccing: Penn Law, the expert on “best-in-class” regulations? Just a matter of when for our public water sources in Alberta, except in Rosebud, Alberta, that happened quite some time ago.
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Johanne Dion · Http:// at Revue de presse quotidienne sur le gaz de schiste en Amérique du Nord
In reply to Bryson Hickok, because the thread will not let me do so directly under his comment addressed to me:

Say what you want about what I and the people of Quebec did. The results are there for all to see: we stopped the fracking shale invasion of our province. For now.

How regulatory bodies react to the industry’s bullying and pollution is the same everywhere. Governments, even if elected by the people, serve the industry’s interests when push comes to shove. Eventually, all the money in the world won’t be able to buy out all the harmed and the sick caused by hydraulic fracturing. Eve…See More
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Diana Daunheimer
Where to begin with this…I guess at the utter irony of how the AER paid Penn Law for a “best-in-class” review.

If this is Pennsylvania’s definition of “regulatory excellence,” the regulatory agencies in Alberta appear to be right on track.

“During the 2011 Atgas blowout investigation in Bradford County, Chesapeake Energy was allowed to dismiss their own pre-drill water test results to avoid liability for contaminating a water supply. This simple act by DEP ended up changing the background water quality data for the area, creating an artificial history of drinking water quality that could be used to dismiss other complaint cases.

In the recent report published at Public Herald, we uncovered a total of nine ways that officials at the DEP kept drinking water contamination across Pennsylvania, like the Atgas blowout case, ‘off the books.’

In Delmar Township, Tioga County, we found a single inspector cooked nine of 27 cases, a likely 33% increase in the total number of polluted water supplies. Some of these cases were cooked when the inspector ignored clean pre-drill test results to rule that oil and gas operations were not responsible for water damage. Or, the inspector would use a contaminated post-drill test provided by industry as if it was a pre-drill test.”…/…/cooked-an-exclusive…

Read Nikiforuk’s Slick Water to see the uncanny similarities between “best-in-class” regulatory agencies in Alberta and Pennsylvania. This was by design.

Next would be the sheer absurdity of this report and these words from Mr. Curran: “It is not meant to be a specific assessment of the AER’s performance,” AER spokesman Bob Curran said Tuesday.

That is exactly what this was supposed to be, a specific assessment of the AER status and ongoing attempts at being “world class.” But all they got for their $1.2 million is an executive summary that could have been written by a student in high school, complete with a cute picture of a chipmunk, an empty chart and a simpleton RegX concept bubble, with some fancy words, like “stellar” sprinkled heavily in the text.

By all measure of the 9 tenets of excellence the document sets out, the AER fails their role miserably. Why? Because they have no public interest mandate as per REDA and no considerations or involvement in public health with respect to oil and gas operations. That, and they are fully corrupted. How can a regulator that owes no duty of care to the public and is 100% industry funded, keep the public safe?

The 9 Tenets of Excellence:

1. Fidelity to Law: The AER (and former ERCB) have an immunity clause whereby they are legally immune from any and all of their regulatory functions. They owe no fidelity to the Law. Jessica Ernst will have the AER before the Supreme Court on Jan 12, 2016 to challenge the AER immunity clause, currently the Court of Queens Bench and the Alberta Court of Appeal have ruled the AER can violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and are entirely immune from legal action, no matter the circumstance.

2. Respect for Democracy: see above. As well, Right of Entry, industry, with the blessing of the AER, trump all democracy, they run a dictatorship.

3. Commitment to Public Interest: The AER have no mandate to protect the public interest. There is no such mandate in the REDA.

REDA, no public interest mandate for AER, does not have to operate in economic interests of Albertans

4. Even handedness: Oh my, we have dozens of examples of where the AER uses their power to obliterate any and all concerns of landowners or impacts by industry. They close files, permit violations, falsify reports, ban communications, the list of dirty tricks is endless.

5 & 6 Listening and Responsiveness: Our latest correspondence to the regulator, requesting the mandated on and off site air quality monitoring on a nearby gas well was sent in December of 2014, it has not yet received reply. The AER closed our files, long before all our concerns were addressed. They wrote a deceitful report about our family and published it without our consent. The AER does not listen and are not responsive. They can and will ignore you and label you “not directly affected” every single time.

7. Analytical Capability: The AER uses no reliable data and shun best evidence. The are top heavy on office staff and have admitted inspections are few and far between, even telling our family they expect landowners to call in deficiencies on well sites and that records are taken on faith, because the manpower does not exist to properly manage all of the provinces resource infrastructure. I implore you to ask the AER, where is all the air quality data sets that have been submitted for every energy project as per mandated AAAQO regulations? Where is the water quality and conservation reports and testing protocols? What soil testing has been done on all the land receiving drilling wastes?

8. Instrumental Capacity: The AER has just one mobile testing unit and I have never heard them even mention flir technology. They only employ 70 out of 1700 people as inspectors and do not invest in the proper tools to appropriately monitor industrial impacts. There is not a single study to address public health issues with respect to oil and gas operations, despite the over 555 peer reviewed publications showing a growing body of intense impacts.

9. High Performance-The AER does not care about positive public value, beyond advertising it. Just look at current events with the Encana sour gas and condensate well blow-out which occurred on Monday, and is ongoing at 20 trillion litres/day. The AER have not updated the public since Monday. They refuse to share data, violating basic principles of protecting public health and instilling confidence in the regulatory model. We had to FOIP the AER and pay a great deal ($.25 for blank, redacted and duplicated pages) and wait a long time, to get records they claim are public and free. The AER are actually a user pay system, making their priority to suppress information, much more acheivable.

Not only should the AER be facing a rigorous review, staffing changes and restructure, REDA must be abolished. The AER can not have the Water Act, the EEPA, the Public Lands Act and the Mines and Minerals Act all under their control while operating as a corporation (not an agent of the Crown or Government) with an iron-clad, constitutionally non-challengeable, immunity clause. This is energy dementia, with a deranged regulator as a guardian, that is paying a great deal of money to another loony, to write how they are doing a fine job of managing the madhouse. Unsound of mind and principle.
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Bryson Hickok · Calgary, Alberta
I see a ton of critisism, but very few (if any) solutions. If you oppose all oil and gas development as you propose hydraulic fracturing, I would expect that absolutely nothing the AER could do would ever be good enough for you.

I have a question for you, for the sake of those of us who do support the energy industry, both for the benefit the products bring to our lives and the positive economic impacts it has on our province.

Can you please identify a provincial (or state) oil and gas regulator that satisfies all of the inadequacies you claim the AER to have?
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Johanne Dion · Http:// at Revue de presse quotidienne sur le gaz de schiste en Amérique du Nord
Bryson Hickok You want Diana Daunheimer to give solutions to a problem the industry has created and the regulatory bodies have permitted? The solution is simple: stop what is out of control, repair the damages done, and admit what is out there for all to see.
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Diana Daunheimer
Bryson Hickok
I live in Alberta and know Alberta’s regulations and operations and will speak to only what I have experienced and understand.

That being said, the oil and gas industry simply needs to have corrupt regulators and politicians in place to continue on a business as usual model. If they actually tested the water, land, air and public health accordingly and fully disclosed chemicals and emissions, violations would be so obvious and numerous the industry could not legally operate.
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Lee Pezak · Red River College
Sounds like this job should be handled by the provincial and federal environment agencies.
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Susan Fisher · Calgary, Alberta
so they can shut the energy industry down?
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Ray Ryan · Software Consultant at Apple Inc.
Taxpayer money could have been spent somewhere else!
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John Kenneth Wayne Jackson · Calgary, Alberta
Industry Funded…not tax payer funded.
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Ray Ryan · Software Consultant at Apple Inc.
John Kenneth Wayne Jackson – the study was industry funded?
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Diana Daunheimer
Ray Ryan
Yes, the report was commissioned by the AER, for 1.2 million, since all the AER’s money comes from industry, that would in a roundabout way, mean industry funded.
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Reynold Reimer · Calgary, Alberta
I support the call for a full-fledged review. Andrew Nikiforuk’s excellent new book “Slick Water” shows how disfunctional the AER has been with respect to the Jessica Ernst case. And it says the AER is 100% industry funded! How can we expect it to function properly under such circumstances? Our previous provincial regime was positively Orwellian.
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Bryson Hickok · Calgary, Alberta
What is your funding suggestion Reynold? Do you personally want to pay for the AER instead? I’m sure you would protest the idea of Albertan’s tax dollars funding the AER. The “industry funding” comes in the form of an administrative fee levied on oil and gas wells. On top of that, the AER’s budget still needs to be approved by the Government of Alberta. You are obviously attempting to paint a picture of corruption, no doubt driven by the fairly obvious anti-development stance you hold.

If you don’t understand what Ewart is getting at here, it is that the AER deserves to be reviewed on an obje…See More
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Johanne Dion · Http:// at Revue de presse quotidienne sur le gaz de schiste en Amérique du Nord
Note to Bryson: you say that Quebec trusts AER’s expertise. That may be so if you are talking about the government elected officials and public servants. But the people of Quebec have done the equivalent of Australia’s “Lock The Gate”, and brought the shale boom project to an grinding halt in most of the province. Here, the people of Quebec know how the AER is treating Jessica Ernst and her legal case, and find it wanting in “transparency”, at the very least!
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Bryson Hickok · Calgary, Alberta
Johanne Dion I don’t know if you are attempting to discredit me by stating the blatently obvious, but I of course was referring to the Quebec government, which was elected for the people, by the people. I have no idea what authority you think you have to speak on behalf of all “the people of Quebec”, but I would hazard a guess most Quebecers don’t know who Jessica Ernst even is, no less the details of her legal case. I welcome your proof to the contrary.

What you are attempting to do is characterize the overall performance of the AER based on one case. While one could argue this is cherry pic…See More
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Johanne Dion · Http:// at Revue de presse quotidienne sur le gaz de schiste en Amérique du Nord
Bryson Hickok . For your information, I am the person who started the war against hydraulic fracturing in Quebec. I was able to inform many hundreds of people through a daily press review on fracking in North America for almost 4 years, and many dozens of citizens’ groups formed throughout the province and went door to door so that landowners (+50,000) signed a letter advising the government and the industry that they would never sign with a landman. I am still in touch with these people, and I have told them about Jessica Ernst and her legal case. It is for good reason that parts of her website are translated in French.

And no matter how many times the Alberta Energy Regulator changes its name, as far as I’m concerned, it still has duty of care towards the citizens of Alberta and is still answerable to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. That is what will be determined in court soon. The Supreme Court of Canada is listing the AER as the defendent when that part of the case will be heard in Ottawa early next year, so the Supreme Court of Canada does not seem to see this the way you do. Also, another correction to your comment: Alberta Environment was in the orginal claim filed in 2007.
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Bryson Hickok · Calgary, Alberta
Johanne Dion Well thank you for the correction on the timing of the claim. I still fail to see how you reaching “many hundreds of people”, “many dozens of citizens’ groups”, and “+50,000” landowners qualifies you to say that you understand and represent the opinion of all Quebecers. You are talking about a fraction of 1% of Quebec’s total population. While this very loud and vocal minority has quite effectively reached the ear of the government, causing the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in the province, extending the herd mentality by speaking on behalf of all Quebecers is disingenuous.

I respect you for your efforts in reaching an audience, but stating that you “started the war against hydraulic fracturing” is absolutely telling of your approach to this issue. You are welcome to handle your campaign in whichever way you choose, but a movement of less than 1% of people is statistically irrelevant when characterizing the opinion of an entire province.

In addition to this, by making the issue political rather than scientific, you are ignoring the bigger picture of hydraulic fracturing in North America. Cherry picking the Jessica Ernst case as justification why Quebec should not develop shale gas resources ignores the tens of thousands of successful, safe, and positive experiences land owners in Alberta have had with hydraulic fracturing on their land. On top of that, what do the actions of Alberta’s former regulatory body have to do with whether Quebec should allow it or not? That is completely ignoring the underlying science of hydraulic fracturing.

What you are doing is the equivalent of declaring war on car use in Quebec, because VW manipulated emissions tests. It would be ridiculous to punish an entire industry for the infraction of one company.
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Diana Daunheimer
Bryson Hickok

“That is completely ignoring the underlying science of hydraulic fracturing.”

Hydraulic fracturing is not a science, it is a brute force experiment, devoid of all relevant and scientifc analysis on water impacts, public health impacts and environmental issues. Industry is not even able to control the fractures and are causing seismic events in many areas of the province. Fraccing has even slipped through the economic cracks of reason, as many companies are nearing or have reached insolvency.
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Bryson Hickok · Calgary, Alberta
Diana Daunheimer To humor the wordplay you’re using to troll, and in case you skipped the science classes you claim to have studied in University…Force is a property described by classical physics (Science). If, as you say, Hydraulic fracturing is an experiment on force, I would call that a Scientific Experiment. What about that would suggest it is not science?

Now for the real answer. Hydraulic fracturing itself is not a science, but the invention, implementation, and innovation requires an immense amount of science.

You know more about this then you are letting on, and it is dishonest o…See More
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Diana Daunheimer
Bryson Hickok

First off, you smelt it, you dealt it, young man. I am no troll, but you have all the makings of one. Or at least a literary student, studying political spin.

I am an ordinary citizen, a mom, farmer and unfortunately part of the fracced family. We are not isolated parties, we are sadly numbering into the many and we have been asking, begging in fact, for solutions. I personally have been working with the AER and Alberta Health for years on the implementation of mandated regulations, the disclosure of chemicals and emissions, the protection of land, air, water and health.

Despite those efforts, the industry and the AER continue to poison and damage the lives and properties of rural Albertan’s. Listen to the you tube audio clip of Glen Solomon, counsel for the AER, on just how the justice system, companies and the AER deal with harmed families:

Tyler Callicott from Red Deer field services, chided me on the phone with this: “Why are you picking on Angle, Diana? They [all companies] are doing the same thing!” Rather telling statement coming from the AER.

Will any amount of science appease landowners? How about some? There is no baseline testing for water wells, there is no proper soil testing after waste is spread, there are no noise studies or cumulative impact assessments. Companies almost entirely violate the regulations of AAAQO with respect to air quality monitoring. The AER and industry can not even tell you what is being emitted during a well test, which can expel extraordinary volumes of emissions in mere days.

Noteworthy, you mention all those engineers, we have a comprehensive complaint into APEGA regarding the conduct of all those papered professionals that permitted such atrocities in our community. The Code of Ethics of APEGA state that public health and environmental wellness, both short and long term, must be held paramount. Any engineer that signed off on a hydrocarbon frac, incinerating billions of litres of toxic waste and Schedule 1 chem, using millions of litres of fresh water, dumping waste on land, venting sour gas and combusting sour formation gases without notifying families (in fact, hiding it from them) did not abide by their professional code. Fraccing is coming before a human rights tribunal soon, for good reason.

Maybe Mr. Suzuki does not understand fraccing and frankly, he has not been any help in any way, shape or form, on the issue. He, like the rest of the NGO contingent, support a cushy life soliciting funds for talking about fraccing. (On that note, do not send him any money after you read SlickWater, as he is soliciting donations in the back of the book. The Suzuki foundation has not helped any harmed Albertan families with their struggles, much less Ms. Ernst.) It’s those of us that have actually lived with fraccing by their homes, that are on the front lines of change and if you will not listen to them, who will you listen to? You’re going to believe what the industry, CAPP, AER (no public interest mandate) tells you? Probably won’t believe anything, till it happens to you, well, I’ll be, you will soon get your turn. The AER’s strategic plan is play based regulations, (pilot Fox Creek, really fun stuff happening out there right now) for all Alberta. One application for an entire play, including massive, horrendous water grabs. Will you be upset when the Bow does not flow, or there is seismicity in your community? How about when you go to your favorite campsite and have to set up your tent near a roaring, blinding frac job, incincerating toxins, since the AER owns the Public Lands Act, this will certainly come to fruition.

I will go toe to toe with anyone wanting to discuss any aspect of hydraulic fracturing in Alberta and it’s impacts on our populations and environment. Would you like to test my poor understanding of this industry sir? If you think I have come on these boards because I enjoy the brash mistreatment and correcting maligned interpretations from people such as yourself, you are sorely mistaken. I am taking the time to present knowledge and experience on the actual landscape of energy issues in Alberta, so real people, not corporate psychopaths and paid shills, can understand that our energy choices are harming many families, livestock, polluting land and air and abusing water resources. Since Earth is a closed system, we should all care about these things.

We need energy, no brainer. But I have to ask this, what does it matter to you, what form it takes? Is your life so greatly affected if the economy shifts from dirty to clean energy, as long as you maintain your creature comforts? Because for us and many other rural families, our lives have been made unlivable by oil and gas operations, our children have been sickened and our livestock have died. Our homes and land besieged and devalued by dangerous emissions, hazardous chemicals and harmful, intrusive infrastructure. Why should anyone have to suffer for energy, when there are much better, more stable and safer options?

Fraccing is going after the most desperate, highly contaminated and deepest of tight oil and gas reserves and it no longer makes economic or environmental sense. It never did, but dishonest banking, politics, regulators and health agencies pushed it through and paved the path of profit with sacrificed families. Forward thinking energy companies will concede this reality and ones with integrity will also acknowledge the public health harm they are imposing on our populations and will change their energy business model to renewable sources. Solution achieved.
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How does one meet “half way” an energy regulator that covers up industry’s non-compliance and claims in court it owes Albertans harmed by fracing “no duty of care?”

March 31, 2014 Devastation Day for Alberta’s Water: The Oil and Gas Industry takes over total control of Alberta’s Fresh Water as “No Duty of Care” Spying AER now a single regulator, 100% funded by industry, takes over Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and Water Act

New Report: Less than 1-percent of Tar Sands Environmental Infractions Penalized by Alberta’s “Best in the World,” “World-Class,” “No Duty of Care,” spying, lying and law violating ERCB (now AER)

AER’s ADR: Enforcer or Fraud? Sakens want AER to force talks on their Edson dairy farm’s water contaminated by Suncor, Bonavista (that AER knew about since 2009 but covered-up)

What’s in the milk? AER orders Bonavista to deliver safe water to cows at Edson, but not to Albertans living with dangerous levels of Encana’s frac’d gases in their water & homes

HOW MUCH FRAUD ARE COURTS, REGULATORS, COMPANIES ENGAGING IN TO HIDE THE FRAC POISONING? Tracers to blame? Range Resources unwillingly confirms fracking directly pollutes drinking water? Damning new information surfaces in Washington County water well contamination case

AER gets a frac “expert,” a liar no less?

AER’s EMERGENCY COMMAND CENTRE SET UP 2.5 HRS AWAY! DON’T AER COMMAND STAFF WANT TO DAMAGE THEIR BRAINS? Encana’s Fox Creek blow out spewing 20,000,000,000 litres/day sour gas & condensate: Where’s the regulator? Ex-Encana VP Gerard Protti = AER Chair; Ex-Encana Manager Mark Taylor = AER VP Industry Operations

AER & Encana Lying Update: Encana’s Deadly Sour Gas Blow Out at Fox Creek: Did Alberta’s Energy Minister lie for Encana & “No Duty of Care,” cover-up agent extraordinaire, the AER?

JUST IN TIME FOR THE ERNST VS AER SUPREME COURT HEARING JANUARY 12, 2016? Review of Alberta Energy Regulator complete by end 2015, says energy minister Marg McCuaig. Did Encana create the conclusions?

Canada’s energy regulators put on a stage play: Pretend to get tougher? Is it because, for the first time, the “No Duty of Care” AER is before the Supreme Court of Canada?

What’s the AER really up to shutting down Nexen’s 95 pipeline licenses? Protti trying to save his job? Make Albertans forget the courts ruled that the regulator owes no duty of care to anyone no matter how badly harmed, and can violate our constitutional rights with complete legal immunity?

Alberta Energy “Regulator” allowing more than 22,100 oil and gas wells to violate the rules for years. What other law violations is the AER allowing?

Another new study showing frac harms to health: Hydraulic fracturing linked to increases in hospitalization rates in the Marcellus Shale

Edmonton’s bad air is dirtier than Toronto’s. “Levels of contaminants higher than in some of the world’s most polluted cities have been found downwind of Canada’s largest oil, gas and tar sands processing zone…where men suffer elevated rates of cancers linked to such chemicals”

Pennsylvania Study Links Fracking to Health Hazards in Fetuses, Infants, Young Children: 35.1% more cancer in children ages zero to four in heavily frac’d counties. Compare to AER’s belittling, dismissive health study in the Lochend

Gerard Protti Sings “I Wanna Stay.” Who is Gerry? Chair of Alberta’s Energy Regulator. AER is: Legally Immune, Charter Violating, “No Duty of Care,” 100 Percent Industry Funded, Deregulating, Non-Enforcing, Lying Propaganda Synergy Machine; Protti IS Director Petromanas; was Encana VP, Lobbyist, Advisor to Cenovus, Creator/Chair of CAPP, Director Alberta Research Council/Innovates …

Alberta’s NDP sticking with Alberta Energy Regulator’s legally immune, “No Duty of Care” Charter Violating oversight and approval system: “There is a process in place for companies to follow should they want to develop Alberta’s energy resources. I expect all companies to follow this process”

Why does the “No Duty of Care” AER, legally immune, even for failing to protect Albertans and water from hydraulic fracturing, need a Liability Management Coordinator?

Study: Toxic Chemicals, Carcinogens at Levels Far Exceeding Federal Limits Near Frac Sites, Will almost certainly lead to cancer increase in surrounding areas [Is it any wonder that labs increase detection limits?]

New Study: Emissions may be two to three times higher, some pose cancer risk; Environmental health risks of Alberta tarsands probably underestimated

Fort Chipewyan rare cancer cases cry out for study; Fort Chipewyan councillor latest resident diagnosed with rare cancer, ‘How can this keep happening?’

Hormone-disrupting chemicals found in ground and surface water at fracking sites, Peer reviewed study of fracking sites in Garfield County Colorado finds chemicals linked to infertility, birth defects and cancer

Several families taking Baytex (Alberta oilsands company) to court over toxic emissions; Buyout packages allegedly silence Albertans struck with industry-related cancer

Air Pollution and Cancer Spikes linked in Alberta; Alberta’s Oil Legacy: Bad Air and Rare Cancers, Sickening carcinogens now saturate Industrial Heartland, study finds

2013 03 30 Lisa McKenzie health impacts from fracing

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