Mega list of bankrupt companies! Kenney’s $30 Million McCarthyism War Room renamed “Alberta Energy Information Centre” (AER’s 100%-industry-funded ass): PetroPimps’ Propaganda Hanky Panky Bunker to Spy ‘n Lie for CAPP ‘n Koch ‘n Encana ‘n Harper? Just New West Partnership cont’d?

~ Kopy Kat Kenney ~

Today!!! Another frac dust biter? Calgary-based Bellatrix Exploration Ltd. (of Diana Daunheimer lawsuit fame) seeks buyer as part of court-supervised restructuring. Given level of debt, no assurance creditors’ claims will be satisfied

2007: Integrity on the rocks, outgoing EUB Chairman Neil McCrank’s new job reviewing his own work [EUB was ERCB, also became ERCB, then, after Ernst lawsuit, transformed into AER, with no public interest or health mandate]

2011 08 03: Briefing Note and New West Partnership and project charter – “Collaboration and Information Sharing, Industry Water Use and Hydraulic Fracture Technology”

2011 08 19: Documents Reveal Industry and Gov’t Collude on Shale Gas Alberta NDP release secret agreements about handling public opinion

2011 09 06: Western Canadian Energy Ministries “Collaborate”in Secret with Influential Petroleum Cartel on Development of Controversial Fracking Policies

AER/ICORE/Jim Ellis Hanky Panky & Deregulation Tried to Go Global. Is CAPP et al making Ellis take the fall for Neil McCrank, EUB Boss (before it became AER)? McCrank authorized spying on innocent Albertans, **initiated spreading AER’s evil, lies & propaganda globally**, was boss when EUB violated Ernst’s charter rights and refused to make it right. “I wonder what’s worse for the average Albertan…. A vicious STD, or the AER? It’s a toss up.”

Alberta Oil Magazine interviews AER Boss Jim Ellis in 2016 on changing face of Alberta’s energy regulation: “The expectation of this government is for us to regulate and that’s what we’re doing.” Didn’t he mean, “Deregulate?”

After expense hanky panky by AER’s top executive Jim Ellis is publicly commented on by Diana Daunheimer, Alberta farmer and mother of two, he steps down: “Good riddance, bring in the next dickhead.” Indeed! Third AER executive paid to commute from BC (air & water too polluted in Alberta?)

More AER Hanky Panky? Alberta Auditor-General & Public Interest Commissioner probing links between regulator and ICORE; Jim Ellis (ex-AER big wig) listed as president, sole director

AER too corrupt to stay alive? Slithering down fracs to meet Glenn Solomon (AER’s outside counsel) in Hell with $100M in budget cuts? Or, just another Kenney/AER/CAPP scam to take more money from Alberta taxpayers?

Nexen (Eaten by CNOOC Ltd.; Feast enabled by Steve Harper) asks Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo for $19.5M tax break due to Long Lake blast. Brilliant comment by Shane Shaugnessy: “Our company killed a couple employees and damaged some important equipment. Due to these events we would like the opportunity to do less to support the communities we harm and pollute while still draining as much wealth and intellectual property back to China.”

Corporate Greed Knows No Bounds, Especially in Alberta: Despite economic slowdown, Alberta work fatalities jump by 15 per cent last year

Alberta ‘sunshine’ list partly cloudy; It pays well to lie & deregulate: AER CEO Jim Ellis pay & benefits: $737,060 in 2016, $621,680.71 in 2015

Alberta Energy Regulator ramping up the propaganda, ready to expand global impact

Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffft, AER Hopes on a Rope & Farts out Puff Piece Propaganda Directive 67. With brilliant comments by Diana Daunheimer, censored by our media

The orchestrated fraud & corporate welfare stench grows! Alberta municipalities abused by Petro-Pussy Premier Jason Kenney (Steve Harper/Koch Bros spawn?) to feed industry’s insatiable greed “now own what they voted for!”

‘I’m sorry, Mr. Trudeau,’ but Albertans value national unity, Kenney tells Calgary audience by Brennan Doherty, Oct 1, 2019, Star Calgary

At one point, during a Q-and-A, Kenney brought up the Energy War Room, but referred to it as the Alberta Energy Information Centre. He described it as a “clearinghouse” of information [Filled with CAPP propaganda more like it] and reiterated its role in responding to critics of Alberta’s oil and gas industry through advertising and social media.

“We’ll be setting up satellite offices in key markets to inform opinion leaders and media across North America and around the world,” [Pfffft, nothing new! It’s all been done before by previous govts, federal and provincial, over and over and over and over] Kenney said.

In July, the United Conservative government announced the Energy War Room as part of a broader Fight Back Strategy to counter critics of Alberta’s oil industry. It has a budget of $30 million and will use public sector workers as staff. [Why not let them do their jobs that taxpayers for paying them to do, and instead hire unemployed oil and gas workers, laid off from their jobs because of industry’s insatiable greed and endless nastiness automating jobs to cut costs?] Former National Post business columnist Claudia Cattaneo was also hired to draw up a strategic plan for the centre, including its tactics and staffing.

According to Cattaneo’s contract, obtained by Star Calgary, she was supposed to have submitted her final draft of the centre’s strategic plan on Monday. [How much is she getting paid? And how many thousands in expenses each month? As generous an expense account as Jim Ellis and two-steak lunch Gerard Protti had while at the AER?]

Kenney told the audience the centre would be launched in a matter of weeks.

His speech also took aim at European banks and insurance companies who look unfavourably on Alberta’s oil sands when it comes to their environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria — benchmarks for socially and environmentally-conscious business investors. He accused them of also “backstopping” OPEC countries such as Saudi Arabia.

Kenney spoke of travelling to Wall Street as part of a recent tour to the United States to drum up support for Alberta. Over three days of meetings, Kenney said one of the biggest concerns he heard was over Alberta’s ESG. But he chalked that up to the international business community not getting the full story around Alberta’s “huge improvements” on environmental performance.

“What I have discovered on Wall Street and elsewhere is that many, many leaders are operating on a pretty dated and vague and often distorted picture of our environmental performance here,” Kenney said. [Sounds like leaders and investors, banks have done their homework well, and have an excellent idea of how dreadful things are in Alberta, notably health, socially, environmentally, economically, and justly, or rather, unjustly.]

Energy war room’ to begin work within weeks, Kenney tells business crowd, The Alberta government’s promised “energy war room” has a new name and will be officially operational within weeks, Premier Jason Kenney told a Calgary business crowd on Tuesday by Amanda Stephenson, Oct 1, 2019, Calgary Herald

The Alberta government’s promised “energy war room” has a new name and will be officially operational within weeks, Premier Jason Kenney told a Calgary business crowd on Tuesday.

The “Alberta Energy Information Centre” will be based in Calgary but will have satellite offices in key markets to inform decision-makers and media across North America and around the world, Kenney said during a speech to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. More details will be released later this month, Kenney said, but the centre is meant to be an information hub that can respond in real time to all of the “lies and myths” that exist about Alberta’s energy industry.

The $30-million war room — one piece of what the government is calling its “fight back” strategy, which also includes a $2.5 million public inquiry into allegations that foreign interests are funding a campaign aimed at denigrating the reputation of Alberta oil — was a key plank of the UCP’s election platform. In August, the government announced that retired Financial Post journalist Claudia Cattaneo had been hired to draft the plan for the war room’s operations.

Kenney, who was in New York in September meeting with private equity firms and investment banks, said it’s clear from his meetings on Wall Street that many financial decision-makers aren’t up to speed on Alberta’s environmental performance, nor are they looking properly at the “social context” when deciding where to invest.


A few examples of Alberta’s environmental and regulator “performance:”

Encana dumping its waste heavy on foodland at Rosebud, Alberta, 8 years after illegally injecting 18 million litres of frac fluid directly into the community’s drinking water aquifers, contaminating them, with regulator blessings helping cover it up.

2005: Investigators say an accumulation of gases appears to have caused the explosion that destroyed the Rosebud water tower and sent a Wheatland County employee to hospital

Alberta ranchers, Ronalie and Shawn Campbell’s drinking water after nearby shallow frac’ing by Encana

CNRL’s steam frac’d bitumen mess leaking to surface and contaminating groundwater on the way up, in NE Alberta’s tarsands. I bet bankers and private equity firms would hate to see what that drinking water looks like.

Encana’s sour gas blow out at Frac Frenzy Fox Creek Free-for-all blanket approval experiment

Toxic flaring NW of Calgary, Alberta. Hold your breath, and that of your loved ones, pets and livestock, all day and night long! But don’t worry, Kenney made us a war room!


He said the government is in the process of setting up a working group that, in tandem with the war room, will develop a new ESG (environmental, social and governance) matrix [Which pill do you take Kenny, the red one or the blue one? CAPP LIE, Supreme Court of Canada lie, CSUR LIE, ENCANA LIE, AER LIE, LIE again, add a little spin, in one little pill taken once a day!] that can be used by potential investors to gauge the sustainability and ethical effects of Alberta’s oil and gas sector.

He said while greenhouse gas emissions are important, investors also need to pay attention to Alberta’s strong record on women’s rights, Indigenous rights and labour rights.

[I have never laughed so hard in my life! INVESTORS if you want to keep your money and credibility, stay far far far away from Alberta oil, tar & gas (and air and drinking water)!]

“If you measure us against any of the OPEC dictatorships or Russia or any of the other major energy producers . . . on social outcomes, we knock their lights out,” Kenney said.

“I refuse to allow us to be lectured to by European banks and insurance companies who are zero rating the Alberta oilsands on ESG while they are backstopping and financing OPEC dictatorships.”

Kenney — whose fiery speech to the Chamber also touched on business competitiveness, interprovincial trade and the upcoming federal election — said the war room will also target politicians, media and other “opinion leaders” [Greta isn’t going to give a damn about what Kenney and his band of pollution and law violation enabling thugs think of her miraculous, astounding work bringing millions of youth around the world together, powerfully striking, marching, speaking out about their futures being destroyed by our greed, ignorance, selfishness and horrific toxic petro-pollution], and added some of the work will be conducted by the premier himself.

“I ran on the commitment to get out there and tell the Alberta story, not just to sit here at home,” Kenney told reporters, adding he will travel to the U.S., Europe and Asia this year and next year to talk about Alberta’s energy sector and debunk myths.

Irfan Sabir, NDP MLA for Calgary-McCall, was in the room for Kenney’s speech and was unimpressed by talk of a war room. He said former premier Rachel Notley went coast to coast building the case for the Trans Mountain pipeline during her time in office, so it’s not as though the UCP is the first government to try to enhance the reputation of Alberta’s energy sector outside of the province.

“Because of her (Notley’s) work we got this pipeline approved, and where before there were only three in 10 Canadians who were in support of the project, after there were seven in 10 Canadians who said they supported the project,” Sabir said. “But I don’t think attacking any and every dissent is the way to go. We need to work with the provinces, with the federal government and all the stakeholder players to get this project.”

Refer also to:

Court shocks nuclear industry with liability ruling; Japanese gov’t held liable for first time for negligence in Fukushima, Court rules gov’t should have used regulatory powers to force plant’s operator to take preventive measures. When will Alberta govt be held liable for enabling AER’s gross negligence, acts in bad faith, fraud, covering-up industry’s crimes, Charter violations and abuses of Albertans?

2012: The Natural Gas ‘Ponzi Scheme’

Jason Kenney’s (CAPP et al’s) War Room swamped by fightin’ mad Albertans falling for lies & propaganda instead of looking honestly at industry’s greed-induced “de-manning” killing jobs & causing their suffering

EUB/ERCB/AER’s Charter-Violating, Abusive, Cowardly McCarthyism expands to UCP Party: War room set for Calgary to attack courageous citizens concerned about Alberta’s deregulated frac-frenzied polluting, health-harming free-for-alls

AER too corrupt to stay alive? Slithering down fracs to meet Glenn Solomon (AER’s outside counsel) in Hell with $100M in budget cuts? Or, just another Kenney/AER/CAPP scam to take more money from Alberta taxpayers?

Alberta: More corporate welfare stench! 65,000 shallow gas wells qualify to get more than $23M in freebies from taxpayers. Again, not a penny for Albertans suffering frac quake damages, drinking water loss/contamination, health harm, loss of livestock etc.

Alberta’s Never Ending Corporate Welfare Will Bite You: Energy Relief will Cost Taxpayers, Front Page Red Deer Advocate

Oilpatch greed fuels growing disputes with Alberta landowners; Oil company electrical bills and cleanup costs dumped on abused landowners

More and more energy companies not making payments to Saskatchewan, Alberta landowners. Why would they? Landowners, urgent with greed, signed leases they didn’t read, with few legal protections. Multi-billion dollar profit-taker CNRL asks for 30% property tax cut. Do landowners ripped off by oil companies get tax cuts? Do citizens and communities with their water, land and air poisoned by frac companies get tax cuts?

“The Alberta Model” Greedy & Gagging in Nova Scotia: Triangle Petroleum leaves taxpayers to clean up frac sites & waste pits, Gags Energy Dept

AER & Trilogy not prepared for the emergency! “Another” Canadian pipeline spills oil and pollutes fresh flowing water; Trilogy Energy Corp leaks oil into flowing wetland in AER’s Blanket Approval Frac Frenzy Pilot Project at Fox Creek

Premier Jason Kenney gives oil & gas industry $30 million gift from taxpayers to attack concerned citizens courageous enough to speak out, Gives not one penny to fix Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers frac’d illegally by Encana, covered-up by “No Duty of Care” AER

“Poor” Cenovus (Encana spawn) buying most of ConocoPhillips Canadian Assets for $17.7 Billion, Suffield Block up for sale. “We will expect our Canadian Forces to hold a party of hotdogs and beans to celebrate getting rid of a major Canadian polluter!!”

Another greedy frac’er falls, hard, with nearly $1.2 Billion worth of debt: Lightream Resources, was Petrobakken (heavily frac’d the Lochend, NW of Calgary) latest to seek creditor protection. Where’s the protection for the many Lochend families harmed by frac’ing?

Diana Daunheimer sums up AER’s “industry likes it” Lexin & OWA mega million dollar fraud, intentionally set up decades ago

Lexin & AER swing a deal; Lexin agrees it broke the law: “litany of violations.” Ex Director Michael Smith pays peanuts; Lexin drops lawsuit against AER

2017 04 24: Lexin claims AER violated the company’s charter rights

2017 04 05: Lexin & AER, Both a Disgusting Mess. Ralph Klein’s multibillion dollar liability is about to blow up in Alberta’s face. Or did it years ago but Albertans were too greedy & selfish to care?

2017 02 16: AER shuts Lexin Resources down way too late: AER fails Albertans & oil patch workers, yet again; AER saves the day for oil patch executives, yet again; AER keeps shareholders off the hook, yet again

2016 04 30: Lexin Resources complies with safety orders after AER sounds alarm; What about the leaking methane ordered repaired? Is that fixed yet? Is the “watchdog” monitoring area aquifers and citizen water wells for methane and H2S contamination? Or not, the way it’s not at Rosebud?

2016 04 10: AER: Toothless, Legally Immune (even for acts in bad faith and gross negligence), Charter Violating, Best in the World Wonder. Why hasn’t AER shut rogue Lexin Resources Ltd. down? “The regulator said in an order released Tuesday that if Lexin and its related company, LR Processing, fail to provide sufficient oversight, sour gas could be released into the environment with potentially dangerous effects.” 

Frac Water Orgy Announced by AER’s Mark Taylor (ex-manager Encana who lied to Rosebud, said Encana would never frac their drinking water). No Wonder AEP is Taking Water Licences Away from Farmers/Ranchers: AER grants 10 year blanket approval water licences; Companies need not know where they will frac, or how much they will frac or where they’ll get their water from. Companies “expected” to look at sources other than fresh drinking water, eg hydrocarbon contaminated groundwater, but not if contaminated with methane!

Calgary wants control over contaminated sites (1,766 known in the city!): “Oftentimes the authority is not aligned with the ability.” AER & industry set taxpayers up to be hung with $300 Billion in oilfield liabilities. Enabled by the courts? Alberta Cancer Cases Expected to Sky Rocket – How much caused by oilfield pollution? 18,600 new cancer cases expected in Alberta in 2017!

More Propaganda CAPP style? AER, Charter Violating, No Duty of Care, Legally Immune, Abuser of Power, Pollution & Law Violator Enabler, “warns” industry it “could” go after directors, executives to clean up the current $300 Billion in oilfield liabilities. Really? With Ex-Encana Exec/Ex-Cenovus Exec/Ex-CAPP Exec Gerard Protti as AER Chair?

Complaint against the lying AER & Alberta govt by Stewart Shields. Comment by Diana Daunheimer: “Grant Thorton LLP triple dipping, with the help of the AER?”

BNN Interviews Alberta Oil Patch Consultant Brent Nimeck on Lexin and AER’s Orphan Wells: “This problem is 30 years in the making. … I would call it a Ponzi Scheme…. This is an orchestrated fraud from multiple angles: Industry, CAPP and the Alberta Energy Regulator have enabled this to happen. … Through our independent analysis and we’ve confirmed this at multiple sources within the energy regulator, the liabilities are over $300 billion. That’s what’s on the hook for Alberta taxpayers right now – $300 billion.”

Big Oil’s NDP-Tory Dream Team “Free Market” Plan: Give $billions in loan (interest free?) from Canadian taxpayers to negligent, law violating companies to clean up $billions in messes intentionally left behind (intentionally ignored by the “No Duty of Care” AER) after taking $billions in profits, while causing $billions in pollution more; A loan that’ll (intentionally) never be paid back

The Oil & Gas Industry Way: Lie (a lot); Pollute you and your loved ones, communities, livestock, air, land, food and water; Arrogantly & smirkingly violate laws, regulations and promises knowing the legally immune, “No Duty of Care” AER violates laws and citizen rights to protect polluters; Rip you off while dumping their legal liabilities on you after taking $billions in profits

Really? “Tougher Alberta rules convince oil & gas producers to accelerate well cleanups.” What good does “accelerating” zero do? Why not just clean up now and quit the pathetic whining? Why then did the oilpatch dump their unpaid bills on farmers? The worst is yet to come notably for investors and banks!

‘The Shale Gale Is a Retirement Party’, So concludes an expert analyst of the natural gas boom. Brace for bust

Some Alberta municipalities hit hard as oil companies stop paying. A Devil’s Bargain: Rural environmental injustices and hydraulic fracturing on Pa’s farms

2015 03 01: Coming soon to an Alberta rural home near you: Double property taxes? Triple? Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) not happy with being able to freely destroy roads and other tax payer funded infrastructure, massive deregulation, regulators looking the other way while abusing harmed citizens, now asking municipalities for more

UK taxpayers to pay for fracking pollution if companies go bust,

Quicksilver bankruptcy deals blow to LNG terminal in Campbell River Company that frac’d near Zimmermans, with their drinking water subsequently becoming dangerously contaminated with methane and ethane (industry depth signature).

As unconventional ponzi scheme implodes, Are Encana’s greedy law violations taking the company down?

Frac company gone broke under your home?

End game of AER/CAPP/Alberta’s putrid hundreds of billions in oilpatch liabilities stench has been known for decades. Yet another review not needed! Just get to work! Start cleaning up!

Arthur Berman: The Shale Gas Revolution Is A Media Myth. Big banks are catching on. Will investors too?

Art Berman: Shale Plays Have Years, Not Decades & The way of greed: Oil and gas companies face their creditors as Fracking Bubble Bursts (FUNNY!)

2019 08 01: World’s Biggest Fund Manager, BlackRock, lost $90 Billion investing in fossil fuel companies over last decade

Greed, greed, arrogance & greed: Is Canada the next frontier for shale oil? Massive fields, mostly in Alberta, could rival the richest U.S. deposits or is it just another con? Seven Generations Energy & Encana boasting (exaggerating?) away, trying to lure investors and con Canadians

Shell CEO Peter Voser says he regrets the failure of Shell’s huge bet on US shale

Exxon: Fracking failure in China, Europe shale

U.S. Shale Is Doomed No Matter What They Do: “More bankruptcies are all but certain as oil and gas borrowers must repay or refinance **several hundred billion dollars** of debt over the next six months”

Alberta Greed Marches Stupidly On: Trican to reactivate full fracking fleet by end of 2018

Where did all those promises of endless frac riches & jobs go? Two of Canada’s biggest frac companies report double-digit percentage revenue declines: Calgary-based Trican (36 per cent fall) and Calfrac (21 per cent fall)

AIMCo (ATB/Heritage Fund connected) announce $200 Million (bailout?) investment in “Quite leveraged” Calfrac

What happened to those endless promises that fracing brings jobs jobs jobs and prosperity for all? Trican lays off 137 workers in Odessa, how many in Alberta?

“Quite leveraged” Calfrac doubled capital spending for 2014 to expand in Argentina,Canada and US

Frac’ing greed & insanity: More billions of frac dollars to go down the drain

Canada Pension Plan intentionally making $Billion Bad investments in frac’ing?

Why commit to spend a billion to take on $billions in US Oilfield liabilities? Destroy the retirement of hardworking Canadians, burden us with US oilfield’s toxic legacy? Canada Pension Plan arm commits up to $1 billion to buy oil assets in U.S.

Does it get any more terrifying than this? Encana dumping frac water wars on Canadian pensioners? Encana sells troubled Colorado assets for nearly $1 Billion US to entity 95% owned by Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

Frac’ing wants more billions to send down the drain; Permian needs (or wants?) $9B worth new frac wastewater disposal wells

Lone Pine Resources, a Canadian frac company in serious financial trouble with $300 million in aggregate debt sues Canada for $250 million to lift Quebec frac ban

Trying to lure investors while frac’ers go bankrupt at record rates? Junex Says Galt Well in Quebec’s Forillon Formation Delivering “Historic Results.”

Another frac’er bites the dust? Houston-based Nine Energy shares slumped by -70.98% year to date; Lays off 70 employees, closes operations in Calgary, Red Deer and Grand Prairie, leaves Canada. Will they clean up on their way out?

Falling for AER/ERCB/EUB (industry)’s scam, decade after decade: AER, Surface Rights Board, Orphan Well Association bamboozling (synergizing) Albertans about Trident Exploration walking from it’s environmental and financial obligations in CMAG Synergy meeting, June 25, 2019

Another one bites Alberta’s Greedy Dust: Trident’s demise has far-reaching ramifications. Did AER’s Synergy Meeting address concerns?

Jobs Jobs Jobs & Frac Prosperity for All? Buyer to close Sanjel’s Calgary headquarters due to ‘miserable’ demand for its services

How fast the greedy frac’ers fall: Privately held Sanjel broken up and sold to rivals, will only recover fraction of what it owes lenders

Alberta court denies attempt to block Sanjel sale by bondholders claiming ‘bad faith’ 

Unsecured creditors owed $400M unlikely to collect on Sanjel liquidation

Canada, the world’s stupidest “petro” (fascist) state: Oil giants pay billions less tax in Canada than abroad

Yet another frac’er bites sweet dust: Weatherford facing more than $10Billion in debt files for bankruptcy protection. US court order accepts restructuring plan, which includes Weatherford getting $2.2Billion in magic money; Stockholders to receive proportionate shares of the company’s **new stock** while operations continue as “normal.”

“Prosperous” Greedy Alberta: Bankrupt energy firms add to abandoned well problems, Nearly 150,000 oil wells are inactive or abandoned

Chesapeake Energy Corporation Teams Up With Bankrupt GasFrac (Calgary) To Test Gelled (with what toxic chemicals?) LNG (Highly Dangerous) Fracking in Ohio

“A Murderer’s Row: Maturities are coming year after year.” Bankruptcies rising in U.S. oil patch as Wall Street’s disaffection with frac’ers reverberates through industry. 26 producers file for bankruptcy so far in 2019; 28 filed in all of 2018. Bankruptcies expected to rise, “Debt levels are just too high and they’re going to have to take their medicine.”

Fracked oil & natural gas have been financial disasters. “Cash flows from fracking-focused oil and gas companies across the US have been negative for decades — even when oil and gas prices were higher than they are now.”

Another oil company, Rex Energy, bites the frac dust: After 7 years, Woodlands Pa residents still have no water

Spyglass Resources receivership raises well abandonment liability questions

And the scam goes on and on and on, decade after decade, across Canada: B.C. energy regulator faces possible $90-million tab for orphan wells (it’s going to cost much more than that)

Vomit bags needed to read these pro-polluter propaganda pieces: Albertans should take back to the streets to stand up for the AER & What A Revamped Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) SHOULD Look Like (After a Little History). “Should” is one of AER’s & industry’s beloved escape hatch words, used incessantly to avoid accountability and responsibility!

New Report: Less than 1-percent of Tar Sands Environmental Infractions Penalized by Alberta’s “Best in the World,” “World-Class,” “No Duty of Care,” spying, lying and law violating ERCB (now AER)

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers at it again, Downplaying industry’s toxic reality to let the pollution continue, unabated; Says bitumen steam frac’ing not contaminating surface water

AER continues to let tarsands companies off the hook for not readying their waste lakes for clean up. Who’s surprised? 13 years after Encana broke the law, fracked Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers, AER still not making Encana clean up

Canadians wait a long time, usually forever, for petroleum industry leaks, spills and damaging fracs to be appropriately cleaned up. Regulators nowhere to be seen, except lying to the public and in Synergy Alberta meetings with AER execs like Gerard Protti and Jim Ellis schmoozing synergy girls at the pub

Leaky frac’d well will cost CNX millions of dollars; PA Regulator gives notice of violation. Compare to AER & Alberta govt helping Encana bully, lie & cover-up explosive concentrations of methane & ethane contaminating Rosebud water wells after Encana illegally frac’d into drinking water aquifers

CEPA, Canada’s main environmental law isn’t working. Of course it isn’t, the oil and gas industry is largely exempt while emissions of the most harmful chemicals are on the rise. Live in a frac field? Hold your breath, don’t drink the water.

Set-up extraordinaire to burden Canadians with cleaning up billion-dollar profit-taking oilfield’s dirty underwear? Alberta landowners fight for enforcement by “No Duty of Care,” legally immune (even for Charter violations, gross negligence, acts in bad faith) regulator. Law violations ignored by AER, as usual.

Prevent Cancer Now calls out AER’s Health Fraud! “The AER has no jurisdiction for human health, and Alberta is famed for a chill against the medical community linking ill health to petrochemicals.”

New study: Frac’ing in U.S. & Canada linked to worldwide atmospheric methane spike. “This recent increase in methane is massive,” Howarth said. “It’s globally significant.”

What happens to the Kopy Kat PetroPimps’ Propaganda Hanky Panky Bunker if the RCMP throw Kenney in jail?

2019 03 17: Jason Kenney knew about UCP ‘kamikaze’ affair before leadership race, documents given to investigators say


This post is dedicated to Sharleen and her grandchildren.

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