Fox Creek, Alberta: TC Energy P/L leak, ignition and fire. Was it caused by cumulative frac quake/frac hit harms? Is the gas sour from industry souring formations with thousands of massive fracs of untreated contaminated surface water?

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Martin Yan:

maybe all those earthquakes they get shifted something.

Al Millar:

Self regulated . Phony emission reports and more .

TC energy , no surprise . Maybe the company can demand $ 1.3 Billion to upgrade the pipe from Kenney ( Alberta taxpayers ) . No gift is to large for the oil and gas companies .

james Nasium:

In Alberta, it runs Wild, Reckless, with little if any Oversight

Alberta has a long History of neglecting to enforce Regulations, and Overlooking Infractions

Edmonton Investigation begins after natural gas pipeline leak, fire reported in northwest Alberta, No injuries were reported, investigators say That’s what our self-regulated, industry-controlled “regulators” and “investigators” always say. by CBC News, April 8, 2022

A federal investigation has begun after natural gas leaking from a pipeline in northwestern Alberta caught fire Thursday. 

A team of Transportation Safety Board (TSB) investigators is being deployed to the Nova Gas Transmission Line site near Fox Creek, Alta., a town about 260 kilometres northwest of Edmonton, stated a TSB news release on Friday.

“A natural gas leak and ignition was reported … near Fox Creek,” a spokesperson said in a statement to CBC News.

No injuries were reported, CBC News was told.

Investigators are expected to arrive Friday, where they will document the scene, take photos and determine the next steps. They will also “meet with different parties involved in the occurrence,” the statement said. 

A fire was reported in the area Thursday but it has since been extinguished, the Canada Energy Regulator said in a statement issued on social media. 

CER will also be sending inspection officers and emergency management staff to the scene, west of the town. They will monitor the incident as well as oversee the company’s response, it said in its statement.

Any environmental damage that may have been caused will be investigated once CER staff have access to the site, the agency said.

The Nova Gas Transmission Line network is owned by TC Energy and spans 24,494 kilometres, according to the TC Energy website. It connects natural gas production in western Canada to domestic and export markets.

Canada Energy Regulator@CER_REC Tweets April 7, 2022:

The #CER was notified of a potential rupture of an NGTL (@TCEnergy) natural gas pipeline west of Fox Creek, AB. Fire was observed in the area but is now extinguished.

CER Inspection Officers and Emergency Management staff are being deployed to the area to oversee company response. We have activated our Emergency Operations Centre to monitor the incident. No injuries have been reported.

Impact to the environment will be determined once CER staff have access to the site. Our priority is always to protect people and the #environment when an incident occurs. More details to come.

Transportation Safety Board investigates natural gas release from northern Alberta pipeline by Caley Gibson, April 8, 2022, Global News

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada says it has deployed a team of investigators to a northern Alberta pipeline site following a natural gas release.

The TSB said Friday morning a release and ignition of natural gas took place from a Nova Gas Transmission Limited pipeline near Fox Creek. It happened Thursday in a very remote area.

The Canadian Energy Regulator said Thursday afternoon a fire was observed in the area but was extinguished.

The Nova Gas Transmission Line is TC Energy’s natural gas gathering and transportation system for the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. It connects most of the natural gas production in western Canada to domestic and export markets, according to TC Energy’s website.

In a statement, TC Energy said it is aware of an incident near Fox Creek. The company said it has activated its “emergency management and response procedures.”

“We are working closely with federal and local authorities to ensure a coordinated response,” read the statement.

“The safety of our people, communities and protection of the environment are our primary focus and we are actively responding.”

TC Energy said updates will be provided as they become available.

Fox Creek is located about 250 kilometres northwest of Edmonton.

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