Another BDS Victory! Wilfrid Laurier U Faculty Association calls for permanent ceasefire, complete divestment & boycott of institutions, corporations complicit in Israeli war crimes, breaches of international law, human rights violations, etc., condemns scholasticide in Gaza, West Bank & East Jerusalem. Motion passes with huge majority. Which Zionistiche Gestapo judge will kill justice to kill it?

I’ve been boycotting Israeli products for decades because of its crimes against humanity in Palestine. Israel gov’t’s and IDF’s intentional Palestinian kid-killing is especially abhorrent.

F4P SW Ontario@F4PSWON:

Another BDS victory! Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty Association @WLUFA
passes historic motion on Palestinian Scholars at Risk and Educational Worker Solidarity by overwhelming majority


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2024: BDS Victory! Canada’s first Faculty Association votes to divest “from any companies and investments complicit in Israeli war crimes or illegal occupation.” What ever will the Zionistiche Gestapo and B’nai Brith do?

2024: Zionistiche Gestapo ‘n B’nai Brith bribing bigot con MPP Ted Arnott? Discrimination and racism on steroids: Speaker Arnott pisses on Canada’s charter, bans Palestinian Keffiyehs from Ontario legislature. Yarmulke allowed? “Heaven forbid someone make a political statement in a …. legislature”

2023: B’nai Brith seeks to halt McGill referendum on pro-Palestinian policy, Students are voting on the proposed Policy Against Genocide in Palestine this week.

Michel Delongchamps:

2023: Judge suspends adoption of pro-Palestinian policy by McGill student union, The student behind the legal request says she no longer feels comfortable on campus and has received threats on social media.

… The court order was issued Tuesday after a Jewish student who attends McGill, backed by pro genocidaladvocacy group B’nai Brith Canada, filed an injunction request over the policy amid rising tensions on campus. ..

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J Tee:

This was a democratic vote, end of story. I didn’t like Trump but he was democraticly elected and not by a majority of Americans.

If you don’t like it – vote against it, or offer something better as an alternative for others to vote for that aligns with your thoughts.

Michel Delongchamps:

They say justice is blind… lol ,we all see it is not true

Raw Footage Footage Today:

Israel needs to stop genociding. 50 years of war crimes and counting….

Kenneth Denpasar:

I don’t like the resolution. But I also don’t like the courts getting involved unless there were voting irregularities, which doesn’t appear to be the case. This is a student matter. They voted for it. They need to deal with the consequences.

Marc Country:

How hard is it to condemn genocide? This should not even be controversial, folks.

2015: Shame on you Justin-Genocide-Enabler-Trudeau for saying BDS against Israel has no place on Canadian campuses.


2016: McGill students overwhelmingly vote for BDS against genocidal Israel

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