Christmas shit show in Wyoming: State “regulator” report, funded by Encana, says no evidence Pavillion drinking water contaminated by fracking. We could have saved Encana $1.5 Million, told the state we knew years ago they’d let Encana off with a fat, wordy (4,228 pages!!) blame nature report (just like Alberta did)

What “regulator” allows a polluter to study water or pay others to study water polluted by the polluter?

Why release this report the day before Christmas Eve? Because Encana and the regulator know no one will read it and thus not see the garbage in it? To further abuse the already heinously abused by Encana and state, frac-harmed citizens of Pavillion?

Unforgivable. Not Encana’s actions, the state’s, or the “experts.” Most unforgivable is the EPA for cowardly walking away from their duties years ago just because Encana and politicians were cowardly, freaking out bullies.


“The way I read the EPA report, the surface casings were too short and that the cementing was inadequate and then they fracked at very shallow depths. It’s almost negligence,” says [isotopic fingerprint expert] 67-year-old [Karlis] Muehlenbachs…. [Encana frac’d much more shallow at Rosebud]


Wyoming Dept of Environmental Quality

Pavillion Fact Sheet (PDF)2019-12-23
Pavillion Final Report – 2019 1223 (PDF)2019-12-23

State report: No evidence links contamination, fracking by The Associated Press, Dec 23, 2019,

No evidence links hydraulic fracturing to contaminated groundwater in central Wyoming, according to a Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality report.

The contamination near Pavillion likely occurred naturally due to permeable geology in the gas-drilling area, the report released Monday found.

However, absence of data from before drilling began in the mid-1900s limits scientists trying to determine the exact source of the contamination, the report stated.

[The investigations and “independent” reports done in Alberta (complete with secret repugnant editing by the Alberta gov’t, including changing the “expert’s” conclusion), after Encana broke the law and illegally frac’d a community’s drinking water aquifers, injecting 18 Million litres of frac fluid directly into them, contaminating them with methane and ethane and toxic man-made chemicals, also found Encana innocent. The expert went further and blamed the harmed citizens and nature, even though historic records on file with the Alberta gov’t for the harmed water well owners stated “Gas Present: No.” The expert ignored the historic records included in the appendix of his reports, pulled shit out of the air like Supreme Court of Canada Justice Rosalie Albella did in her ruling in Ernst vs AER, and stated in the reports there were anecdotal reports water wells elsewhere historically had gas present, suggesting the frac’d water wells were historically contaminated.

When Encana does the contaminating and law violations, it makes no difference what “baseline” or historic records say, Encana is always innocent and the harmed are always guilty.]

“The findings were that the general geochemistry of the groundwater appears to be the source of issues to drinking water that exist out there,” said Lily Barkau, groundwater section program manager at Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.

A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency investigation begun in 2008 led to draft findings in 2011 that theorized a link between the contamination and nearby hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

The process uses pressurized water, mixed with sand and chemicals, to split open underground deposits and boost oil and gas production.

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry cautioned residents not to drink the water. The EPA, however, didn’t finalize its report and handed the investigation over to state officials. [How many regulator staff pensions were threatened by Encana?]

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality announced in 2013 it would conduct a thorough study of the 12-square-mile Pavillion gas field with help from $1.5 million from Encana Oil and Gas USA, Inc., the Canadian-based company operating the site, the Casper Star-Tribune reports.

Several environmental groups and landowners in Wyoming expressed skepticism about the additional research.

The Wyoming Legislature allocated another $300,000 for the most recent phase of water quality testing, according to Barkau.

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality has vehemently defended what it has called a rigorous scientific process.

“When you talk about groundwater, it’s not simple,” department spokesman Keith Guille said. “There’s a lot of technical work that needs to go into it.” [Ya, lie after lie after lie after lie, and fudge the data, after fudge more data, and fudget the data a little bit more]

“I understand that it gets frustrating when answers are not always found right away, but it does take time,” Guille added. “Science is not overnight.” [FIFTEEN YEARS WORTH? WHAT AN ENCANA-POLLUTION ENABLING BAFFOON.]

New Pavillion investigation finds no link between fracking and contaminated water by Camille Erickson, Dec 23, 2019, Casper Star Tribune

A state investigation released Monday found no evidence linking fracking to contaminated groundwater east of Pavillion, confirming conclusions published in a previous [Also Encana controlled] water quality study. The report, conducted [but funded and thus controlled by Encana] by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, concluded pollution in drinking water likely occurred naturally due to the permeable and shallow geology of the area. [Ya, but really because Encana ruthlessly and gluttonously frac’d the drinking water aquifers there, just like the company did at Rosebud, Alberta, contaminating them too]

This year’s report builds on a nearly decade-long [denial of the truth with state and Encana abusing the harmed citizens, over and over and over!] investigation into water quality issues in the tiny, central Wyoming town. The latest phase of the investigation sought to address gaps in the state’s research of 13 water supply wells undertaken five years ago.

“We feel very comfortable and confident that the data that was collected can be considered defensible because of the time and attention to detail [needed to figure out how best to cover-up Encana’s pollution] that (the Department of Environmental Quality) took in developing those work plans in collaboration with our consultant [Controlled by Encana for sure!] who performed the work,” said Lily Barkau, the department’s groundwater section program manager.

The absence of baseline data from before drilling commenced in the mid-20th century also limits scientists from determining the exact source of water contamination, the report stated. [Excuse used everywhere that water goes bad after nearby frac’ing to let companies escape responsibility. The exact source of the contamination does not need to be known, to know that frac’ing is guilty. Besides, even in areas where there is baseline data like in my community and for my water well, the excuse of no baseline data is still used to let Encana off.]

“The findings were that the general geo-chemistry of the groundwater appears to be the source of issues to drinking water that exist out there,” Barkau told the Star-Tribune on Friday.

Landowners east of the Pavillion shale plays began expressing alarm over their drinking water’s foul odor and taste decades ago.

In 2008, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency launched an investigation and subsequently released draft findings in 2011, theorizing the water’s toxicity could be connected to proximate fracking activity [they did a lot more than that, and the USGS affirmed what the EPA found]. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry cautioned [it was much more than a “caution!”] residents not to drink the water. [This article reads like Encana directed it or handed out some juicy bribes]

The initial results catalyzed a contentious national debate over the potential consequences of hydraulic fracturing or fracking, a now-ubiquitous [and, contaminating land, water, and air everywhere!] practice of injecting water, sand and chemicals into the ground to extract oil and gas.

But federal regulators ultimately passed the investigation to state regulators after a barrage of criticism from Wyoming lawmakers and industry over the incriminating results.

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality announced in 2013 it would conduct a thorough study of the 12-square-mile Pavillion gas field, partially with the support of $1.5 million from Encana Oil and Gas USA, Inc., the Canadian-based company operating the gas field. The move drew sharp skepticism from several environmental groups and concerned landowners in Wyoming.

Encana has stood by the integrity of the state-led investigations, and responded positively to the most recent report. [That proves the report is garbage!]

“Encana applauds the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality for their tireless efforts to bring this investigation to a final report,” [Ohhh, let’s rub frac salt into the wounds of the many people here we have harmed, polluted and abused for years] a spokeswoman for Encana said in a statement. “Although still reviewing the report in its entirety, we appreciate the (state regulators’) due diligence and collaboration with technical experts [all likely controlled by Encana and worried Trump will fire them, if they dare report the whole truth?] to collect and analyze the data from nearly 14,000 samples and bring this investigation to a scientific conclusion.” [What a riot. The conclusions of the EPA and USGS investigations in 2011 that found frac’ing guilty, have now been magically transformed into a “scientific” conclusion. Encana is going over board trying to legitimize this study the company funded and controlled.]

As the extended investigation progressed, affected landowners received cisterns from the state to avoid bad water sourced from the area’s wells or aquifer.

Pavillion residents Jeff and Rhonda Locker sued Encana for withholding important information about their drinking water. The couple won a settlement in January 2018. [Encana would pay nothing, if they were not guilty!]

The Wyoming Legislature allocated an additional $300,000 to the most recent phase of water quality testing, according to Barkau. The cost of the 2016 and 2019 investigation was over $1.2 million. [paid by yours truly!]

State regulators will continue to grapple with and respond to the water quality issues plaguing Pavillion. [It’s so hard to fathom: Encana fracs aquifers, forcing methane to release, contaminating water!]

For one, the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is also examining environmental contamination issues around the field’s old gas wells and disposal pits, based on the additional eight recommendations provided in the 2016 report. The commission is now reviewing an integrity well report from Encana. It is also conducting legacy pit investigations with the company, according to Supervisor Mark Watson.

The extended investigations headed by Wyoming regulators have sustained significant criticism from both Wyoming residents and the Environmental Protection Agency officials alike.

But the environmental quality department has vehemently defended what it has called a rigorous scientific process. [Protesting too loudly?? I read from their vehemence that they are horrified by their own guilt covering up the Pavillion water contamination for Encana, Trump and all the bankrupting polluting frac’ers out there.]

“When you talk about groundwater, it’s not simple,” Keith Guille, an agency spokesman said Friday. “There’s a lot of technical work that needs to go into it.”

“I understand that it gets frustrating when answers are not always found right away, but it does take time,” he added. “Science is not overnight.”

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2016: New peer-reviewed published paper by Digiulio & Jackson, Pavillion Wyoming aquifers contaminated by fracking: Only one industry is allowed to inject toxic chemicals into underground sources of drinking water – hydraulic fracturing

Many of the toxic chemicals found in Pavillion’s drinking water after aquifer frac’ing by Encana were also found in Rosebud’s drinking water in Alberta after aquifer frac’ing by Encana.

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Look at this Encana run shit show: 2014: Pavillion Wyoming Groundwater Pollution Reports funded by Encana and the State plan to allow review by Encana, the EPA and “independent” experts (like Dr. Alexander Blyth?) before public release

2014: Finally some good news for some harmed citizens at Pavillion; still no fix or good news for the aquifer there TRUCKED IN WATER IS GOOD NEWS? RELYING ON TRUCKED IN WATER IS HELL, PURE FRAC’ING HELL. BUT, IT’S BETTER THAN HAVING NO WATER, OR WATCHING YOUR BABY SCREAM AS HIS SKIN CORRODES IN THE BATH WATER.

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2011 12: EPA Pavillion report stokes fire over fracking

2011: Fracking Contamination ‘Will Get Worse’: Alberta Expert 

Earlier this month the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that EnCana, the continent’s second largest shale gas producer, had contaminated groundwater in Pavillion, Wyoming. Those findings, which contradict industry assurances, didn’t surprise Muehlenbachs, who has studied leaking wells in Alberta’s heavy oil fields for decades.… 

“The way I read the EPA report, the surface casings were too short and that the cementing was inadequate and then they fracked at very shallow depths. It’s almost negligence,” says 67-year-old Muehlenbachs…. [Encana frac’d much more shallow at Rosebud!]

“They’ll frack each well up to 20 times. Each time the pressure will shudder and bang the pipes in the wellbore. The cement is hard and the steel is soft. If you do it all the time you are going to break bonds and cause leaks. It’s a real major issue.”…

Whenever methane leaks from one well into a neighboring wellsite, “industry says let’s fix the leaks,” says Muehlenbachs. “But as soon as the leaks enter groundwater, everyone abandons the same logic and technology and says it can’t happen and the denials come out.

In Alberta, it’s almost a religious belief that gas leaks can’t contaminate groundwater.”… Asked if Alberta’s oil patch regulator or B.C.’s Oil and Gas Commission had approached one of the world’s leading experts on how to fingerprint leaking gases from gas formations, Muehlenbachs replied quickly. “No,” said Muehlenbachs. “No one pays any attention to me. The Alberta regulators are only interested in optimizing production.”

2011 12: EPA Releases Draft Findings of Pavillion, Wyoming Ground Water Investigation for Public Comment and Independent Scientific Review I’ll never forget it, I was on speaking tour in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick this fateful day.

2011: EPA Pavillion Pavillion Groundwater Investigation 2010-2011 Sampling Summary Summary of Results and Next Steps

2011: Citizens Call for Investigation and Halt to Encana’s Proposed Sale of Pavillion Gas Field

2011: Encana sale in Pavillion area raises concerns Would chicken shit Encana have tried to run away if the company had not contaminated Pavillion’s water?

2010; Pavillion, Wyoming-area residents told by regulators not to drink water

2008; Encana Passes the Buck on Contamination in Pavillion, Wyoming


Will Encana and the company’s private bevy of regulators be partying this Christmas season and well into the new year with the many pedophiles and rapists that always get off too?

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