Pegagus Scandal: Have you been hacked and spied on by Israeli company NSO Group’s spyware sold to your gov’t and or agencies like AER?

My favourite quotes:

Part 1: “….like living inside the condom.”

Part 2: “The question is going to be, ‘Who have they missed?'”

Part 2: “If you publish anything, we will sue you.”

Part 2: “….it could not happen without the Israeli government’s permission.”

If 100% industry funded gov’t agencies like AER bought Pegagus, I expect multinational energy companies are happily using it to hack ‘n track law abiding citizens who oppose being raped by them, and best, on the taxpayer’s dime. And, hiding behind gov’t agency skirts like the cowards they are.

Canada’s gov’ts, police, RCMP, judges and law firms help AER/companies break the law. How many are using Pegagus to target ordinary, non terrorist, non criminal Canadians?

This documentary is excellent. Shocking chilling content. Extremely.

Dear retired supreme court of canada justice Rosalie Abella: I urge you to watch this and ponder your Alice in Wonderland view of Israel. And consider the harms your lies in your ruling in Ernst vs AER caused my lawsuit, me, many other frac-harmed families, our charter and the right to freedom of expression globally. You ruled – without any evidence – that AER found me to be a vexatious litigant when the facts are that the regulator judged me to be a terrorist – also without any evidence – in writing and copied the RCMP and AG.


In 2020, the journalism nonprofit Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International gained access to a leaked list of more than 50,000 phone numbers. They suspected it contained numbers selected for potential surveillance with Pegasus. The Pegasus Project reporting consortium — which was led by Forbidden Stories and included 16 other media organizations, FRONTLINE among them — found that the spyware had been used on journalists, human rights activists, the wife and fiancée of the murdered Saudi columnist Jamal Khashoggi, and others.

Over two parts, this docuseries reveals the inside story of an investigation that prompted probes by governments and institutions around the world and sparked calls for an international treaty to govern the largely unregulated spyware industry.

NSO, which has disputed some of the Pegasus Project’s reporting, says that its technology was not associated in any way with Khashoggi’s murder and that it sells Pegasus to vetted governments for “the sole purpose of preventing and investigating terror and serious crime.”

Part One: Global Spyware Scandal: Exposing Pegasus January 3, 2023, 53:15 Min

“Global Spyware Scandal: Exposing Pegasus” is a FRONTLINE production with Forbidden Films. It is a film by Anne Poiret and Arthur Bouvart. The director is Anne Poiret. The producers are Laurent Richard and Sandrine Rigaud. The senior producers are Eamonn Matthews and Dan Edge. The editor-in-chief and executive producer of FRONTLINE is Raney Aronson-Rath.

Part Two: Global Spyware Scandal: Exposing Pegasus January 10, 2023, 54:22 Min

Part two of a joint investigation into the hacking tool used to spy on journalists, activists, the fiancée of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and others.

Refer also to:

MARCELLUS SHALE HISTORY: Spying & Psychological Operations on Pennsylvania Citizens 2010-2014

RCMP told Ernst they “don’t do surveillance” when she refused them entry into her home without a warrant while trespassing on her land, lying and trying to terrify her silent after she served legal papers on Encana/Ovintiv, AER & Alberta gov’t.

Canada’s ex PM Steve Harper was/is an enormous fan of Israel; he served Israel far better than he ever served the Canadians paying him. Did Harper buy Pegasus spyware to spy on the many citizens he didn’t like, notably Indigenous opposed to frac’ing? Did he let his buddy ex Encana CEO Gwyn Morgan use it on our dime? Is Harper using it personally, after we punted him in the 2015 election?

Harper’s anti-terrorist RCMP squad trespassed, without a warrant, on my private property after the Alberta gov’t, Encana/Ovintiv and AER were served with my legal papers. I was in my own home, not attending any protest (contrary to what media and NGOs, claim, I am not an activist). It seems my only crime was warning the public about frac harms and filing a lawsuit against Encana et al, trying to protect the public interest. The squad wanted into my home. I refused, told them I didn’t trust them or their surveillance techniques.

“We don’t do surveillance,” they replied.

I laughed at their absurdity and didn’t let them in (I was terrified, I live alone).

I let them interrogate me outside. It was a cold February day; I gave the lead interrogator a metal chair, I sat in a wooden one; I offered blankets, tissues for their runny noses, hot tea with honey, all declined.

When the officers were done trying to scare me and get me to admit to crimes I had not committed (like AER’s lawyer Rick McKee failed at three years earlier trying to get evidence after the fact to justify the “regulator” violating my Charter rights), they left, shoulders slumped, knowing their mission for Herr Harper and buddy Encana to snare me had failed.

Super Evil in Canada: Israel lobby, including B’nai Brith, Centre for Israel, Jewish Affairs (CIJA), Jewish Defence League (JDL), more, waging campaign to silence, punish, bankrupt Foodbenders, a pro-human rights, pro-Palestinian restaurant in Toronto

New National Security & Intelligence Review Agency (NSIRA) members announced: Outgoing NDP MP Murray Rankin, Q.C. (Chair) & U of Ottawa prof Craig Forcese; Multi-hatted watchdog will have full access to virtually all information held by federal govt. Why? To give to Israel and multinational corporations, and abuse innocent Canadians with?

Who needs ICORE! EUB trained deregulation – for free. It was the “Brotherhood of regulators,” says ex-EUB Chair Neil McCrank, who enabled the Caroline Cover-up and Encana illegally frac’ing Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers, with the “regulator” abusing it’s power, punishing Ernst instead of the company; was Chair when EUB incorporated the notoriously evil Synergy Alberta; authorized the “repulsive” spying on innocent Albertans that made gov’t change it to ERCB; etc., etc. A large collection of posts at this link on the 2007 EUB (now AER) illegal spying scandal.

Cartoon is the last page in retired Justice Perraz report on the “repulsive” spying by the Alberta energy regulator (EUB). EUB was ERCB. After EUB was caught breaking the law and spying on innocent (aka, non terrorist, non criminal) citizens, the gov’t renamed it ERCB. After my lawsuit went public, the govt’d changed it to AER and changed its immunity clause and removed public interest from its mandate.

AER/ICORE/Jim Ellis Hanky Panky & Deregulation Tried to Go Global. Is CAPP et al making Ellis take the fall for Neil McCrank, EUB Boss (before it became AER)? McCrank authorized spying on innocent Albertans, **initiated spreading AER’s evil, lies & propaganda globally**, was boss when EUB violated Ernst’s charter rights and refused to make it right. “I wonder what’s worse for the average Albertan…. A vicious STD, or the AER? It’s a toss up.”

2017: Criminalizing Free Expression in Israel. Is Canada next via Supreme Court of Canada ruling in Ernst vs AER? Is Israel trying to suppress free expression the world over?

Elevated Cancer risks surround oil & gas drilling. Fracking is bad for your health says Israel Health Ministry official So, they’ll frac the rest of us around the world while protecting Israel?

England: Kent Police slammed for snooping after asking for list of people attending frac debate at Canterbury Christ Church University

RCMP ignore “volley of gunfire” to concerned citizen’s home but warn government and industry: “Environmental extremists pose ‘clear and present criminal threat’ to Canada’s energy sector – more likely to strike at critical infrastructure than religiously inspired terrorists.” Canadian and Australian oil and gas lobby groups warn: Industry operations “impact aquifers” and “contaminate water resources” as pre-determined “bullshit” investigations, cover-ups and court rulings fix everything. No word if “religiously inspired terrorists” plan to retire because of the intense competition

Snap above from FrackingCanada

Colorado Congressman Called A ‘Terrorist’ For Pushing Community Control Of Fracking

Meet ASSIST: Alberta’s very own Spy Agency, “Alberta Security and Strategic Intelligence Support Team;” Did ASSIST break into Carmen Langer’s home and steal his files?

Hey CSIS, farmers are not terrorists, Anti-fracking activists have been labelled a security threat

Snap above from FrackingCanada

The Intimidation of Ernst: Members of Harper Government’s RCMP Anti-terrorist Squad Intimidate and Harass Ernst after her Legal Papers were Served on Encana, the EUB (now AER) and Alberta Environment

Alberta Energy Regulator (EUB) illegally spied, then lied: “When allegations first surfaced that the EUB had hired private investigators to spy on the public, Mr. Stelmach backed the regulator’s assertions that the charges were false.”

Were citizens trying to protect their drinking water and health from frac’ing labelled terrorists/security threats – all without any evidence – so that gov’ts (and govt agencies like AER) could target and trap them with Pegasus Spyware? And give data collected to oil and gas companies (and Israel) to use to infiltrate, threaten and harm those citizens, their loved ones and their lawyers?

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