U Saskatchewan Faculty votes to support BDS against Israel, 6th BDS motion passed by a Canadian faculty association in last few months

You are wrong Trudeau and on the wrong side of history. BDS against Israel belongs everywhere in Canada, everywhere in the world that has care and compassion for the oppressed, invaded, stolen from, murdered, tortured, starved, and endlessly lied about.


Below evidence of Israel-controlled USA interfering in the International Criminal Court is just one of endless reasons to support BDS against Israel:

Omar Sakr@omarsakrpoet:

The International Criminal Court having to release a statement saying to America and Israel “stop trying to intimidate us with threats, that too is a crime” sure is extremely grim.


Remember folks they aren’t even part of the ICC, that’s what makes this so much worse.


I still don’t understand why the ICC welcomes delegations from a country that denies the remit of the court over its proceedings …

Cholera Snow@Kotonoaware:

Because that country is very powerful and very aggressive? The statement today is mostly about the public threats, not the private lobbying.

Amir Attaran (@email hidden; JavaScript is required)@profamirattaran:

This is horrific and ruinous to the ICC’s independence and impartiality. The Court has failed to resist political interference in its prosecutions. @KarimKhanQC must resign.I lost all trust in judges and justice, years ago. So many racist dishonest Zionist lawyers and judges wrecking havoc on the rule of law, or what little capitalism has left of it.

Barak Ravid@BarakRavid:

Scoop: A bipartisan group of senators held a confidential virtual meeting Wednesday with senior officials at the International Criminal Court to express concern about possible arrest warrants against Israeli leaders. @stephen_neukam & I write for @axios



Isn’t this a court interference? The US is actively interfering with the ICC’s business.

Everybody wants Gaza’s gas@PalCommunities:

Obstruction of justiceZionism is incredibly evil, and the Israeli lobby bribes politicians with big money, threats I bet also, and then, there’s Israel’s Pegasus Spyware! There is no justice or law, as long as there is Zionism. It needs to be criminalized, frac’ing too.

Sigma Mindset @kingmobi_:

What does that even mean a bipartisan group of senators? The only bipartisan issue in Congress is Israel


US senators are secretly plotting ways to obstruct justice on behalf of Netanyahu.

These politicians are proving they’re nothing but AIPAC-paid puppets.

Here’s another:

And another:


Once they arrest all the protestors, ban Tik Tok and make it illegal to say “Israel bad” it should be smooth sailing from there

Refer also to:

2024 05 03: Chandni Desai@4cdesai:

UofT was stunning last night!!!!

Students, faculty, staff, community show their solidarity with The Peoples Circle for Palestine! @occupyuoft

2024 04 18: Another BDS Victory! Wilfrid Laurier U Faculty Association calls for permanent ceasefire, complete divestment & boycott of institutions, corporations complicit in Israeli war crimes, breaches of international law, human rights violations, etc., condemns scholasticide in Gaza, West Bank & East Jerusalem. Motion passes with huge majority. Which Zionistiche Gestapo judge will kill justice to kill it?

2024 04 17: Zionistiche Gestapo ‘n B’nai Brith bribing bigots MPP Ted Arnott and Doug Ford gov’t? Discrimination and racism on steroids: Speaker Arnott pisses on Canada’s charter, bans Palestinian Keffiyehs from Ontario legislature. Yarmulke allowed? “Heaven forbid someone make a political statement in a …. legislature”

2024 04 12: BDS Victory! Canada’s first Faculty Association votes to divest “from any companies and investments complicit in Israeli war crimes or illegal occupation.” What ever will the Zionistiche Gestapo and B’nai Brith do?

2024 04 12: 1,122 Indigenous persons/groups globally sign in solidarity with Palestine: “Stop the Genocide. End the Siege. End the Occupation. Dismantle Apartheid. Decolonize Palestine.”

2018: Major Free Speech Victory: USA Federal Court Strikes Down Law that Punishes Supporters of Israel Boycott

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