Carbon Capture (no matter what type) is a money laundering con job, steals from the poor to give to the rich, and industry, politicians and regulators know it. Another $2.4Billion CCS project, this one in Alberta, bites reality and dies for “lack of economical feasibility” despite “massive subsidies.”

Dr. Sandra Steingraber @ssteingraber1:

And “we can’t do it without carbon capture” is the new “natural gas is the bridge to the future.

Both mistruths originated with the fossil fuel industry, were never backed by science and yet are endlessly echoed by our own federal agencies and, uncritically, in news stories.

Capital Power Cancels $2.4B Carbon Capture Project In Canada by Violet George, May 2, 2024, Carbon Herald

In a chilling turn of eventsOmg! Such drama for a scam dying a good deathfor the carbon capture sector, Capital Power Corp. announced it will no longer be pursuing its planned $2.4-billion carbon capture project. 

Although the company has confirmed the project’s technical viability, the reason cited for its withdrawal is the lack of economical feasibility.Ya, company says, sure we can suck up our deadly pollution – if ordinary Canadians pay for it, and our profit-raping, and put a few extra million here and there into CEO pockets.

The proposed carbon capture and storage (CCS) project was to be built at the company’s Genesee water-destroying frac’dnatural gas-fired power plant.

Alberta’s energy grid relies strongly on UNnatural gas, which most analysts say will require a mix of decarbonizationmoney laundering scams, eg, steal from the poor to give to the uber rich under guise of cleaning up the oil and gas industry horrific pollution, lies, and thefts from the future solutions, including renewablesWhat reweables? Big Oil Dildo Danielle has put the stupidest restrictions on them, essentially killing them throughout most of the province, in the name of “beautification” while allowing massive tarsands, fracs, wetland and listed species destroying idiotic rich man half a billion dollar racetrack, mountain destroying coal mines, nuclear power and CCS, to reduce its carbon footprint.

The Genesee project would have also been a significant step forward for Edmonton-based Capital Power toward its goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2045. Net zero by any industry in rape & pillage con mob led Alberta, is a multibillion dollar thieving (steal from the poor to give to the rich under the guise of pretending to suck up pollution, which industry knows does not work and can be deadly when it leaks or fails) scam, an impossible propaganda wet dream to con Albertans into increasing their travel, pollution, greed, and the main reason for the expensive scam: to keep them voting for their own demise, eg via UCP (run by fucking lying bullying evangelicals of all things), and same in the feds under Pierre Picklehead.

However, the company’s decision to pull the plug quickly cast a shadow over the entire CCS industry, reinforcing existing doubts and skepticism as to its ability to known facts that it will not bring about meaningful climate action.

Activist group Environmental Defence immediately labeled the move as yet another example of carbon capture’s terrible track record. 

“It shouldbut won’t and this NGO knows it won’tserve as a lesson for governments on how recklesscriminal it is to be using stealing taxpayer dollars to con the public into believing CCS will reduce industry’s pollution when govt, industry and regulators know it’s theft with the intent to let industry keep polluting, and worse, to let industry increase their pollution and profit-raping, all the while letting companies intentionally refuse to clean up with full blessings by con politicos and non regulating AER subsidize these projects,” the group stated.

“Carbon capture is unnecessary, ineffective and expensive. The bottom line: the most effective way to deal with carbon dioxide emissions is to prevent them from ever being created, rather than trying to pluck them from the air or smokestacks and inject them underground.”where those gases do not stay, leak and can kill

The Canadian government is heavily invested in the support of the nascent technology with separate provinces already making significant steps towards limiting the amount of CO2 to enter the atmosphere.

Manitoba is among the latest examples, as the province just recently introduced legislation aimed at facilitating CCS initiatives by industries.Just more criminal thievery and pollution escalation under the guise of CCS.

Similarly, British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan already have implemented federally approved carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) frameworks.All are the same type of money laundering con jobs with known intent to make citizens pay entirely for industry’s pollution, and worse, pay for these con jobs that are just about enabling industry’s escalating pollution, greed and profit-taking.

Great comment by Johannes Dietz to article below:

That is the long and the short of it. All the money and effort spent on it won’t do what is promised.

But it will those profiting from fossil fuels profit for a bit longer.

Plans for $2.4B carbon capture and storage project near Edmonton have been cancelled, Capital Power says project at Genesee is no longer financially feasible by Wallis Snowdon with files from Canadian Press, CBC News, May 02, 2024

Edmonton-based Capital Power Corp. has pulled the plug on its plans to build a $2.4-billion carbon capture and storage project at its Genesee natural gas-fired power plant southwest of Edmonton.

Up to three million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year would mostly would nothave been captured and sequestered at the facility near the village of Warburg in Leduc County. Company officials announced Wednesday that pursuing the project no longer makes financial sense.

It’s the latest carbon capture project to fail to meet expectations, casting doubt on a technology that has garnered significant investment from Ottawa and provincial governments.

Following news of the cancellation, Federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault said Ottawa is not giving up on carbon capture. Well, you must, or, you will bankrupt the country while letting raping oil and gas polluters keep escalating their lies and life destroying emissions

“It is happening in Canada, but it’s not the be-all end-all,”  Guilbeault told reporters Thursday. “We think it can play a role but it won’t fix our climate change problem.”the only way to do that is for humans to quit baby making for a few decades (but heavens, what will priests and the rich rape, if no fresh kids?), educate humans to quit wasting so much energy via over consuming, travel, and bigger and bigger SUVs for single drivers

Guilbeault said the technology remains a viable method to cut industry emissions but the federal government can’t fully bankroll every project. Mr. Guilbeault, why lie to us? Stop it! Tell the truth. Quit babying the rapist polluters!

“We’re putting our money where our mouth is and I would like to see industry do the same,” he said.companies won’t invest in CCS because they are terrified of the legal liabilities of killing everyone in an entire town, or on an entire First Nation where their deadly CO2 pipelines invade through, and companies know CCS is not economical, that’s why they insist Canadian taxpayers finance it entirely. Oil and gas companies are not interested in clean up or reducing their pollution, they’re only interested in stealing from the citizenry, polluting more and more, more deregulation and more lies and propaganda paid for also by the citizenry via the hideous energy war room “There’s billions of dollars of federal money to help these companies invest in carbon capture and storage.” Those billions of dollars would be far more effective giving ordinary families solar panels for their homes than giving it to the criminals in oil and gas.

Company officials with Capital Power say the Genesee project is technically viable but not economically feasible. The project was once slated to be completed by 2026 and operational as early as 2027.I think they’re playing a deadly game of force the gov’t to hand over many more billions in free money. Just disgusting pigs, energy companies are, worse than our abusive murdering law violating lying police.

“Through our development of the project, we have confirmed that CCS is a technically viable technology and potential pathway to decarbonization for thermal generation facilities including Genesee,” “Potential” being the key escape hatch word indicating the company knows damn well CCS is not viable technically! company officials said Wednesday as it released financial results for the first quarter of 2024. 

“However, at this time, the project is not economically feasible and as a result we will be turning our time, attention, and resources to other opportunities.” 

On Wednesday, Capital Power CEO Avik Dey said the company may explore CCS again in the future as economics improve.Translation: when Pierre Picklehead and his puppet handler, Steve Harper, gets into power, and gives us all the money we demand, and then some The company has set the goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

Set the goal = intentionally never reach the goal; achieving net-zero is a big fat zero.

“Fundamentally, the economics just don’t work,” he told analysts in a conference call. “Hopefully, the technology will improve, and we can revisit this when the economics improve.Translation: when you give us $billions more and again, $billions more, and even more $billions in cash gifts, and when you deregulate totally, so that we can harm and pollute and kill as we please.

“What it really is, is the technology improving so the costs come down. How do you actually build the kit so you have higher efficacy and capture rates while bringing down the capture costs?”DEREGULATION!

Alberta’s electricity grid is heavily dependent on natural gas, and many analysts believe that offsetting those emissions will require a mix of wind and solar, hydrogen, nuclear power in the form of small modular reactors, and carbon capture and storage in the future.

In January, Capital Power said it will partner with Ontario Power Generation to assess the feasibility of developing small modular nuclear reactors to help power Alberta’s electricity grid.Dreadful idea. and all the pulluting fuckers know it.

Carbon capture is any technology that captures carbon dioxide and injects it underground.Where it does not stay.

At Genesee, the plant would have relied on  “carbon capture, utilization and storage.”

This method filters out carbon dioxide at an emissions source — such as a factory, power plant or oilsands facility.

Once captured, the carbon would have then been transported through Enbridge’s open-access carbon hub, a proposed carbon dioxide sequestration hub west of Edmonton that would take carbon from nearby emitters and transport it to 3,000 metre deep storage wells. CO2 pipelines are all a deadly high risk menace. None ought to be allowed, anywhere

The Genesee project, once operational, was expected to pay $5.4 million into local property taxes each year and create about 50 full-time jobs.Ha ha ha, too funny, make a piddly few million costing mega billions. So stupid!

Industry and governments have touted the technology as an effective way to reduce Canada’s carbon footprint. But critics have cautioned that the viability of the technology has been overstated.

Genesee is not the only project to flounder. Other carbon capture facilities in operation across Canada have struggled to meet their stated goals.And, they leak, contaminate ground water and kill animals and birds where they leak to surface

Since 2015, Shell’s Quest project near Edmonton has stored nine million tonnes of CO2 at a lower-than-anticipated cost. But its capture rate of 77 per cent remains below the 90 per cent originally announced.and, most likely all of the CO2 injected, and or shipped, will eventually leak back up, ’cause, you know, Trudeau:

A CCS project at Sask Power’s Boundary Dam continues to miss emissions targets.

Proponents originally said the coal-fired power plant in southeast Saskatchewan would capture up to 90 per cent of the plant’s carbon emissions but a review has determined that the target has never been reached.  The average capture rate is instead 57 per cent, an analysis by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis has found. I bet it’s way way way lower than that, and worse, whatever was injected, will not stay put, so eventually, the capture rate will be below zero (re pollution caused by building the monstrosity and the endless miles of wasted high risk CO2 pipelines

The report says capture is limited by both technical issues and the demand for carbon dioxide from the energy industry, which uses the gas to extract more oil from depleting reserves.

A recent report from the International Energy Agency said oil and gas companies need to start “letting go of the illusion” that “implausibly large” amounts of carbon capture are the solution to the global climate crisis.But, illusion is what the oil, gas, frac and bitumen companies do best, it’s the only thing they do efficiently.

In a statement, Julia Levin, an associate director with Environmental Defence, said Capital Power’s decision to shelve the project should serve as a lesson that it’s reckless for governments to use taxpayer dollars to subsidize carbon capture ventures.

Levin said Capital Power was given $5 million from the province and the project would have been able to access both federal and provincial tax credits.

Despite “massive subsidies,” the project was still abandoned, she said. 

“Carbon capture is unnecessary, ineffective and expensive,” Levin said.  “The bottom line: the most effective way to deal with carbon dioxide emissions is to prevent them from ever being created.” 

Look at the “facts!”

2021: 500 international, US, Canadian groups open letter to leaders to “reject carbon capture and storage.” CCS is high risk like frac’ing, another scam used by gov’ts to give oil and gas companies $billions of public money to produce more pollution

2023: Frac’ing ‘generation 3’ rock requires injecting captured carbon to make more oil flow. No wonder companies, lobby groups, regulators, gov’ts and Env NGOs are conning the world with Net Zero miracles via high risk Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

CCS is at the very bottom of graph below being most expensive with least results. Industry, politicians and regulators have known this for years:

2023 Climate Mitigation: CCS is the highest cost, lowest return decarb took in the box which doesn’t even work and can kill en mass when it fails

2023: Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS): Fossil fuel industry and enablers pick perfect bend over liar at Geological Survey of Canada: Honn Kao. Not only can CO2 injection cause earthquakes, it won’t stay put, busts caprock, shoots to surface, pollutes ground water, migrates into and contaminates petroleum wells, kills, impairs cognitive function, harms families and communities

2024: CCS Big Fat Fail: Carbon capture project in Illinois set free 90% of CO2 promised to be “permanently” stored

2024: Big Win for Sanity! EPA scrutiny of San Joaquin Renewables’ carbon capture & storage (CCS) in California’s Central Valley leads to abrupt end, while in Canada, politicians give $billions from the public purse to CCS con artists (oil & gas companies) to put human and other life at risk from suffocation (even miles from projects), pollute more and profit-rape more $billions. Deep stupidity (or corruption).

2024: Louisiana: Another high pressure CO2 pipeline failure, many could have been killed or sickened. Calls to Exxon went unanswered, took operator over two hours to show up to fix the leak. CO2 damages the brain. WTF with Denbury and it’s deadly pipeline failures?

Wanna live with your kids near death row by CO2?

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