Canada: Total number wildfire evacuation orders annually (1980-2023)

Ryan Katz-Rosene, PhD@ryankatzrosene:

I’ve acquired some data about Wildfire Evacuations in Canada as part of a side research project on the social, economic and ecological impacts of Canadian Wildfires… watch this space!

Here’s the total number of Wildfire Evacuation Orders per year in the Database:

One of the wild things about this database is just how long some of the wildfire evacuations have lasted… Nearly HALF of the evacuations (45%) have lasted for MORE THAN A WEEK!

Scott Wahlstrom@scottwahlstrom:

The slow trend is hard to contextualize. I expect the number of people living in vulnerable locations has increased over time.

Fort McMurray in 2016 counts as one evacuation order…


Eight years ago today, the Horse River wildfire forced the evacuation of the town of Fort McMurray, displacing 80,000 people from their homes. The wildfire became the third largest wildfire in Alberta’s history. The effects to the community are still felt to this day.

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