Sara Jama: The only honourable courageous politician in Ontario’s Legislature against Israeli dictatorship of North America; Eat your racist old white guy scaredy-cat bully butt heart out Jonathan Kay (“dog shampoo guy”).

Philip J Mills: @PJforTO:

I don’t think you’re allowed to be both racist and unable to distinguish shampoo from dog shampoo. I’d think you’d have to pick one, but here’s Jon Kay doing it all.


Hey that’s not fair!!

He also gets his mommy to fight his battles for him

Nora Loreto@NoLore:

Jesus fucking chirst. Canada’s largest newspaper chain, everybody.

Did Barbara’s milk finally dry up or something?

Vincent Wong (

The depths and depravity of racism in this article are truly astounding, even for National Post standards which are already bottom of the barrel. White folks can really just get away with anything they want in terms of racist vitriol against Black and Brown folks in this country.

Sean Carleton@SeanCarleton:

Guess who’s a contributor to that residential school denialist book? You don’t have to guess, it’s Jon Kay.

Heidi Matthews@Heidi__Matthews:

The mask off racism in Canada right now is wild.


sure thing dog shampoo guy

Philip J Mills@PJforTO:

I don’t think you’re allowed to be both racist and unable to distinguish shampoo from dog shampoo. I’d think you’d have to pick one, but here’s Jon Kay doing it all.

sonja matschuck@misspsonja:


Y’all are some racist bigots on stolen land…



This is deplorable.

National Post is a bully gossip rag. Sara Jama is not only intelligent, she’s mighty and courageous. Ignorant male misogynists like Jonathan Kay are terrified of such powerful non-bending over women, especially when they show their courage publicly, without even trying to.

Dear Jon Kay: This little clip is for Israel-believing fascist you:

Kay knows if he was in Jama’s Keffiyeh, he would have immediately cowardly bent over (likely whimpering scared and in tears) and taken it off, hidden it. Such cowards are cruel to courageous women, because they know they are too terrified, too white, too privileged, and too stupid to be any other way. Pathetic.


Dog shampoo




Okay Mr Dog Shampoo guy.

big time caps guy@corncobdipshit:

If only she used dog shampoo


What, is that all? You couldn’t squeeze even more racism into your headline?


nice racism bro


You should be ashamed for publishing this article.


NAZIonal Post


Nothing wrong with keffiyehs, head coverings or turbans UNLESS you’re a racist worried about being “replaced.” Racist Canada…alive and well.

professor mir #PalestineWillBeFree @ShabanaMir1:

You’re disgusting. Leave her be.

Dr. Mia Brett@QueenMab87:

I want to be very clear-the only reason why politicians say they are concerned with Jewish safety is because they can weaponize that concern against people they hate more to support their conservative interests. That’s it.

Rabbi David Mivasair@Mivasair:

“Feeling unsafe” is not “being unsafe”.

Zionist propagandists promote the totally false distraction the “Jews don’t feel safe”.

Amir Attaran (@email hidden; JavaScript is required)@profamirattaran:

So I am disgusted—not too strong a word—with the dissembling callowness of Trudeau pretending that there is a right to “feel safe”. Emotions are not the subject of laws. He misstates our law, just to be emollient and vacillate, and that is not what a leader does.


This. I said it in October, the police and conservatives just hate Muslims more than they hate Jews and that’s what the response is about.

Michael Hobbes@RottenInDenmark:


Horrific scenes are coming out of UCLA.

America’s message to the world is clear:

You can’t protest

You can’t march

You can’t chant

You can’t express solidarity or wear certain symbols

If we fund Genocide, you must accept it.

Left in the Bay@leftinthebay:

Cops raided Berkeley’s occupation for South African divestment in April 1985, arresting 156. Students reoccupied and declared a strike. 10,000 joined. Occupations started again in the fall. The camp was raided and rebuilt again until they won. This isn’t over. It’s barely begun.


What a racist


Oh, this is just begging for everyone around him to wear towels on their heads to highlight his raging racism. Not actual turbans or actual people who wear them, but towels to highlight how ridiculous he is.


So, racists are just proud of being racist now. No one is keeping any of that rot hidden anymore, huh? Such a shame. Humans are terrible.


She rules you.

Magnolia Badminton@magbadminton23:

Respect to a Sarah Jama


Don’t get mad at him his mother wrote it for him

Amir Attaran (@email hidden; JavaScript is required)@profamirattaran:

This is heartening!Very!


On Monday, multiple MPPs from different parties at Queen’s Park will be wearing the kaffiyeh in defiance of the Speaker @MPPArnottWHH’s unjustifiable and unprecedented ruling.BRAVO!!!! SOME COURAGE AND INTEGRITY TO JOIN SARAH’S, FINALLY, IN THE HOUSE!

Every party leader, including Premier Ford and Opposition Leader Marit Stiles, have stated on the record that they are opposed to the ban.

This is the People’s House, not the Speaker’s House. Everyone should feel welcome there. This is a non-partisan issue.

Ontarians will be there and watching. We look forward to seeing all MPPs take action behind their words on Monday.


BREAKING: Professor Adnan Al Bursh has been killed in an Israeli prison.

Destroying hospitals and murdering doctors is a form of self-defense for Israel.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza has issued the following statement:

We condemn the murder of Adnan Al-Bursh, head of the Orthopaedic department at Al-Shifa Medical Complex, under torture inside the occupation prisons.

The crime of killing human beings in the occupation prisons raised the death toll in the health sector since October 7 to 492.

We call on the international community and health and human rights organizations to intervene and visit the prisoners and protect them from torture.”


National Post promoting racism and stumping for Genocide. National Post, Jonathan Kay’s statement of immorality that you all want to embrace is despicable.


This student in the clip below at graduation has more integrity and courage than Jon Kay too:

Defend the Atlanta Forest/Stop Cop City@defendATLforest:

Read Let This Radicalize You@JoshuaPHilll:

Just for wearing the keffiyeh. Zionism and imperialism are deemed more important than graduation, more important than free speech, and more important than our kids.

This one really shocked me. Maybe it shouldn’t anymore, but the level of contempt admin has for their own students is so sickening and low. It’s painful to see.


Imagine if they removed a student for wearing a kippah. This is blatant xenophobia. I hope the student sues.


Yeah people have only been wearing them since the 7th century so. But sure now they are a problem.


This action by Georgia State University is beyond outrageous. Has #uspoli 1s amendment been rescinded? If not, Keffiyehs are absolutely protected speech under the 1st amendment & what GSU is doing to students is completely unconstitutional. I see civil law suits vs GSU in the near future.


Keffiyehs are a cultural garment, too, so unless they’re making students forego other common graduation adornments that represent their culture, then it’s also super selectively discriminatory.


Yeah. America is still pretty racist in 2024.


Maher Arar@ArarMaher:

Zionists will fight the anti-genocide movement to the last American.

Now you know why the US media are working 24/7 to vilify the student protestors.

People now understand my tweet from a few months ago when I tweeted that the fate of the US and Israel are intertwined together. I hope it is clear now.

Only one side (the Zionists) is allowed to use violence against the other (the Palestinians). A repeat story of what’s happening in Gaza.

Quds News Network@QudsNen:

Israeli Minister of Economy and Industry, Nir Barkat:

“American public opinion is an existential threat to Israel.”


He’s right though.

Because the American public is going to stop the money. And the money from is is the only reason that colony is still there.

The American public is waking up to how dangerous that colony is to our country. And soon enough that money is going to stop.

Patrick Gaspard@patrickgaspard:

I have trespassed in peaceful protest.
I have shutdown govt offices in civil disobedience.
I have made the powerful uncomfortable in their routines as I’ve dissented in peaceful but committed disorder.
Those are the American traditions of Thomas Paine, David Thoreau, Rosa Parks


And they were despised by most in their time.

Patrick Gaspard@patrickgaspard:

Simone Filippini @SimoneFilippini:

Positive disruption is an integral part of a living democracy

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