Kansas Cruelty by Gov Laura Kelly: No oil-free drinking water for you and your loved ones, and no compensation either! Jenna Krob: “And it’s just so disgusting that I’ve lived, we’ve lived this way as a family for this long, with still no solution.”

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Governor veto impacts assistance to Butler County family with oil-contaminated water by KWCH Staff, Apr. 26, 2024, KWCH

BUTLER COUNTY – It’s an update to a FactFinder investigation into crude oil found in a Butler County family’s water supply. We’ve reported on this story about contamination southwest of Augusta since last October. The state has said the oil was from historic drilling, which left Jenna Krob and her family with little to no help.

Kansas Rep. Kristey Williams, R-Augusta, heard the family’s pleas for help, but bringing in rural water wasn’t an option, at least not an immediate one. Williams helped to convince state budget negotiators to direct $500,000 from a state abandoned well remediation fund to compensate Krob’s family and others in Butler County impacted by the contamination. However, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly vetoed the line item, saying it was outside the scope of the program.

Krob said she’s frustrated with the veto and wants the governor to understand the living conditions her family is in.

“I have oil coming out of my pipes and in my toilet. I do not have a water source right now,” she said. “…It’s affecting us to the extreme and I’m ready to just walk away and get rid of it myself. And it’s just so disgusting that I’ve lived, we’ve lived this way as a family for this long, with still no solution.”

Krob said receiving the compensation would’ve helped her family to pay off their mortgage as they planned to downsize their home into a rental in the meantime. But after the veto, that’s not an option.

Krob said she’s still holding out hope that she and Rep. Williams can find a solution moving forward.

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Here’s my contaminated well water in the toilet bowl, photo taken before I knew Encana had illegally frac’d directly into the aquifers that supply my well and those that supply the Hamlet of Rosebud.

Super gross.

I also have not yet rec’d any assistance to replace my frac’d water supply, other than me paying monthly for pipelined water from Calgary (currently under severe water restrictions and drought, my well was a gusher, unlimited supply of what used to be excellent water) 100 km away, and paying about $20,000 or more, to have a line directionally drilled under the river on my land and into my house.

Calgary adds industrial flouride that I do not want to put into my body or bathe in (I was poisoned by too much flouride the municipality added in Montreal’s drinking water when I growing up which mottled and damaged my teeth). Besides, my well, that I maintained, did not cost me any money other than a tiny bit of electricity to pump the water up into the house.

Also, in good conscience, I cannot hook up to a water pipeline paid for by Canadian taxpayers – they did not frac my water supply. Encana ought to be paying for the alternate water supply entirely. Worse, the pathetic industry-controlled and Encana-VP-led charter-violating goons at AER have not ordered Encana to repair the aquifers the company illegally frac’d; they have not charged or fined Encana.

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