MUST WATCH (you too AER/Encana/Ovintiv): Learn about radioactive frac waste (a public health crisis) with Justin Nobel, author of Petroleum-238: Big Oil’s Dangerous Secret and the Grassroots Fight to Stop It (available April 24, 2024)

Lunch & Learn with Justin Nobel 1:09:57 Min (includes q & a). March 26, 2024, Protect PT

Join us for a exclusive discussion on Justin Nobel’s new book: Petroleum-238: Big Oil’s Dangerous Secret and the Grassroots Fight to Stop It.

This groundbreaking new book will discuss an acclaimed science journalist’s extraordinary seven-year investigation into how the U.S. oil and gas industry has avoided environmental regulations and created a dangerous and radioactive public health crisis.

A few of Justin’s slides:


1904 Research paper by U of Toronto student, E. F. Burton: A Radioactive gas from crude petroleum. This gas turned out to be radon!


Petroleum-238: Big Oil’s Dangerous Secret and the Grassroots Fight to Stop It by Justin Nobel, Available for Pre-Order. This item will be available on April 24, 2024

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2024: Frac’ing is a health crisis! Releases radiation: as airborn particles; *radon into homes and water wells*; in brine/waste dumped on leases, roads, croplands, pastures; contaminating farms, communities, wildlife, livestock, families (frac’ing has been linked to leukemia and lymphoma in kids), workers, foods, landfills, trucks and rig equipment

2024: “Nobody really knows what you’re supposed to do”: Leaking, exploding abandoned wells wreak havoc in West Texas, The Texas Railroad Commission is tasked with plugging wells. But the state regulators say their scope is limited So why then are state “regulators” allowing this dangerous toxic practice?

2023: Texas Crane Co: 2022 blowout causing new ground fracture leaking toxic oil industry water “almost certainly flowing into the Permian’s three underlying fresh water aquifers.” Nothing can fix it (like nothing can fix Encana’s illegal frac’s of Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers). Criminalize frac’ing!

This is what injected oil field waste into leaking oilfield wells eventually does:

“From a well-control perspective, once the ground is fractured to the surface, and the flow is outside of the well bore, you cannot fix it.”

Why is this not front page news across frac’d provinces of Canada?

Texas Supreme Court rules in two months that energy regulator doesn’t have exclusive jurisdiction over McAllen’s radioactive contamination win against Sabine Oil & Gas Corp. (previously Forest Oil), Refuses to wipe out $22.7 million (US) arbitration award

Oil companies sued over man’s death allegedly tied to radioactive materials in drilling pipes

Rachel Maddow Show: illegal radioactive dump site found in remote North Dakota town, Noonan mayor angry over situation with radioactive filter socks

North Dakota frac’d Bakken radioactive oilfield waste spilling out of trailers parked on rural land near Watford City: When the filter socks are “that orange color, we know they’re hot”

2024: Join Dr. Larysa Dyrszka and Justin Nobel as they discuss threats and harms caused by “Big Oil’s Dangerous Secret” (worsened by frac’ing) and how the industry gets rid of its billions of tons of often toxic, radioactive waste: “It’s been spilled, spread, injected, dumped, and freely emitted across America” (in Canada too)

2023: Just Released! Videos for 2023 Shale & Public Health Conference (11th Annual) with hair-raising presentation by Justin Nobel, and analysis by David Hess. The oil, gas and frac industry is toxic, no matter how we look at it.

2023: Petroleum-238 by Justin Nobel. “Their strategy was to keep this quiet and not let anyone know what was going on. They’ve known for 110 years, but they haven’t done anything about it. It’s the secret of the century.” (Secrets are a judge’s best friend too.)

2023: Participate live with Justin Nobel and others on the oil and gas industry’s “Downstream Radioactivity: What on Earth is Coming out of the Pipes?” (Canada’s LNG is frac’d gas, it’s not natural)

2023: Pennsylvania: Press Briefing with workers injured at frac wastewater treatment plants, Sen Katie Muth and investigative journalist Joshua Pribanic

2023 (see also 2014): Dual Trucking, suspected radioactive Bakken frac waste dumper, does the hanky panky; Montana court sides with Admiral Insurance

2021: New York Senate Passes Hoylman Bill to Ban the Use of Fracking Byproducts as Highway De-Icing Agents

2021: Brilliant courageous Justin Nobel to PA DEP’s Bureau of Radiation Protection at “Policy Hearing on Closing Hazardous Waste Loopholes” about oil & gas companies “screwing their own workers.” Critical issue in frac fields, including in Canada, because of the massive volumes of radioactive waste generated (Radium 226 persists for 1,600 years)

2021: Presentation by Justin Nobel on frac waste and its “terrifying levels of radioactivity”

2021: Yet another dirty judge? Farley Toothman, who let serial oilfield wastewater dumper Robert Allan Shipman walk (98 criminal counts charged against Shipman and 77 charges against his company across six counties from 2003 to 2009), claims health issues could impede him from testifying at his misconduct trial.

2021: Alberta, Two Hills Co: Fire, explosion *and injuries* at Secure Energy (recently merged with notorious Newalta Tervita) crude oil tank farm. *Area residents evacuated.* How toxic is the oil? Was it frac’d with mystery chemicals, PFAS? Any H2S? Was radioactive waste stored in what exploded? Are taxpayers funding the emergency response, as usual? More than 35 firefighters, and RCMP and EMS attended.

2020: “Big Oil’s Dangerous Secret.” Rolling Stone Magazine Science Journalist Justin Nobel and City Senior Battalion Chief Sil Caggiano to Present Crucial Information on Harms of Radioactive Oil & Gas Waste

2020: America’s Radioactive Secret: Oil & gas wells produce nearly a trillion gallons of toxic waste a year in America. It could be making workers sick and contaminating communities (in Canada too). “Us bringing this stuff to the surface is like letting out the devil … It is just madness.”

2020: No one wants your frack salt! Antero Closes $300 Million Clearwater Facility to Re-evaluate Waste Water Processing

2019: Study: Oil Gas Industry Wastewater spread on roads to control dust & ice in at least 13 states, including Pennsylvania, poses threat to environment & human health; Ohio regulator tests on Aquasalina/Nature’s Own Source (made with frac waste, spread on roads, sold at Lowes and to cities for years) showed combined radium 226 & 228 exceeded USEPA Safe Drinking Water limits by average factor of 300

2019: Radioactive frac waste piling higher and higher; Groundwater used by families showing significant increases in radium. Montana regulator, DEQ, trying to increase radiation limit for frac waste up four times, four times more than allowed in any other state.

2019: Ohio: New study connects proximity of frac’ing to radon gas in homes. “The shorter the distance a home is from a fracking well, the higher the radon concentration.”

2018: Industry has numerous waste treatment facilities in Canada. I’ve driven by some (usually horrific mess), and stopped to “sniff” the polluted air (vile stench at all sites I’ve stopped by).

2016: Didsbury Hell: Do ordinary Albertans pay to repair oil & gas industry damages to public roads caused by hauling hundreds of thousands of tonnes of contaminated oilfield waste? Radioactive? Toxic with secret chemicals, carcinogens, heavy metals, BTEX? Hold your breath if you live nearby.

Didsbury’s proud pile of the oil and gas industry’s toxic, likely radioactive waste, aka “soil.” What are you and your loved ones breathing when the wind blows?

2016: Will waste water kill fracing? EPA bans disposal of frac waste water at public treatment plants. Injecting it causes seismicity, recycling it is costly, using it to irrigate and landspraying it contaminates food, dumping it into waterways kills fish, pits filled with it leak, breathing it in aerosols corrodes lungs. What will companies do with it?

2016: How stupid can humanity get, or was this greed driven? Steve Harper committed North America to Radioactive Hell? Deadly shipments to start by road of 23,000 litres of highly radioactive liquid waste from Ontario to South Carolina, 100 to 150 armed convoys hauling the waste for years 1,700 km through some of NA’s most populous areas

2016: UK fracking firm plans to dump likely radioactive frac waste into the sea, Ineos company emails reveal huge amounts of frac waste need to be dumped

2016: Meet Alberta’s Radioactive Frac’d Ranchers: Nielle and Howard Hawkwood. Timing is everything

Howard Hawkwood with one of his dead cows on his ranch NW of Calgary. What are Calgarians breathing when the wind blows?

Howard Hawkwood and Jessica Ernst at Hawkwoods ranch NW of Calgary

2016: CA Officials Want To Allow Oil Industry To Dump Toxic Waste Into Aquifers, Exempt Them From Federal Protection

2016: The Most Horrific Frac Deregulation Yet? US EPA preparing for “widespread” radioactive frac waste contamination of drinking water or because it’s already happened? EPA’s proposed “protective regulation” to allow dramatically higher levels of radioactivity in drinking water

2016: Alberta wildfires will leave toxic legacy, experts warn. What about the radioactive waste storage site near Ft McMurray?

The map below shows where the radioactive material is (was? did it burn up?) stored. How many other radioactive waste storage sites in Canada have burned up in wildfires? What are you and your kids breathing?

Below map by of Fort McMurray Wildfires as of May 5, 2016 (fires spread significantly thereafter):

Why is the radioactive waste storage site not included on oscaalberta’s map? Don’t officials want Albertans to know what toxic air we breath?

2015: Illegal Dumping of Fracking Wastewater May Be Linked to Radioactivity in PA Creek, Experts Say

2015: “It looks like fracking has unearthed an unbargained for and serious cancer risk in peoples’ homes.” John Hopkins study links radon levels in Pennsylvania homes to fracking: “These findings worry us”

2014: Santos CBM in NSW Australia contaminates aquifer with uranium at 20 times the safe drinking water levels; Regulator does not test for thorium, radon and radium! Thorium and radon are known to cause lung cancer.

2014: Toxic Insanity: DEP issued permit to Range Resources for experimenting, adding radioactive waste to aggregate for paving well pads and access roads

2014 (see also 2023): Dual Trucking suspected of dumping radioactive Bakken frac waste in Montana ordered to stop, but doesn’t, says waste will go to Canada

2014: Frack Waste Being Dumped Into Ocean Off California’s Coast

2014: OILFIELD WASTE MUST WATCH: Julie Weatherington-Rice, PhD Soil Science, Drilling Radioactive Waste Alert Public Forum

2013: BP, Chevron Accused Of Illegally Dumping Toxic Radioactive Drilling Waste Into Louisiana Water

2013: Nova Scotia: Colchester County Appeals Committee Unanimous Vote: Fracking waste water banned from Debert sewers, Atlantic Industrial Services wanted to dump 4.5 million litres of radioactive frac waste

2013: Pennsylvania regulator allows radioactive, toxic drilling waste dumped as fill in city

2013: Questions linger after Encana spreads toxic chemicals on northern Michigan roads

2013: Rural N.Y. Communities Use Fracking Waste to De-Ice Roads; Saying AquaSalina deicer “is” frac water instead of “contains” frac water leads to Duck Creek’s court win against Ohio women Just another frac’d fossil fool judge?

2013: Radon gas leaks in coalbed methane fields in Australia spark call for probe

2012: Triangle Petroleum fracking radioactive waste water cleanup target missed in Nova Scotia

2012: How Encana/Ovintiv gets rid of its waste at Rosebud, by dumping it on cropland:

What are you eating with your cereal and toast?

Industry’s dumped waste inevitably ends up in ground and surface water. What are you and your kids drinking?

And in unlined waste pits on prime agricultural lands near Rosebud which Encana/Ovintiv covered-up when full:

2012: Toxic Wastewater Dumped in Streets and Rivers at Night: Gas Profiteers Getting Away With Shocking Environmental Crimes, Allan Shipman was found guilty of illegally dumping millions of gallons of natural gas drilling wastewater. But he’s part of a much bigger problem In Canada, regulators don’t bother looking at industry’s radioactive and toxic waste dumping, while politicians coddle and diddle with the law violators.

2012: State wants jail sentence for Shipman’s illegal wastewater dumping

2011: Encana/Ovintiv spreading its waste on the same field as in 2012, photo above:

2011: Radon threats are grounds for precaution

2009: Canada’s National Energy Board: A Primer for Understanding Canadian Shale Gas – Energy Briefing Note

… Frac water often contains chemical additives to help carry the proppant and may become enriched in salts after being injected into shale formations. Therefore, frac water that is recovered during natural gas production must be either treated or disposed of in a safe manner. … Flow-back water is infrequently reused in other fracs because of the potential for corrosion or scaling, where the dissolved salts may precipitate out of the water and clog parts of the well or the formation.

Image by Barb Ryan of Fox Creek Alberta

2007: Over time, all oil and gas wells leak, more so when frac’d and refrac’d. Waste injection wells can be end of life oil and gas wells. How anti-life is that?

2006: New Brunswick: BJ Services radioactive frac blowout document (no longer available online, and I had not saved copies in time)

2006: Davidson, SK: The frac industry lied to farmers to get them to accept toxic waste spread on their fields by telling them it was free free fertilizer; companies did/do this in BC, AB and MB too, and likely elsewhere. Not one oil and gas company CEO has been charged or fined or tossed in prison. Only the harmed poisoned by frac’ers are punished in Canada, never those breaking the law and doing the poisoning.

2003: “Landspraying” – A lovely way to say cover Alberta, NEBC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in radioactive frac waste. Alberta Landspraying While Drilling (LWD) Review Much of these infractions were caused by … you guessed it … Encana.

… The review of LWD file paper trail and of field inspection reports from the Medicine Hat office highlighted a number of major issues including LWD projects being applied outside of the approved area, no final field report, field plans of poor quality, heavy loading rates of LWD materials and siting problems.

The survey of LWD sites within CFB Suffield highlighted concerns with the poor distribution of LWD residual solids; associated smothering impacts to grassland vegetation where there were skins and mudpacks of LWD materials; mechanical impacts like rutting; and siting problems such as application on sand dunes, watercourses, wetlands and steep slopes. …

This is having a negative impact on native range. …

Visible impacts to vegetation were correlated with areas where spread materials persisted…and were observed on 71% of sites. …

Mudpacks from poorly conducted land spray operations kill native prairie and take years to ameliorate. Problem land sprays have been left with inadequate clean up. How the hell does one clean this up?

Mapping has been non-existent or completely inaccurate with examples of company maps with incorrect GPS coordinates and sites that have received double spray applications over the same land base.

Water resources are increasingly scarce in southern Alberta and the energy sector is under growing scutiny to conserve water at all phases of production. …

We cannot ignore that one of the integrated uses on Public Land is food production. …

Direct and indirect effects of spraying on wildlife and wildlife habitat. For example, spraying on native prairie can affect the nests, dens and burrows of several species including burrowing owls, long-billed curlew, marbled godwit, numerous species of passerines, waterfowl, and small mammals. There may be implications under the Wildlife Act as the house, nest of den of endangered species (e.g., burrowing owl) are protected throughout Alberta and throughout the year (“shall not willfully molest, disturb or destroy”). …

The AEUB [now AER] had conducted drilling waste audits on 51 LWD sites throughout the Province. The information (paper) audit consisted of a review of information supplied from companies on disposals conducted between 2001 and 2003.  Of the 51 audits, eight passed….

Discussion and Summary

… The most common problem was that of LWD projects being applied outside of the approved area. … Finally, siting problems were common to both review components with LWD materials being applied through watercourses, on high wildlife habitat like sagebrush cover and on fragile sand dune sites. … The file review and field observations revealed that on a high percentage of sites, LWD is not being conducted according to the guidelines and is having a negative impact on native range.

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