Frac’ing is a health crisis! Releases radiation: as airborn particles; *radon into homes and water wells*; in brine/waste dumped on leases, roads, croplands, pastures; contaminating farms, communities, wildlife, livestock, families (frac’ing has been linked to leukemia and lymphoma in kids), workers, foods, landfills, trucks and rig equipment

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Unacceptable! We do not consent to these radioactive exposures.

In the #fracking science Compendium with @PSRenvironment, we find evidence of multiple routes of #radioactive exposures to workers & communities around oil and gas operations.


@SEHNetwork Feb 15, 2023:

Studies consistently show that #FrackingWaste imperils communities that serve as its dumping grounds.

The disposal of fracking waste is a problem without a solution!

#WaterContamination #Earthquakes #Radioactivity


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Dr. Sandra Steingraber @ssteingraber1 Nov 23, 2024:

Fracking science compendium 9th ed, finding # 3:


Refer also to:

2011: How Encana/Ovintiv dumped its waste in my community (it was an incredibly windy day, the waste was visible blowing in the wind towards Rosebud Hamlet as residents were leaving church):

2012: Alberta, 1280 liquid releases in that year alone, 8 impacting flowing water; 49 impacting wetlands

Image by Barb Ryan, Fox Creek Alberta Frac Central

2012: Encana/Ovintiv dumping its waste on the same cropland as above:

2012: Encana’s unlined waste pits at Rosebud (farmers told me they allowed the company to build and fill other similar waste pits on croplands around Rosebud, for a few dollars rent, leaving a deadly covered-up mess behind, of course grossly enhancing profits because hauling that waste away appropriately would be tremendously expensive):

2013: Talisman frackwater pit in NE BC leaked into groundwater for months, kept from public; Are Talisman, the energy regulator and BC government lying when they claim groundwater never contaminated by fracking in BC?

No wonder groundwater contaminator Talisman propagandized with Talisman Terry the Frackosaurus: Colbert Report on Talisman Energy’s Talisman Terry the Frackosaurus Colouring Book, special propaganda for children

2014: Waste and pipe-yard neighbouring Daunheimer’s home (with two kids):

2015: “It looks like fracking has unearthed an unbargained for and serious cancer risk in peoples’ homes.” John Hopkins study links radon levels in Pennsylvania homes to fracking: “These findings worry us

2015: Fracking Increases Radon Gas Hazard, US Study Finds, Levels of the carcinogenic gas rising in Pennsylvanian homes near industry sites.

The study looked at radon levels in more than 700,000 structures between 2004 and 2013.

2016: Oilfield waste piled high and blowin’ far and wide in windy Disbury, Alberta:

2017: NE BC Fracking May Be Exposing Pregnant Women to Carcinogen, Study Says; Researchers found markers suggested benzene levels 3.5 times normal levels

From the 2023 released 9th Frac harm compendium:

“Among the more than 200 airborne chemical contaminants detected near drilling and fracking operations is the proven carcinogen benzene… released at every stage of the extraction and delivery process” from wellheads to compressor stations and the gas stoves inside our kitchens.

NW of Calgary, Frac’ers dumping their reeking toxic waste on public roads where kids ride their bikes and residents walk:

2019: Ohio: New study connects proximity of frac’ing to radon gas in homes. “The shorter the distance a home is from a fracking well, the higher the radon concentration.”

2020: New 8-Year Study: “Significantly increased odds of hospitalization among heart failure subjects in relation to increasing” frac’ing activity near them; 12,000 patients analyzed. Lead author, Tara McAlexander: “These activities — unconventional natural gas development and fracking specifically — are having negative impacts on the health of populations living nearby,” thinks frac’ing needs to be banned. “We know enough to know that we shouldn’t be doing this”

2021: U of Calgary study: Radon levels in new Canadian homes now 467% higher than in homes in Sweden; 2015 John Hopkins study links radon to frac’ing: “It looks like fracking has unearthed an unbargained for and serious cancer risk in peoples’ homes.”

2021: Brilliant courageous Justin Nobel to PA DEP’s Bureau of Radiation Protection at “Policy Hearing on Closing Hazardous Waste Loopholes” about oil & gas companies “screwing their own workers.” Critical issue in frac fields, including in Canada, because of the massive volumes of radioactive waste generated (Radium 226 persists for 1,600 years)

2023: Just Released! Videos for 2023 Shale & Public Health Conference (11th Annual) with hair-raising presentation by Justin Nobel, and analysis by David Hess. The oil, gas and frac industry is toxic, no matter how we look at it.

2023: Petroleum-238 by Justin Nobel. “Their strategy was to keep this quiet and not let anyone know what was going on. They’ve known for 110 years, but they haven’t done anything about it. It’s the secret of the century.” (Secrets are a judge’s best friend too.)

March 6, 2024: Join Dr. Larysa Dyrszka and Justin Nobel as they discuss threats and harms caused by “Big Oil’s Dangerous Secret” (worsened by frac’ing) and how the industry gets rid of its billions of tons of often toxic, radioactive waste: “It’s been spilled, spread, injected, dumped, and freely emitted across America” (in Canada too)

Presentation by Justin Nobel on frac waste and its “terrifying levels of radioactivity”

2024 04 24: Justin Nobel’s Petroleum-238: Big Oil’s Dangerous Secret will be published

(Book cover design by Sabrina Bedford, cover photo by Julie Dermansky)

Petroleum-238: Big Oil’s Dangerous Secret and the Grassroots Fight to Stop It will be published April 24, 2024. Pre-order the book now, and ask your local bookstore to order copies of Petroleum238 to ensure it’s on their shelves come spring.





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