New York Senate Passes Hoylman Bill to Ban the Use of Fracking Byproducts as Highway De-Icing Agents

“What will they do with all the frac waste?” people asked Ernst on her speaking tours.”They will make us eat and drink it,” Ernst replied. (And later we find out: drive, walk, run, bike on it)

NY Senate Passes Hoylman Bill to Ban the Use of Fracking Byproducts as Highway De-Icing Agents by Brad Hoylman, March 25, 2021, The New York State Senate

Hydrofracking operations generate a variety of waste fluids, which are used by some communities to de-ice roads in winter (due to its high salt content) and suppress dust in other seasons.

However, wastewater from hydrofracking contains a variety of chemical contaminants, and some wastewater contains levels of contaminants that pose human health risks. In addition, studies from Pennsylvania have shown that hydrofracking wastewater can exhibit high levels of radioactivity that pose a serious risk to human health. Wastewater spread on roads can expose workers and the public to unsafe levels of radioactivity, and chemical contaminants in the waste-water can be washed into and pollute streams and rivers and migrate into groundwater.

In 2017, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) issued revised regulations banning the use of waste from high-volume fracking on roadways, but continuing to  allow road spreading of other liquids from oil and gas drilling operations. Fifteen counties in New York have already banned the use of this waste on roads, and this legislation would prohibit their use in the entire state, along with codifying DEC’s 2017 prohibition on fracking waste.

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