Prof Eliot Jacobson: “F&%king ‘Earth Day'” and North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly

Comment by a fellow Canadian: “Fuuuuuuuuuck! The dolphin die-off numbers alone are terrifying.”

MUST WATCH first: Massive Marine Ecosystem Crash Along Galicia’s Coast Due To Prolonged Atlantic Heatwave #climate 18:52 Min. by Nick Breeze ClimateGenn, april 23, 2024

David Attenborough:

The human race is fucked. The sooner mother nature fucks us off, the better.

To April 24:

To April 23:

Denis Daly@DenisDaly:

that was a great idea. Looks stark now, which it is.


Ironically, it might make real life impossible.

narcissist chronicles@narcissistchro1:

I was thinking that this morning – that the only way 2024 looks ‘bad but not too bad’ is if 2023 is there to compare against. This is exactly how bad it is – yikes

Robert Fontaine@RobertDFontaine:

Storms will be very big.

Rhys Williams@RhysWil78384625:

Very unnerving… Plenty of chaotic weather to come and certainly, I cannot see any cooling anytime soon.

Michele Tuer@MTuer36:

This graph really creeps me out. Really is shocking to look at when you remove 2023.


This is both telling and chilling.


Life isn’t going to be real here much longer.


The AMOC is … switching off soon?


Ross McKenzie@rossmckenzieAG:

For Soil Conservation Wk- About 3.1 million houses will be built across Canada over the next 6 yrs. Many cities are surrounded by prime agricultural land. The downside of growth is loss of very productive farm land. Somehow- conserving agricultural lands needs longterm priority.

Humans refuse to even prioritize safe non toxic, non explosive drinking water and air. Even rich humans, like Trump, eat junk loaded with toxic chemicals and don’t give a shit, as they grow ever more stupid and contaminated. Humans refuse(d) to protect themselves, their kids and others in their families/communities, not even health care providers and teachers, from a brain destroying virus, the major harms of which humanity is yet to experience. Soils? Pffffft. Most humans won’t and don’t give a shit. And for too many, the priority is being able to wave Nazi and other hate and or white supremacist flags, scream their love for oil and gas that’s destroying life on earth and “Fuck Trudeau” and cream Pierre Picklehead’s jeans for him, screaming “Axe the Tax” (which if they succeed doing, will result in most of them losing money while the rich like Picklehead and Harper and Smith and Moe and Ford gain money) as earth’s livability vanishes, poof, just like that.

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