Oil companies sued over man’s death allegedly tied to radioactive materials in drilling pipes

Oil companies sued over man’s death allegedly tied to radioactive materials in drilling pipes by Kyle Barnett, March 9, 2015, Louisiana Record
The family of a former worker at an oil drilling pipe cleaning yard is suing several oil companies claiming his exposure to radioactive materials resulted in his death years later from lung cancer.

Bolton Domangue, Jeannie Domangue  Callais and Connoie Domangue Thibodeaux filed suit against ExxonMobil Corporation, ExxonMobil Oil Corporation, Chevron USA Inc., Devon Energy Production Company LP, ConocoPhillips Company, BP Products North America Inc., BP America Production Company, Shell Oil Company, BEPCO LP, Marathon Oil Company, OFS Inc. and Patterson Truck Line Inc. in the 24th Judicial District Court on Jan. 12.

The plaintiffs claim that during the years 1967 to 1973, 1975, 1981 and 1982 Augustine Domangue worked at Shield Coat Inc. during which time he was allegedly exposed to pipes that contained oilfield generated radioactivity (OGR). The survivors of Domangue claim that the OGR materials were pulverized in the process of cleaning the pipes and turned into dust that Domangue inhaled and ingested that later led to his contraction of lung cancer from which he ultimately died.

The defendants are accused of knowing the danger presented by the radioactive materials, failing to warn, failing to properly supervise, failing to test the pipe for radioactivity, failing to label the pipes with warnings of radioactive materials, carelessness, negligence and using defective production equipment.

An unspecified amount in damages is sought for wrongful death, survival damages, pain and suffering, loss of income, loss of companionship, loss of support, loss of wages and funeral expenses.

The plaintiffs are represented by Jeremiah A. Sprague of the Marrero-based Falcon Law Firm. The case has been assigned to Division E Judge John J. Molaison Jr. Case no. 745-736. [Emphasis added]

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