Presentation by Justin Nobel on frac waste and its “terrifying levels of radioactivity”

Radioactivity in Fracking! Too Hot to Handle by Delaware Riverkepper, Aug 19, 2021

Award-winning journalist, celebrated author and knowledgeable environmental scientist Justin Nobel, discusses his research into the terrifying levels of radioactivity being produced by fracking for oil and gas.

Air date: 2021-08-18

This webinar is part of the Delaware River Frack Ban Coalition’s Summer Webinar Series: The Case for a Full Frack Ban in the Watershed

Justin starts at 10:35 Min.

Refer also to:

2016: The Most Horrific Frac Deregulation Yet? US EPA preparing for “widespread” radioactive frac waste contamination of drinking water or because it’s already happened? EPA’s proposed “protective regulation” to allow dramatically higher levels of radioactivity in drinking water

2016: US EPA Takes Frac Deregulation to the Extreme: California and EPA Poised to Increase Oil and Gas Waste Injection into Protected Aquifers, Even as Need for Safe Groundwater Grows

2016: In Canada too: Near zero royalites, “new” subsidies, massive deregulation, massively excessive regulator staff pay notably in propaganda departments (bribery?), government enabling contamination cover-ups and industry wants more? Oil and gas drillers welcome new incentives, but whine, Notley gives in within hours

2019: Study: Oil Gas Industry Wastewater spread on roads to control dust & ice in at least 13 states, including Pennsylvania, poses threat to environment & human health; Ohio regulator tests on Aquasalina/Nature’s Own Source (made with frac waste, spread on roads, sold at Lowes and to cities for years) showed combined radium 226 & 228 exceeded USEPA Safe Drinking Water limits by average factor of 300

2021: Rystad Energy on Oil & Gas Industry’s Dark Monster: Waste water increasing number of felt earthquakes & sinister deregulation allowing industry’s toxic waste to be dumped for “beneficial” use. Fancy some cancer with your celery?

2021: New study: Effects of frac’ing on nearby surface water, not just groundwater, may be worse than previously thought; causing increased salts, including chloride, barium and strontium, altering composition. Researchers identified “robust association between new wells and water quality changes, triggering public health concerns.”

2021: Ohio: More radioactive frac waste. More deregulation and lies by regulator?

2021: New Penn State Study Shows Road Dumping Oil & Gas Drilling Wastewater Has Little Dust Suppression Benefit, Contains Pollutants Harmful To Human Health, Agriculture, Aquatic Life

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