Irving Oilboy (for 33 years) Premier Blaine Higgs: Frac’ing is a better climate plan than carbon pricing. CAPE New Brunswick calls for permanent frac ban. Dr. Margaret McGregor: “Fracking introduces carcinogenic, mutagenic, and endocrine-disrupting chemicals into the local environment—and that has serious health repercussions.”

Dear Premier Higgs:

Read Andrew Nikiforuk’s Slick Water to learn all the poisonous polluting details about why frac’ing is not a better plan than carbon pricing.

Yours Truly,

Jessica Ernst

2010: Schlumberger Chair and CEO Andrew Gould on frac’ing:

“We’re doing it by brute force and ignorance.”

Above two photos of frac’s in Alberta by FrackingCanada

Encana’s waste (radioactive?) dumped near my house, Rosebud Alberta

The human health effects of unconventional oil and gas development (UOGD): A scoping review of epidemiologic studies by Amira M Aker Michael FriesenLisa A RonaldMary M Doyle-WatersTim J TakaroWillow ThicksonKaren LevinUlrike MeyerElyse Caron-Beaudoin, and Margaret J McGregor, Mar 8, 2024 Online ahead of print, Can J Public Health

Abstract in French


Unconventional oil and gas development (UOGD, sometimes termed “fracking” or “hydraulic fracturing”) is an industrial process to extract methane gas and/or oil deposits. Many chemicals used in UOGD have known adverse human health effects. Canada is a major producer of UOGD-derived gas with wells frequently located in and around rural and Indigenous communities. Our objective was to conduct a scoping review to identify the extent of research evidence assessing UOGD exposure-related health impacts, with an additional focus on Canadian studies.


We identified 52 studies from nine jurisdictions. Only two were set in Canada. A majority (n = 27) used retrospective cohort and case-control designs. Almost half (n = 24) focused on birth outcomes, with a majority (n = 22) reporting one or more significant adverse associations of UOGD exposure with: low birthweight; small for gestational age; preterm birth; and one or more birth defects. Other studies identified adverse impacts including asthma (n = 7), respiratory (n = 13), cardiovascular (n = 6), childhood acute lymphocytic leukemia (n = 2), and all-cause mortality (n = 4).


There is a growing body of research, across different jurisdictions, reporting associations of UOGD with adverse health outcomes. Despite the rapid growth of UOGD, which is often located in remote, rural, and Indigenous communities, Canadian research on its effects on human health is remarkably sparse. There is a pressing need for additional evidence.No, I beg to differ. There have now been nine frac compendiums (more below) published showing nearly 2500 reports/studies showing clear evidence of health and other frac harms. More study is not needed, what is needed is to criminalize frac’ing globally.

My water hauling tank. Yes, most unpleasant to haul water in winter in Alberta and yes, I still do not have safe water for my home. No regulator has yet charged Encana for breaking the law, and no authority has ordered the rogue company to repair the aquifers the company illegally intentionally repeatedly frac’d in 2004. Frac’ing is such a stupid brute force highly inefficient technology, they frac you again and again and again and again.

My well water (which burned skin and eyes when used for bathing) igniting after Encana illegally frac’ the aquifers that supply my well.

New Brunswick physicians call for permanent ban on fracking due to unacceptable health risks by CAPE NB, May 9, 2024

Moncton | Traditional, Unceded Territory of the Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) and Mi’kmaq Peoples

A group of physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals in New Brunswick is sounding the alarm on the health risks associated with shale gas production using the extraction process known as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” and calling for a permanent ban on the practice.

This comes after recent comments by the New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs promoting shale gas development as a better climate plan than carbon pricingBullshit! Don’t feed us industry propaganda. We know better. Frac’d gas is not only toxic to health, causes earthquakes, contaminates surface, ground and well water, it’s terribly polluting and damaging to the atmosphere, communities and cropsand suggesting the current moratorium on fracking could be overturned. 

A new medical study published in March in the Canadian Journal of Public Health reviewed 50 studies that examined the health effects of fracking activity on people living in nearby communities. The report confirms the growing medical evidence that fracking can lead to serious adverse health outcomes, including birth defects, low birthweight, childhood cancers, asthma, heart disease, and a higher risk of mortality.

“We knew more than a decade ago that there were potential health risks associated with fracking for shale gas,” says Dr. Turcotte. “But now we have the data, and it’s very troubling.” 

De-Ann Sheppard, a nurse and Atlantic regional representative for the Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment, says it’s not fair to unsuspecting communities or to the overworked nurses and physicians who provide medical care. “We’re not going to fix healthcare if we supercharge the environmental health hazards that lead to cancer, heart disease, and congenital birth defects,” says Sheppard. 

The groups have sent a letter to Premier Higgs and all New Brunswick MLAs presenting the latest findings on the health impacts of fracking and calling on the government to legislate a permanent ban on the practice. 

Additional quotes

“Fracking’s health effects have been flying under the radar for years, and the industry is expanding at a frenetic pace. We need to put the brakes on and talk about the toll this is taking on public health.”

— Dr. Tim Takaro, physician-scientist trained in occupational and environmental medicine, public health and toxicology, and co-author of The human health effects of unconventional oil and gas development (UOGD): A scoping review of epidemiologic studies, Canadian Journal of Public Health, March 2024

— Dr. Margaret McGregor, family physician, health policy researcher, and co-author of The human health effects of unconventional oil and gas development (UOGD): A scoping review of epidemiologic studies, Canadian Journal of Public Health, March 2024

— Dr. Maya R. Kalogirou, PhD, RN, President of the Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment

“The health of our air and the health of New Brunswickers relies on transitioning away from fossil fuels. NB Lung urges our government to put an end to contemplation of this sector in our province.”

— Melanie Langille, M.Env.Sc., President and CEO, NB Lung Association

– 30 – 

Link to the open letter

For additional information or assistance, contact:

Reykia Fick, Communications Director, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) 647-762-9168, email hidden; JavaScript is required

Entire province of New Brunswick buried with Arthur Irving to accompany him in afterlife by Tristan Bradley, May 14, 2024, The Beaverton

SAINT JOHN, NB – Following an elaborate series of funeral rites, employees of J.D. ’s funerary services division have completed the entombment of ’s residents and land into the crypt of , so that they may accompany him in the afterlife.

“And now it is done,” said the priest, sealing the granite slab doors of the pyramid now containing the body of Arthur Irving and the entirety of the country’s least favourite maritime province.

With all of New Brunswick’s 776,827 residents and 72,908 square kilometres of territory now sealed up inside the elaborate structure, all that is left is a giant hole stretching between and , “exactly as Arthur would’ve wanted it.”

A spokesman for J.D. Irving Co. assured reporters that in addition to all of New Brunswick, Arthur Irving was buried with everything else he needed to avoid eternal chaos in the underworld. This included: all the materials needed to build a pipeline, and, sealed into the chamber next to his own, his closest, most highly valued relations: 500 Bermudan tax lawyers.

Additionally, the spokesman explained, a series of elaborate traps will prevent grave robbers from making off with the private jets and government cash stored within.

The absence of New Brunswick, along with the giant pyramid visible in most parts of Maine, Quebec, and Nova Scotia, has been noticed by those in the rest of Canada.“

Things were a little confusing at first, before we eventually noticed that New Brunswick wasn’t there anymore,” admitted Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs “But I suspect we’ll manage just fine without it.”

At press time, Arthur Irving’s death had Galen Weston wistfully thinking of the day where, on floating out onto a lake atop a massive funeral pyre, he would be set alight along with the entire province of .

Refer also to:

2024: Rest in Peace Dr. Eilish Cleary. Thank you for warning us of the dangers of glyphosate and frac’ing when you were New Brunswick’s chief medical officer of health. It remains unforgivable the gov’t tried to silence you, and trashed you for telling the truth.

2023: Frac Compendium 9: From 65 studies to “an avalanche” of nearly 2,500 showing evidence of harm from frac’ing. Dr. Sandra Steingraber: “Fracking resembles lead paint or indoor smoking — no rules or regulations can make these practices safe.”

2023: New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs: Old, white, Irving Oilman (for 33 years), anti-First Nations, anti-water, anti-community, anti-health, anti-environment, anti-rule of law, anti-truth frac pimp. Dolly Parton: “Greedy politicians present and past. They wouldn’t know the truth if it bit ’em in the ass.”

2023: New Brunswick Premier Higgs pisses on UNDRIP, bullies/threatens First Nations trying to coerce them to let their territories and unceded lands be frac’d; sings about gas riches like any old conniving oilman. Stand firm, say “NO!” If Cities of Calgary and Lethbridge in Alberta can keep frac’ers out, First Nations in NB can too.

2023: Frac noise hurts; frac noise harms health

2022: New Brunswick: The only fracking going on is in Premier Higg’s head.

2020: Terrorism by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) against Land & Water Protectors in 2013 in New Brunswick, in 2020 in BC, and at Ernst’s home in Alberta in 2009. “The people who filed the complaint in 2013 have yet to see the report…a seven-year delay in justice is unacceptable.” Ridiculous delays, including by our courts, are common in No Rule of Law Canada.

2020: The anatomy of a protest: Marie-Hélène Eddie, Moncton sociologist, researches New Brunswick frac protests for thesis at University of Ottawa

2016: Hypocritical New Brunswick Paving the Way for Fracking to Resume? Will prohibit dumping frack waste in municipal systems and prohibit importing frack waste. Will it be legal to inject it putting communities at risk of being destroyed by earthquakes? And will it be legal to export frack waste?

2016: Corridor Resources pushing fracking on New Brunswick; Says will address some (not all?) conditions that must be met before gov’t lifts frac ban

2016: New Brunswick extends fracking ban indefinitely & The Environmental Advisory Committee, established by PEI govt to create new Water Act, recommends banning fracking

2016: Oil & gas industry angry and impatient to frac New Brunswick; How impatient and angry would industry be if they were the plaintiff in the Ernst vs Encana lawsuit, now in its ninth year?

2016: Industry lobby groups urge New Brunswick to lift frac moratorium. What for? To contaminate drinking water, divide and conquer communities, poison land, families and air while companies frac and go bankrupt and then demand that citizens finance their bad gambling debts?

2015: Frack Firing Fraud? New Brunswick’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Eilish Cleary, fired by provincial Liberal government to clear way for lifting frac moratorium

2015: New Brunswick voted today to prohibit fracking

2015: Did Harper and the oil and gas industry order RCMP/CSIS/Snipers to attack innocent mothers and grandmothers, and set aflame stripped police cars in New Brunswick to discredit all Canadians concerned about frac harms and lay a red carpet for Harper’s Bill C-51?

2014: Quebec’s Premier Declares Province-wide Shale Gas Ban after Environmental Review Board (BAPE) says Fracking Not Worth The Risk, “Too many negative consequences to the environment and society…risks to air and water quality…noise and light pollution”

2014: New Brunswick: Five conditions will need to be met before government lifts moratorium on all forms of fracking

2014: Calgary’s Windsor Energy files $105 Million lawsuit against New Brunswick government and former Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup for lost future profits

2014: New Brunswick: Craig Leonard defends shale gas advisory board appointment, Maurice Dusseault holds patents on fracking, raising questions of potential bias

2014: Louis LaPierre stripped of Order of Canada, Former head appointed to New Brunswick Energy Institute that promotes fracing misrepresented his academic credentials

2013: Dr. Maurice Dusseault, Public Advisor on Council Canadian Academies Frac Panel, Nova Scotia Frac Panel, New Brunswick Energy Institute (that promotes fracing) Filed Frac Patent in 2011; Frac Patent Issued in 2013

2013: Judge rejects Elsipogtog injunction application to stop SWN seismic testing for shale gas in New Brunswick

Compare: Canada’s Legal Billy Club: The court injunction; 76% filed against First Nations (FN) by corporations granted; 81% filed by FN against corporations and 82% filed by FN against gov’t denied. Study finds Indigenous rights sacrificed by courts using “public interest” to protect boom & bust resource economies. “Spoiler: it was the political economy of settler-colonial law all along.”

2013: 200 RCMP? Snipers descend on Mi’kmaq-led camp, children and Elders on site, Rexton, New Brunswick, Canada

2013: Dr. Eilish Cleary, New Brunswick Chief Medical Officer of Health, uncomfortable with shale gas blueprint, Health officer surprised policy document doesn’t include health as a key objective

2013: Port Elgin New Brunswick bans fracking within village limits to protect its clean water supply

2013: Shale gas is a boon for New Brunswick, Federal (Harper gov’t) Environment Minister Peter Kent says

2012: How Fracking Could Ruin New Brunswick

2012: New Brunswick chief health officer Dr. Cleary warns of ‘boomtown effect’ with shale gas

2012: Potential health risks cited in New Brunswick Chief Medical Officer of Health report on shale gas industry

2012: The New Brunswick government must address the “very serious concerns” that people have over fracing

2012: New Brunswick Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Cleary speaks out on shale gas report after government says it will be kept confidential

2012: Nova Scotia accepting fracking waste from New Brunswick

2012: New Brunswick Government Shale Gas Session, Dr. Angela LeGresley

2012: New Brunswick College of Family Physicians seek hydro-fracking moratorium

2011: Hydraulic fracturing would destroy Nova Scotia 

2011: Jessica Ernst at Memramcook with Florian Levesque New Brunswick

2011: WATCH: New Brunswick Newsmaker, Jessica Ernst

2011: Scientist [Jessica Ernst] in New Brunswick to tell fracking story

2011: Jessica Ernst Presentation at Upham New Brunswick

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