Episode 1- New Brunswick Government Shale Gas Session, Dr. Angela LeGresley

WATCH: Episode 1- New Brunswick Government Shale Gas Session, Dr. Angela LeGresley 7:09 Min. by CCNBActionTV, July 12, 2012
“I made it known that I was a physician…I made my health concerns known and stood up despite being very intimidated surrounded by oil and gas industry people and politicians.” … “If they have an abundance of peer-reviewed studies, health impact assessments, etc., all the kind of things that would reassure me, and I need more than regulations to reassure me, I need, as a physician I need more than that…if they have this kind of thing, they should be giving it to me I think. They should be responding to my letters, they should be calling me.” … “I would just encourage them if they had that information to get a hold of me but, I know that most of the peer-reviewed information has only started in April 2011 and that’s why we need a lot more of it, we need more studies, and that’s why we cannot go forward right now. We need a moratorium. The Moncton City Hospital physicians have voted for a moratorium.” [Standing ovation] … “You probably already know that The [New Brunswick] College of Family Physicians have also voted for moratorium and I would be willing to say that there are going to be more physicians following this.” … “Try to get answers, I’m not sure how to get them to respond….” … “We need health impact assessments, not just environmental impact assessments, there is only one that I know of, and that was in Colorado.” … “I think the people have spoken.” … “It’s not just a few little wells, they need to frac a lot” … “I will sleep well at night, knowing that I spoke up.” [Standing ovation]

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