New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs: Old, white, Irving Oilman (for 33 years), anti-First Nations, anti-water, anti-community, anti-health, anti-environment, anti-rule of law, anti-truth frac pimp. Dolly Parton: “Greedy politicians present and past. They wouldn’t know the truth if it bit ’em in the ass.”

Liar, liar, the world’s on fire.

Whatcha gonna do when it all burns down?

First Nations chiefs blast Higgs over report he is prepared to frack without their consent, Premier quoted as saying, ‘We gotta get on with it’ by CBC News, May 12, 2023

Mi’kmaw and Wolastoqey communities in New Brunswick are slamming comments reportedly made by Premier Blaine Higgs indicating that he’s prepared to go ahead with fracking without their approval.

They say his recent comments “again show his complete disregard” for the rights of First Nations.

Higgs, who’s at an international hydrogen summit in the Netherlands, told an online business publication, allNewBrunswick, that the clock is ticking for the province to take advantage of willing partners in Europe for natural gas.

“We’ve gotta get on with it,” he said.

“I want First Nations to be part of this, but there comes a time when you’ve just gotta find a way to move on, if I can’t have any meaningful discussion to make it happen,” he was quoted as saying.Just another frac-captured belligerent asshole old white privileged caveman.

A joint statement from the chiefs of Mi’gmawe’l Tplu’taqnn Inc., which represents Mi’kmaw communities in New Brunswick, said the comments show the premier’s “disinterest to address any concerns that do not fit within his approach.”

“His sudden change of position, without any further dialogue with First Nations, also underlines why First Nations lack trust in the Higgs government,” the statement said.

There is no shortcut around a legal obligation to Indigenous consent.​​​

The Wolastoqey chiefs were also quick to respond, saying the premier has gone back on his word.

“The oil man cannot be trusted to keep his word or protect the interests of his own province over his own export ambitions,” said Chief Patricia Bernard of Matawaskiye (Madawaska) in northwestern New Brunswick.Rich corporate board seat and or the usual post-politico fat wallet law firm position and cash bonus promised?

“There is no shortcut around a legal obligation to Indigenous consent. Higgs needs to go back to his European vacation,” said Chief Allan Polchies Jr. of Sitansisk (St. Mary’s) in Fredericton.

Chief Tim Paul of Wotstak (Woodstock) said, “Our message to any country or company placing their energy hopes or plans in Blaine Higgs is simple: keep looking.

“This man has repeatedly gone back on his word and attempted to bend our own words against us. He is not a suitable partner for any sort of business.”

In a news release on Thursday, the chiefs of Mi’gmawe’l Tplu’taqnn Inc. said the premier wrote them a letter in January promising that natural gas development can only take place “with the support of First Nations and in the context of a business relationship with and involving First Nations.”

Comments ‘fly in the face’ of commitments: chiefs

The chiefs say the premier’s latest comments “fly in the face of his earlier commitments, as well as the recommendations of the Commission on Hydraulic Fracturing.”

Dolly Parton – World On Fire (Official Audio) May 11, 2023:

Liar, liar, the world’s on fire. Whatcha gonna do when it all burns down?

Greedy politicians present and past

Wouldn’t know the truth it if bit ’em in the ass.

… The chiefs said resource development “will not occur within Mi’gmaq territory without Mi’gmaq consent, which requires community support and a robust consultation and impact assessment process.”

To date, that has not happened, they said.Of course not. It never has, and never will. Frac’ers and their enablers know, without a doubt, that with robust consultation, including telling the truth to soon-to-be frac harmed communities, and appropriate, truthful impact assessments (environmental and socio-economic), frac’ing would never happen anywhere. That’s why jurisdictions, politicians, regulators, oil and gas companies, and frac’ers keep their frac projects secret and if secrecy fails, lie and bribe and divide to conquer as much as possible.

“As a result, there are no active discussions on natural gas development between the Government of New Brunswick and the communities MTI represents.”

The statement from the chiefs said the premier’s “sudden change of position, without any further dialogue with First Nations, also underlines why First Nations lack trust in the Higgs government.”

“This should be a concern for any investor and for all New Brunswickers.”

The province was asked to confirm whether there’s a plan to pursue a shale gas industry without the consent of First Nations, but a response was not provided by publication time.

In 2017, when a Texas company began testing the viability of such an industry in eastern New Brunswick, Indigenous people were among those who protested throughout the summer. First Nations said they had not been consulted in a meaningful way,

The company, SWN Resources, had said there was a 10 per cent chance of shale gas becoming feasible for the company and finished its exploration work that year.

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First PEI criminalized frac’ing to protect their water, now this! So positive, smart, easy, can be relocated, and benefits community instead of just the raping polluting rich

New Brunswick Premier Higgs pisses on UNDRIP, bullies/threatens First Nations trying to coerce them to let their territories and unceded lands be frac’d; sings about gas riches like any old conniving oilman. Stand firm, say “NO!” If Cities of Calgary and Lethbridge in Alberta can keep frac’ers out, First Nations in NB can too.

New Brunswick: The only fracking going on is in Premier Higg’s head.

Terrorism by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) against Land & Water Protectors in 2013 in New Brunswick, in 2020 in BC, and at Ernst’s home in Alberta in 2009. “The people who filed the complaint in 2013 have yet to see the report…a seven-year delay in justice is unacceptable.” Ridiculous delays, including by our courts, are common in No Rule of Law Canada.

New Brunswick PC Govt: Let the frac betrayals begin

Hypocritical New Brunswick Paving the Way for Fracking to Resume? Will prohibit dumping frack waste in municipal systems and prohibit importing frack waste. Will it be legal to inject it putting communities at risk of being destroyed by earthquakes? And will it be legal to export frack waste?

Corridor Resources pushing fracking on New Brunswick; Says will address some (not all?) conditions that must be met before gov’t lifts frac ban

2016: Oil & gas industry angry and impatient to frac New Brunswick; How impatient and angry would industry be if they were the plaintiff in the Ernst vs Encana lawsuit, now in its ninth year?

Industry lobby groups urge New Brunswick to lift frac moratorium. What for? To contaminate drinking water, divide and conquer communities, poison land, families and air while companies frac and go bankrupt and then demand that citizens finance their bad gambling debts?

2015: Fracing Rerun in New Brunswick Government. Why? Did Jason Kenny and Senior Alberta Government Advisor, frac patent holder Dr. Maurice Dusseault complain that citizens aren’t brainwashed yet like they are in Alberta?

2015: New Brunswick voted today to prohibit fracking

Did Harper and the oil and gas industry order RCMP/CSIS/Snipers to attack innocent mothers and grandmothers, and set aflame stripped police cars in New Brunswick to discredit all Canadians concerned about frac harms and lay a red carpet for Harper’s Bill C-51?

The frac-harmed and or concerned public are invariably labelled as terrorists to discredit their reasonable and valid opposition to being poisoned in their own homes and communities, and by their own drinking water, and to justify terrorizing and abusing them with anti-terrorist pro frac police/RCMP thugs as was done to me after my legal papers were served on illegal aquifer frac’er Encana/Ovintiv, AER and the Alberta Gov’t.

2014: New Brunswick: Craig Leonard defends shale gas advisory board appointment, Maurice Dusseault holds patents on fracking, raising questions of potential bias

New Brunswick Frac Panel Enabler Website did not disclose (of course not) Mr. Dusseault’s glaring conflict of interest: his frac patent.

None of the many other frac-enabling “independent” panels he was plunked on by frac-captured politicians disclosed it either, including for the Council of Canadian Academies. I have yet to see a frac panel in Canada that was not corrupt. Even US states chased Dusseault for their “independent” pro frac panels, with decisions made before panel members started their “reviews.”

Frac panels are intentionally set up to be frac circle jerks, infinitely spinning the concerned public and communities about to be frac’d and poisoned to exhaust and brutalize them into giving up. Much like our courts do to litigants harmed by oil and gas companies.

2014: MUST READ: Dr. Maurice Dusseault, Public Advisor on Council Canadian Academies Frac Panel, Nova Scotia Frac Panel, New Brunswick Energy Institute (that promotes fracing) Filed Frac Patent in 2011; Frac Patent Issued in 2013

…  “You can’t stop it from happening.”Tell that to wise and courageous PEI.

… The first chair of the NBEI, Louis LaPierre, resigned last year after the professor, a strong advocate of hydraulic fracturing, admitted that he had misrepresented his academic credentials.

… LaPierre opposed a moratorium on fracking and wrote a controversial study suggesting that the citizens of New Brunswick just needed more information on the industry to overcome their fears.

2014: Louis LaPierre stripped of Order of Canada, Former head appointed to New Brunswick Energy Institute that promotes fracing misrepresented his academic credentials

Pro frac circle jerker lies & corruption repeat endlessly on.

2013: SOME JUDGES ARE ETHICAL AND HONEST, AND GET IT: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Says It’s Unconstitutional For Gas Companies To Frack Wherever They Want; Act 13, Gas Industry Takeover Law thrown out by State’s Highest Court

“By any responsible account,” Chief Justice Castille wrote, “the exploitation of the Marcellus Shale Formation will produce a detrimental effect on the environment, on the people, their children, and the future generations, and potentially on the public purse, perhaps rivaling the environmental effects of coal extraction.”

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