Excellent quote on AER by Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Chief Allan Adam: “I would like the (regulator) to immediately cease what they’re doing…They’re not credible enough to do anything.”

While in power from 2015-2019, Alberta’s NDP had their chance to clean up AER and remove ex Encana VP Gerard Protti from his top position there. They did nothing but talk – a lot, and enable AER’s law violations and bullying/abuses against harmed Albertans. Worse, the NDP dramatically reduced royalties, increased deregulation, removed water protections, heavily subsidized frac’ing, and more to keep criminal Encana et al and China happy.

Even if the feds could replace our provincial regulator, DFO are as corrupt and untrustworthy as AER.

A few examples of NDP doing the hanky panky with AER and industry:

2017: Will Rachel Notley NDP gov’t file charges against Encana for illegally fracturing & contaminating Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers? And publicly expose all at AER, Alberta Health, Alberta Innovates & Alberta Environment who engaged in fraud covering-up Encana’s crimes? No. Of course not. Notley did nothing to help the frac harmed when she got into power, she only aided law-violating AER and illegal aquifer frac’er Encana and enabled frac’ers to cause more harm to Alberta’s families, farms, drinking water supplies and groundwater.

2017: Citizen in Dugald, Manitoba writes NDP Premier Rachel Notley on Supreme Court of Canada ruling Ernst can’t sue for her valid charter claim against AER: “Alberta eats its own.”

2017: Alberta issues 40 water shortage advisories while continuing to let frackers inject hundreds of millions of gallons fresh water losing much of it from hydrogeological cycle forever. Worse, Notley NDP Govt is subsidizing frac industry’s water abuses while making frac contaminated families live without safe water

2017: Alberta NDP defeated again (as they did in 2016) resolution calling for moratorium on fracking, even defeated a friendly amendment to do in-depth independent study of adverse effects. “Jobs” & corporate profits trump public health & water yet again. But in the oil patch, jobs are being left behind: “I don’t see a future.” … “Pretty soon every rig will have one worker and a robot.”

2017: “Unconscionable!” Diana Daunheimer on Rachel Notley’s NDP giving $50 Million from education taxes paid by Albertans to municipalities to cover oil & gas companies not paying their taxes (after years of massive profit taking)

2017: Alberta Pipelines: Here a spill, there a spill, everywhere a spill spill; NDP Energy Minister McQuaig-Boyd says pipeline network safe & fine

2016: Big Oil’s NDP-Tory Dream Team “Free Market” Plan: Give $billions in loan (interest free?) from Canadian taxpayers to negligent, law violating companies to clean up $billions in messes intentionally left behind (intentionally ignored by the “No Duty of Care” AER) after taking $billions in profits, while causing $billions in pollution more; A loan that’ll (intentionally) never be paid back

2016: Family begs Alberta NDP government for help & compensation, two years after fleeing farm poisoned by Baytex. Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) investigates explosion at shut-in Baytex wellsite, When will AER investigate Encana intentionally & illegally frac’ing Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers in 2004, when will Alberta government file criminal charges?

2016: Hanky Panky Profits Alberta-style? “We think it’s not only unfair to Albertans, it’s also unlawful.” Why then the NDP’s loud silence regarding Encana’s illegal aquifer frac’ing at Rosebud?

2016: NDP Desperation or Malfeasance? Alberta government to throw yet more public money away on high risk frac’ing, including to companies that break the law and contaminate drinking water

2016: Near zero royalites, “new” subsidies, massive deregulation, massively excessive regulator staff pay notably in propaganda departments (bribery?), government enabling contamination cover-ups and industry wants more? Oil and gas drillers welcome new incentives, but whine, NDP Notley gives in within hours

2016: NDP Royalty Fraud? 3rd most profitable industry in the world assembles crack team to ‘quietly’ seek more subsidies, loyal media cheers. Alberta’s Big Oil Bias: Billions in subsidies & lies for oil, gas, bitumen, frac’ing; $5 million for municipal solar, $0.5 million for farm solar, $0 for home solar, $0 for the many poisoned by oil & gas, $0 for families with frac health harms, 0$ for contaminated or lost water

2015: Encana joining Alberta NDP Energy Minister McCuaig-Boyd on her trip to China to talk money

The NDP government says the mission aims to encourage energy investment in Alberta and share environmental best practicesor, in other words, guidelines which are completely unenforceable and VOLUNTARYwith China’s largest oil and gas companies, which account for roughly 80 per cent of China’s refining capacity and more than $35 billion in investments in the province. …

2015: Alberta NDP premier Rachel Notley tells business leaders energy industry must clean up its act.But didn’t do a thing when industry leaders ignored her.

2015: Alberta NDP Energy Minister Marg McCuaig-Boyd says there’s no plan for broader review of safety of Alberta’s pipeline network. What will Fox Creek’s Mayor Ahn think of that?

2015: The Fraud Files: Alberta NDP govt says AER performing well, No plans for any improvements. Energy Minister Marg McCuaig-Boyd: “[AER] is working well. Industry likes it.”

2015: Alberta Energy Regulator faces changes under NDP as Notley wants to review its mandate NDP did nothing to clean up the AER. Why? Because industry liked(s) AER as it is, corrupt, dirty and law violating. AER is industry’s favourite rubber stamper, looker the other way, crime cover up agent and bully of harmed Albertans. AER serves polluters well.

2015: NDP Energy Minister Marg McCuaig-Boyd asked Alberta Energy Regulator to compile and present the government all of its information on hydraulic fracturingNothing came of this either except lots of puffing frac fumes.

2015: What will Alberta’s NDP government do about Encana’s law violations?They did nothing but enable Encana’s crimes. Notley’s first phone call after she won the 2015 election was call Encana’s CEO, liar extraordinaire Doug Suttles. She didn’t call any frac harmed Albertan and provide safe alternate water to the many with industry contaminated drinking water.

2015: Alberta’s NDP sticking with Alberta Energy Regulator’s legally immune, “No Duty of Care” Charter Violating oversight and approval system: “There is a process in place for companies to follow should they want to develop Alberta’s energy resources. I expect all companies to follow this process”

2015: Encana CEO Doug Suttles said Notley had called on her own initiative to discuss energy issues: “Let’s make sure we talk as you consider alternatives”Ya sure, and I believe in the Easter Bunny.

2012: Frack this, time to review, NDP calls for a deeper look at fracking in AlbertaBut, when the NDP won power in 2015, lies and broken promises and more frac’ing and less water protection is what we got.

2012: Fracking Review Sought By Alberta NDP Environment Critic Rachel Notley

2012: Fracking causes water worries for NDP, Wants review of extraction process

2012: NDP Environment Critic Calls For Independent Review Of Fracking

2012: NDP want scientific review of fracking


Opposition NDP, First Nation chief want public review of Alberta Energy Regulator, NDP, chief want public energy regulator review by Bob Weber, The Canadian Press, November 27, 2023, The Toronto Star

EDMONTON – Alberta’s New Democrat Opposition and a prominent First Nations leader are calling for a review of the province’s energy regulator to be held in public, with public input.

Opposition environment critic Jodi Calahoo Stonehouse says the current process, led by a longtime supporter of conservative parties in Alberta, is too secretive.

“Albertans deserve unbiased public oversight,” she said.

“This should be a public review, not a secretive review that the United Conservatives had their paid friend to conduct behind closed doors.”

A recently released document shows David Yager, a longtime oilpatch executive, journalist and conservative activist and fundraiser, is being paid $70,000 to review the Alberta Energy Regulator.

The disclosure reveals little about what Yager has been asked to review. It refers to a “review” of the regulator and gives an end date of February.How many extensions and more $millions will he beg and get?

Alberta’s energy ministry did not immediately provide a response.

Calahoo Stonehouse said that isn’t good enough.

“We need public oversight that isn’t biased,” she said.

She’s calling for a revamped regulator with new leadership, particularly in light of repeated releases dumps/spills of wastewater from oilsands operations.But AOK for Encana to illegally frac Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers, contaminating them and lying and bullying citizens to try to keep it quiet and AOK for AER and Alberta Environment to engage in fraud enabling Encana’s crimes, and for AER to violate my charter rights trying to terrify me silent. Alberta’s NDP had their chance, and blew into hell.

Allan Adam, chief of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation downstream from those spills/leaks releases, said his people have lost faith in the regulator.

“At every opportunity, the (regulator) has dismissed our concerns,” he said.

Adam said the agency is still investigating two releases illegal spills and or dumpsof wastewater from Imperial Oil’s Kearl oilsands plant that happened last spring. Meanwhile, another release spill earlier this month sent another 670,000 litres of water in the Muskeg River that had four times the amount of sediment in it that regulations allow.

“The federal government should step in and go with (the Department of Fisheries and Oceans) and regulate this whole regime and do it properly.”

I agree AER is a disgusting liar to judges and Parliamentary committees; vulgar pisser on the rule of law; bully of Indigenous and landowners harmed by industry, including violating my charter rights, judging me a criminal without a trial and no arrest, trying to terrify me silent (after I presented the regulator with evidence of Encana breaking the law); enables deadly polluters, lets them walk from clean up to the tune of over $300 billion and growing in liabilities, and much more. AER has to go, it had to go when it was ERCB, EUB before that, and ERCB before it was EUB. But, trouble is, DFO is just as corrupt and dirty a circle jerker as AER is, perhaps even more so.

AER Reform or Revolution? by Phillip Meintzer Nov 24, 2023

Refer also to:

2016: Alberta averages two crude oil spills a day for decades and all the AER can do is “urge” companies to improve detection of pipeline leaks? When is AER going to “urge” Encana to fix Rosebud’s frac’d aquifers?

2017: AER gets failing grade for efforts to acquire, report accurate scientific data! Alberta “guessing” when it comes to spill recovery. “AER failure to protect the environment.” AER “off the scale in terms of believability….” Researcher Dr. Kevin Timoney sums up his forensic investigation: “Persistent, pervasive danger to society and ecosystems.”

Unknown frac’ers intentional waste dumps on public roads NW of Calgary:

Encana’s intentional waste dump on foodlands at Rosebud:

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