Fracking causes water worries for NDP, Wants review of extraction process

Fracking causes water worries for NDP, Wants review of extraction process by James Wood, August 22, 2012, Calgary Herald
“We understand the economic interests behind extraction but at the same time, if we put our water supply at risk, at the end of the day there will be no net benefit,” … Mark Cooper, spokesman for Environment Minister Diana McQueen,….said the government does plan to talk with Albertans about the province’s water supply, reviewing issues such as its use in fracking. “We need to look at ways in which we can reduce the amount and perhaps look at ways where industry can use non-potable water,” said Cooper. However, he said the government does not see the need for a comprehensive review of hydraulic fracturing. “We have a very, very strong safety record. I don’t know of a fracking incident that resulted in any contamination to groundwater,” he added. Environment is taking part in the Energy Resources Conservation Board’s current review of regulations around fracking, he noted. ERCB spokesman Bob Curran said Tuesday the review is taking place in anticipation of greatly increased use of the procedure in the province. The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers issued voluntary guidelines around fracking for its members in January that encourage producers to use additives with the least environmental risks, protect groundwater, and disclose fracking fluid additives. “Hydraulic fracturing is a proven technology that is tightly regulated by government,” David Pryce, CAPP vice-president of operations, said in a statement. “However, we can always do better.” [Emphasis added]

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