Pennsylvania DEP Copies Colorado’s Frac Fuckery: Orders frac’ers to keep toxic chemicals secret before drilling, instead of after. In case you’re confused: “Proprietary” chemicals remain secret (like deliberations by Canadian judges and fracs in Canada).

20 years later, and half a million dollars wasted in my lawsuit, costs that courts ordered me to pay to defendant lawyers, and water testing, industry report purchasing, FOIPs and data accumulating, I still do not know what toxic chemicals Encana/Ovintiv illegally injected into Rosebud’s drinking water aquifiers, and which I bathed in and ingested for years, and breathed venting from my water taps. Even though Alberta rules of court disallow trade secrets. Pfffft. Secrets enable dirty judges and cops, rapists, pedophiles, frac’ers and charter-violating No Duty of Care regulators like AER.

DEP regulations now require well operators to prepare and develop a site-specific Preparedness, Prevention and Contingency (PPC) plan prior to storing, using, or generating regulated substances on a well site.

[It also provides trade secret and confidentiality protections: “Requests for confidentiality of this information will be handled in accordance with Department regulations.”

Frac Chemical News Ignores the Bigger Fracking Picture by theenergyage, Jan 26, 2024

REALITY: “Proprietary” frac chemicals remain secrets.

But what about the BIGGER picture?

DEP To Require Unconventional Shale Gas Operators to Disclose Chemicals Used in Drilling, Fracking Operations Earlier in the Well Drilling Process Thru PPC Emergency Plan Changes

By David E. Hess | PA Environment Digest | January 26, 2024

On January 26, the Department of Environmental Protection announced it is implementing new policies that will require unconventional shale gas operators to publicly disclose chemicals they use in drilling and hydraulic fracturing earlier in the well development process through changes to their site-specific Preparedness, Prevention and Contingency (PPC) Plans. 

Conventional oil and gas well operators are not covered by this new requirement even though they routinely frack their wells.

The announcement said, this “is a next step in the Shapiro Administration’s continuing work to address climate change and protect Pennsylvanians’ Constitutional right to clean air and pure water while maintaining our Commonwealth’s legacy as a national energy leader.” 

While producers often list frac chemicals as being a very small percentage of what goes downhole while fracking, the actual amounts of frac chemicals and acid that are used, still result in huge volumes. Many frac chemicals are endocrine disruptors, and their exact identity (CAS number needs to be listed: “Chemical Abstract Service Number“) often remains hidden due to a “Proprietary” classification (“trade secret and confidentiality protections”).

“As Attorney General and now as Governor, I have listened to chosen to hoodwink Pennsylvanians concerned about their health and safety – and I am delivering on the promise I made to frac’ers to protect toxic company secrets while befuddling the poisoned and harmed them to secure these protections,” said Gov. Josh Shapiro.


Frac chemicals are largely kept secret in Canada too (just like judges keeping their dirty doings and deliberations secret):

Refer also to:

2024: Thank you Miami Herald! Secrets aid the rich and evil; too many judges (including in Canada) enable secrets. First batch Epstein list naming ‘John Does’ released.

2024: How do we clean secret frac, drilling, servicing chemicals from our homes? New study says after wildfires we must clean our homes, contents, clothes and replace HEPA filters.

2023: Petroleum-238 by Justin Nobel. “Their strategy was to keep this quiet and not let anyone know what was going on. They’ve known for 110 years, but they haven’t done anything about it. It’s the secret of the century.” (Secrets are a judge’s best friend too.)

2023: Pennsylvania, Three years on: Frac’ing health study into Ewing sarcoma and other rare forms of cancer results in cover-up rug. Secrets are a toxic industry’s (and enabling court’s) best friend.

2023: New study: Increased transparency and public pressure around frac’ing lowers pollution levels; mandatory chemical disclosure lowers number of new wells drilled. Targeted transparency can influence corporate behavior, no kidding – that’s why regulators keep so many secrets and let industry keep secrets too.

2023: Texas: 58,199 wells frac’d (some by Encana/Ovintiv) in 9 years with 6.1 billion lbs “trade secret” chemicals, nearly 100,000 lbs PFAS (extremely toxic at low levels) “forever” chemicals and precursors. How much in Canada? Hint: No one is looking.

2022: CJ Richard Wagner wanting “more transparency” will not undo the Supreme Court of Canada’s secrets (would our judges hide their reasons for lying in rulings, defaming applicants, pissing on the rule of law, damaging the Charter … if they were clean?)

2022: Demented and creepy: Lawyer (accused of sex crimes against a child) Robert Regular’s lawyers tried to keep his identity secret to protect reputation of other lawyers. To do that, self regulators of lawyers (law societies) need to clean house and stop granting known convicted pedophiles licence to practice law.

2022: Canada’s Supreme Court claims it’s transparent and dedicated to enhancing access to justice but lies in rulings, defames applicants, keeps secrets, denies charter rights of Canadians, pisses on CJC’s time limit to release rulings, and is self-regulated.

2020: “Big Oil’s Dangerous Secret.” Rolling Stone Magazine Science Journalist Justin Nobel and City Senior Battalion Chief Sil Caggiano to Present Crucial Information on Harms of Radioactive Oil & Gas Waste

2019: ‘Black wall’ of Frac Secrets: UK Govt ‘release fracking report with 37 of 48 pages entirely blacked out by censor’s pen’ with only one page left unredacted, the front cover.

2019: Frac Hanky Panky hits the UK: Cabinet Office defies **court** order to release 2016 secret gov’t report on frac’ing industry – Like Encana still defying Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench 2014 order to release to Ernst all relevant documents to her lawsuit, most evilly withheld: all chemicals Encana secretly injected into Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers

2019: Secrets & lies by AER & Alberta govt to cover-up Encana’s secrets, lies & frac crimes; Supreme Court of Canada in the cover-up business too? Top Court signs pact to keep records of deliberations secret for at least 50 years; Reserves right to keep some secret forever

2017: To Honour the Fallen on Remembrance Day: Make public AER’s secret “D79 Abandoned Well Methane Toxicity Preliminary Assessment” & Appendix 2 by Alberta Health, Admitting “Acute-Life threatening” risks & “Neurological effects”

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