New study: Increased transparency and public pressure around frac’ing lowers pollution levels; mandatory chemical disclosure lowers number of new wells drilled. Targeted transparency can influence corporate behavior, no kidding – that’s why regulators keep so many secrets and let industry keep secrets too.

No wonder conservative/repuglican states and provinces have been so busy destroying education. Knowledge brings power to ordinary minds, which rapists (frac’ers, churches, and other industries) do not want us to have.

No wonder my lawyer Murray Klippenstein withheld my website from me for so long (even though I had paid for it in full) and ignored my correspondence trying to get it from him after he quit. Just another frac’er.

States with fracking disclosure rules have higher water quality: study by Zack Budryk, Feb 13, 2023, the Hill

Increasing transparency requirements around fracking activity and the specific fluids used in the process are associated with lower pollution levels from that activity, new research shows.

A recent study from the University of Chicago’s Energy Policy Institute examined water quality in watersheds where fracking occurred.

Specifically, researchers analyzed salt concentration, a common indicator for fracking impact due to its associated health and development hazards.

They found consistent improvement on this benchmark in cases where the state imposed disclosure rules. In states with transparency rules, salt concentration fell by up to 17.8 percent. In contrast, their research found no comparable decline for pollutants not specifically associated with the fracking process.

Meanwhile, researchers also found that in states with mandatory disclosure rules, fracking firms’ use of chloride-related chemicals declined, and about 5 percent fewer new wells were drilled. They further found that other mechanisms of public pressure were also associated with lower salt concentrations.

For example, the greatest drop occurred in areas with more local newspapers and local environmental nongovernment organizations, as well as states with higher rates of Google searches for hydraulic fracturing.

The research also indicated water quality is better in regions where more fracking wells are owned by publicly traded companies.

“Transparency in this context worked remarkably well, leading one to believe that disclosure mandates for other industries and for other causes—from reducing harmful chemicals in products to reducing carbon emissions—could also be successful, and even more so when it leads to the public imposing pressure on firms,” co-author Giovanna Michelon, a professor at the University of Bristol’s Cabot Institute for the Environment, said in a statement.

Researchers analyzed the impacts in 16 states: Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming.  

“This notion that targeted transparency can be used to influence corporate behavior has been around for a long, long time,” co-author Christian Leuz, the Charles F. Pohl distinguished service professor of accounting and finance at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, told The Hill. “But for the type of behavior where the impacts are much more widespread and not as easily visible or detectable, it wasn’t clear to us that targeted transparency was going to work.”

However, he said, the research suggests that “when public pressure was picking up on the transparency, as the analyses suggest when we look at things like Google Trends or media coverage, the pressure was essentially amplifying the effect of disclosure regulation, and that, in turn, seems to have been crucial for the impact of these disclosure mandates.”

A 2005 law bans the federal government from requiring disclosure of the composition of fracking fluids. So sick. Canada is just as sick with secrecy around toxic industries, notably frac’ers, oil and gas, and our judges.

However, 26 states issue disclosures through FracFocus, the Ground Water Protection Council’s national fracking chemical registry. 

Only California required disclosure of all chemicals with no exception for trade secrets, with Colorado set to implement the same requirement in 2023.Not true! Last minute amendment keeps frac’ers happy with ability to claim trade secrets

Refer also to:

Even the known frac harms are kept secret by our agencies paid to protect us, our environment and public health:

Documents show EPA health concerns on frac chemicals kept secret, approved for use by companies near families & communities anyways

To Honour the Fallen on Remembrance Day: Make public AER’s secret “D79 Abandoned Well Methane Toxicity Preliminary Assessment” & Appendix 2 by Alberta Health, Admitting “Acute-Life threatening” risks & “Neurological effects”

Alberta is a Fracking Black Hole for Information! Since 2006, Ernst has been trying to get disclosure of the chemicals Encana injected into her community’s drinking water aquifers and elsewhere, with zero success, not even for her lawsuit, Alberta Rules of Court do not allow trade secrets but no authority is compelling Encana to disclose the information

Firefighters: Increased disclosure needed for fracking emergencies: “Not requiring fracking companies to disclose trade secret chemicals to those we entrust with our safety, even during a disaster, is just plain irresponsible.”

To be frac’d with toxic wastes secretly dumped into the Gulf? Corridor Resources’ Gulf of St. Lawrence oil drilling proposal provokes anger, “We’re reeling, absolutely reeling”

Do your children drink secret oilpatch chemicals when they drink milk? Dairy farmers in New Zealand allow oilfield waste spread on their farms.

Chesapeake seeks to seal court documents from public, wants court to permanently seal more than 30 documents, saying they contain crucial trade secrets

Ravaging Your Family and Community 24 Hours a Day: Drilling waste truck accident dumps 5,000 gallons toxic secret brew into creek and community drinking water reservoir in Ohio at 3 AM

EPA Frac Investigation: Most Drillers Keep Chemicals Secret in Fracfocus; “One or more ingredients were claimed confidential in more than 70% of disclosures”

Documents show EPA health concerns on frac chemicals kept secret, approved for use by companies near families & communities anyways: Intentional Environmental Racism by Regulators? Against everyone living frac’d?

FracFocusFraud? New Study from journal Energy Policy: Industry increasingly using trade secrets to limit disclosure

“Keeping the names of the chemicals secret is preposterous” American Medical Association blasts frac chemical secrets, calls for full public disclosure and water monitoring

Texas: 58,199 wells frac’d (some by Encana/Ovintiv) in 9 years with 6.1 billion lbs “trade secret” chemicals, nearly 100,000 lbs PFAS (extremely toxic at low levels) “forever” chemicals and precursors. How much in Canada? Hint: No one is looking.Keep in mind, those billions of pounds of trade secrets used were in just one state. Pity the children growing up with so much toxicity accumulating in their veins.

Colorado oil and gas regulator “took the unprecedented step of ordering an operator to switch from the carcinogenic (Gibson D822) drilling mud to a synthetic (Neoflo 4633) mud.”Regulators have the power to regulate, but in my view of the last few decades, they choose not to and instead choose to engage in fraud to cover-up crimes by frac’ers and bully and shame the harmed to try to shut us up. In Canada, our judges join in their cruel abuses to try to silence those willing to sacrifice everything to expose the rotten criminals.

Canada’s National Pollutant Release Inventory [NPRI] Oil and Gas Sector Review; Chemicals injected and fugitive or venting emissions (e.g. deadly H2S) by oil and gas industry exempt from reporting

2022: Colorado: After thousands harmed, Bill introduced for an Act on Oversight of *All* (not just some frac) Chemicals Used in Oil & Gas Production (to also disallow trade secrets). Will the oil & gas industry and the rich (judges included) allow this to pass? Of course not! The bill was sneakily amended to allow trade secrets.

2022 05 11: Colorado fracking disclosure bill changed to allow trade secrets

…But, in an amendment backed by the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission, the state’s oil well regulator, fracking companies would still be able to guard formulations as proprietary trade secrets, as allowed under current law.

The combination of alphabetical disclosure but the preservation of trade secrets claims is a compromise that appeared likely to speed the bill to passage….


“If a manufacturer believes that any information that will be included on a chemical disclosure list is a trade secret, the manufacturer must file a trade secret claim with the commission. If the commission determines that the information covered by the trade secret claim constitutes a trade secret, the commission shall not include the information in any applicable chemical disclosure list.”

Delmont-based Penneco Environmental Solutions’ frac waste injection rears secretive toxic radioactive head. Dr. Ned Ketyer: “Fracking has a toxic and radioactive waste problem that has never been adequately addressed and solved.”

Remember Emergency Nurse Cathy Behr? Ohio, New Report: Widespread use of frac’ing and drilling chemicals risk water supplies and health. Companies injected undisclosed chemicals “10,992 times into 1,432 wells” enabled by the “law” that allows trade secrets, even from first responders.

Remember Emergency Nurse Cathy Behr? Ohio, New Report: Widespread use of frac’ing and drilling chemicals risk water supplies and health. Companies injected undisclosed chemicals “10,992 times into 1,432 wells” enabled by the “law” that allows trade secrets, even from first responders.

Caveman Canada, land of secrets, including kept by our regulators, govt’s and courts:

Environment Canada Keeping Nearly a Thousand Frac Chemicals Secret

Hydraulic Fracturing in Canada, Federal Environment Commissioner Scott Vaughan Reports Concerns, List of Fracking Substances in Canada Still Secret

Secrets & lies by AER & Alberta govt to cover-up Encana’s secrets, lies & frac crimes; Supreme Court of Canada in the cover-up business too? Top Court signs pact to keep records of deliberations secret for at least 50 years; Reserves right to keep some secret forever

US Department of Energy Advisory Board Task Force Report on FracFocus 2.0 concludes 84% of disclosures kept secrets

America’s Radioactive Secret: Oil & gas wells produce nearly a trillion gallons of toxic waste a year in America. It could be making workers sick and contaminating communities (in Canada too). “Us bringing this stuff to the surface is like letting out the devil … It is just madness.”

And worse: Fresh Frac Hell: Frac’ers dumped waste from wells with PFAS across Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia. Regulators refuse to test for PFAS, even after spills. How many wells in Canada were/are frac’d with PFAS and the waste dumped on our foodlands? How many by illegal aquifer frac’er Encana/Ovintiv?

It’s not just the intentionally toxic brews frac’ers inject (including into drinking water aquifers), it’s the toxic often radioactive wastes they produce, and in some jurisdictions, such as California, are legally allowed to inject into protected drinking water aquifers and in most jurisdictions in USA and Canada are allowed to spread on roads, use in pools, overload landfills, inject in poorly or not at all maintained and leaking injection wells etc., leading to surface and ground water contamination and harming public health.

California: Oil industry lobby group demands groundwater protections stripped

California regulators still allowing industry to inject toxic oilfield waste into drinking water aquifers, violating Safe Drinking Water Act; Companies will sue if ordered to stop. Alberta regulators break the law too, letting industry frac into drinking water aquifers, AER’s law violations even enabled by Canada’s top court

California now says 2,500 wells dumping frac waste into protected aquifers, up from 532 in February. Regulators order oil drillers including Chevron Corp. and Linn Energy LLC to halt operations at 12 injection wells (two were issued cease and desist orders) because they may taint groundwater suitable for drinking and irrigation

California authorizes oilfield waste dumping into drinking water aquifers

Frac’ers get billions in subsidies from us via gov’ts we pay. We get contaminated air, water and health, secrets & lies: The Big Lie Continues, former US Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar says: “We know that, from everything we’ve seen, there’s not a single case where hydraulic fracking has created an environmental problem for anyone”

Northest Territories fracking water license allows for company to keep ‘trade secrets’

Fracking Loophole “Big Enough To Drive A Mack Truck Through”, Fracking Secrets by Thousands Keep U.S. Clueless on Wells

Two-thirds of frack disclosures omit ‘secrets’

The Big Secret? Fracking Fluids

Potentially harmful fracking chemicals are considered secrets

Western Canadian Energy Ministries “Collaborate”in Secret with Influential Petroleum Cartel on Development of Controversial Fracking Policies

Wyoming regulators keep 146 fracking chemicals secretEncana/Ovintiv frac’d into drinking water aquifers there, just like the company did in Alberta. Of course the regulators will keep frac chemicals secret.

Not just in North America: Results of controversial ‘fracking’ for shale gas in UK will be kept secret

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