March 18, 2024, Calgary, AER hearing on frac fight between companies: TransAlta opposes frac’ing by Saturn Oil & Gas and Westbrick Energy near its Brazeau hydroelectric facility. Bring your own beer & popcorn. *4.0M quake Jan 31, Fox Creek (frac central), *2 km depth; 3.9M quake Jan 30, same location, 2 km depth. Better shut ‘er down frac’ers.* Where’s AER? Listed them as 3.3M and 3M (industry fudgery runs the corrupt show).

Comment by an Albertan: Is it wrong of me to wonder if industry and AER collaborate/ collude / conspire to pushing the limits until the arbitrary 4 is cracked. (didn’t mean to be punny)

The quakes at Fox Creek suddenly stopped after the 4.0M. Company must have shut er down.

Alberta’s subsurface is one great big methane-leaking, toxic frac fluid filled crackhead mess and getting worse by the day.

Once upon a time, there was an energy regulator in Alberta with acronym ERCB. They did some dirty, so Alberta gov’t changed their name to EUB which broke the law and used citizen money to hire private investigators (retired cops) to spy on innocent cookie-baking grannies and infiltrated harmed landowner client-solicitor privilege so gov’t changed their name back to ERCB.

Cartoon at the end of retired Justice Perras’ 2007 report on EUB’s spying scandal

After my lawsuit went public, gov’t changed ERCB to AER with new legislation, complete with an “Ernst” clause.

In the beginning of Encana’s frac experiments in my community, AER (when it was EUB) and Encana said there was no frac’ing in Alberta.

When water wells were dangerously contaminated with methane, ethane and man-made chemicals used in frac’ing, after Encana/Ovintiv illegally frac’d community drinking water aquifers, AER, CAPP, Alberta Environment, Encana and other frac’ers insisted the oil and gas industry had never contaminated groundwater anywhere in the world. Then, they admitted that industry had contaminated groundwater – once, but never well water, then, yes, it had contaminated well water, but never tap water (where the hell do they think well water comes out of in our homes?) … on and on and on the frac harm denial spins.

When fracquakes rattled Fox Creek Alberta and NEBC (some so severely they damaged energy well casing, which also happened in the UK), AER, CAPP et al said frac’ing doesn’t cause earthquakes. Frac’ing is good for us and the environment they insisted.

Enter 2024:

In centre ring we have TransAlta’s Brazeau Dam.

In the corners, fists up, we have Saturn Oil & Gas Inc. (Saturn) and Westbrick Energy Ltd. (Westbrick).

Referee (with predetermined outcome already written) = AER.

Good luck TransAlta.

I expect you’ll lose. But don’t fret, AER will hang us – the citizenry – with costs of any damages to your facility.

Frac Baby Frac!

2015: Alberta frack operation near Devon shattered home window; No wonder Edmonton-area residents are protesting fracing near their homes

Frac’ers and their enabling AER are too greedy to appropriately protect anything or anyone.

Criminalize frac’ing!

Notice of Rescheduling of Hearing Proceeding ID 379 by AER.

Saturn Oil & Gas Inc. and Westbrick Energy Ltd. Near Brazeau Dam

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) will hold a public hearing for applications filed by Saturn Oil & Gas Inc. (Saturn) and Westbrick Energy Ltd. (Westbrick) to drill wells near the Brazeau hydroelectric facility. A complete list of the specific applications is included below.  

Should members of the public choose to observe the hearing in-person they should be aware that they may be captured in the live stream video.That’s nothing. AER sends out thugs to write down vehicle makes, models and licence plate numbers on side streets, in parking lots, alleys and around the block, and follow certain Albertans into hearings and any gatherings at the pub after or on your way home. Your presence will be noted, photos of you and your vehicle taken, and filed with Gwyn Morgan, David Parker and his extreme right wing religious Christofascist Take Back Alberta Klan, RCMP, ASSIST, CSIS, CSEC, Harper’s anti-terrorist squad, Bibi and his crimes against humanity enabling, lying retired ex supreme court of Canada judge Rosalie Abella (Israel’s theft of billions of dollars of Gazan gas needs to be frac’d; Bibi’s already handed out licences to major companies, including BP, to extract resources that do not belong to Israel. I believe Abella made up shit, lied in her ruling in Ernst vs AER, to smear me and enable the frac’ers to keep Israel happy – justice Bibi style), Trump, Putin …

The live stream video of the hearing will not be recorded and will not be available for viewing later.

AER and the frac’ers afraid choice bits of the most damning evidence of how harmful frac’ing is, gets posted on social media and uploaded to youtube?

Transcripts of the hearing will be posted on the AER’s website.

The AER issued the following notices in relation to proceeding 379:

  • Notice of hearing issued on November 18, 2019
  • Notice of scheduling of hearing issued on March 23, 2020
  • Notice of adjournment of hearing issued on September 30, 2020
  • Notice of rescheduling of hearing issued on June 8, 2021
  • Notice of adjournment of hearing issued September 17, 2021

All parties must be present to register at the start of the hearing. 

Details of the Applications
Saturn applied under section 2.020 of the Oil and Gas Conservation Rules to drill horizontal wells to obtain crude oil containing no hydrogen sulphide from the Cardium Formation. 

Westbrick applied under section 2.020 of the Oil and Gas Conservation Rules to drill wells to produce natural gas containing no hydrogen sulphide from the Upper Mannville Formation. 

The facility includes earthen power canal dykes, main dam, spillway, and a powerhouse.

Saturn applicationsSurface locationBottomhole location
Westbrick applicationsSurface locationBottomhole location

Where can I find information about the hearing?
To view a copy of the hearing materials or find out more about AER procedures, contact the hearing coordinator. 

Tara Wheaton, Hearing Coordinator
Alberta Energy Regulator
Suite 1000, 250 – 5 Street SW
Calgary, Alberta  T2P 0R4
Email: email hidden; JavaScript is required 
Phone: 403-297-8288

Issued at Calgary, Alberta, on January 16, 2024.

Refer also to:

AER regs require frac’ers to notify of quakes at 2M and to shut down at 4M or greater. Has Take Back Alberta into the Cave ordered AER to ignore their regs, let frac’ers frac no matter what?

2024 01 30: 3.9M at 2 km depth. Frac quakes increasing and getting bigger at Fox Creek, frac central Alberta. Frac’ers better shut ‘er down; AER missing in action – they’re only listing 1M quakes. After I posted this, AER added the bigger quakes that occurred weeks ago but grossly down sized them in typical industry self regulatory data fudgery style.

Snap above from:

Earthquakes Canada has become unreliable for frac quakes. Seems they list them, but after they figure out they are frac related, they remove them.

2024 01 26: 3.1M at Fox Creek:

Natural Resources Canada lists 6 quakes greater than 2M and 4 greater than 3M and one 4M since Jan 20th alone—all located 56 km west of Fox Creek.

Date/Time (UTC) Latitude (°) Longitude (°) Depth (km) Magnitude Description

2024-01-31 11:42:38 54.296 -117.628 1.0 4.0 ML 54 km W of Fox Creek, AB
2024-01-30 07:59:10 54.293 -117.651 2.3 3.9 ML 56 km W of Fox Creek, AB
2024-01-27 07:08:07 54.287 -117.602 4.7 3.3 ML 53 km W of Fox Creek, AB
2024-01-27 07:07:39 54.288 -117.649 5.5 2.2 ML 56 km W of Fox Creek, AB
2024-01-27 01:52:43 54.293 -117.619 6.9 2.8 ML 54 km W of Fox Creek, AB
2024-01-27 00:56:55 54.291 -117.617 6.9 3.1 ML 54 km W of Fox Creek, AB
2024-01-27 00:54:19 54.312 -117.600 4.1 2.4 ML 52 km W of Fox Creek, AB
2024-01-25 05:23:24 54.280 -117.628 5.8 2.7 ML 55 km W of Fox Creek, AB
2024-01-25 01:25:44 54.276 -117.641 4.3 2.6 ML 56 km W of Fox Creek, AB
2024-01-20 09:43:08 54.272 -117.625 3.8 3.4 ML 55 km W of Fox Creek, AB
2024-01-20 01:08:47 54.267 -117.634 4.7 2.8 ML 56 km W of Fox Creek, AB

Snap below taken Jan 31, 2024 of AER’s quake dashboard, when the quakes larger than 1M were not included:


In response to my lawsuit, the Alberta gov’t removed “public interest” from AER’s mandate, when it changed its name from ERCB. I expect AER answers their Emergency Response Phone even less than ERCB did.

On fracquake risks to dams:

2016: Known risk of earthquakes caused by oil and gas development, BC Hydro worries about fracking unconventionals near dams, specifically coalbed methane and shale gas. “Alberta Offers Lessons In Keeping Oil and Gas Industry ‘Safe’ From A Public Endangered By Fracking”

2019: Alberta Imposes New Frac’ing Restrictions Near Brazeau Dam after Quakes

Nikiforuk: Alberta Imposes New Fracking Restrictions Near Dam after Quakes, Restrictions come as industry-related tremors have rattled nerves and raised concerns

In a significant development, the Alberta Energy Regulator has acknowledged that hydraulic fracturing operations can impose high risks to critical infrastructure such as dams, an issue of growing concern at British Columbia’s Site C mega-project on the Peace River.

The regulator’s new regulations follow a wave of tremors set off by Canada’s oil and gas industry, as well as the release of major scientific papers documenting how fracking and other forms of fluid injection have caused devastating earthquakes.

Such industry-triggered events, some as great as magnitude 5.7, have destroyed homes, caused landslides, and left taxpayers with millions of dollars of damage in Oklahoma, Korea and in China, where citizens have been killed.

It also imposed requirements that any fracking operator in the three-to-five-kilometre zone that causes a magnitude 1.0 earthquake must now report the event to the regulator and cease operations totally if it triggers quakes greater than magnitude 2.5.

TransAlta has maintained a seismic monitoring program to protect its Alberta hydro dams from fracking operations since 2013.

Gail Atkinson, Canada’s top earthquake hazard expert, called Alberta’s restrictions “a significant development” … she recommended in 2017 that governments ban all fluid injection including hydraulic fracturing within a five-kilometre radius of critical infrastructure (cities, dams, gas storage areas) and maintain a comprehensive seismic monitoring program up to 25 kilometres away to detect anything unexpected and allow for a proactive response.

2020: BC Hydro safety expert repeatedly warned bosses about frac risk to dams, FOI documents show, Utility says concerns are overblown, despite warnings from its own specialist

2021: Peace Region NEBC Canada, New Study: Cumulative frac development and earthquakes: Warning by Allan Chapman: Bigger frac quakes coming, may kill and destroy; Pathetic 100% industry funded and controlled OGC enabling the horrific frac harms like AER, as usual.

2023: New Standford study confirms Tyee investigation: Tarsands high pressure injections near Peace River most likely caused 2022 5.6M earthquake (largest in Alberta so far) and others, felt as far away as Edmonton; More quakes (4.6 to 5) in 2023, also felt in Edmonton. AER, industry’s self regulator, as usual, blames nature.

On spying:

Pegagus Scandal: Have you been hacked and spied on by Israeli company NSO Group’s spyware sold to your gov’t and or agencies like AER?

Oil & gas friendly spy agency, CSIS, that for years, “relied on legal doctrine of Crown immunity as defence against criminal liability,” chastised in court yet again, for pissing on the rule of law. Better tell our lying Supreme Court of Canada judges; murdering illegally spying police; RCMP illegally operating as mobsters for Encana & AER trying to scare frac-harmed plaintiffs into silence and violently arresting innocents to enable oil & gas profits; too many criminal, lying politicians (that appoint our judges or become judges); lying “justice” lawyers; lying, rule-violating public interest lawyers; etc etc etc.

EUB Spy Fiasco: The gov’t we deserve

Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) illegally spied on Canadians; Harper government insisted CSEC never spied on Canadians; Spy agency’s work with CSIS, RCMP fuels fears of privacy breaches

Canada’s spy agency admits it spies on Canadians ‘incidentally’

Canada’s spy agencies chastised for duping courts; CSIS deliberately breached its “duty of candour” to the courts

“Sickened” by Harper government spying

New Report: Less than 1-percent of Tar Sands Environmental Infractions Penalized by Alberta’s “Best in the World,” “World-Class,” “No Duty of Care,” spying, lying and law violating ERCB (now AER)

Petro-state politics prompts CSIS to spy on citizens at alarming rate, FOIs reveal

Lawyer’s suspicions spy agency listened to client calls proven right

A controversial electricity transmission line and charges of spying zap the reputation of Alberta’s energy regulator

If the EUB is truly repentant about its cloak-and-dagger spying efforts and really wants to regain the trust of Albertans, this focus on a single development project is a pretty weak effort

When to call a spy a spy? Word wars over the EUB’s hiring of private investigators

Taxpayers Pick up Portion of $22,000 EUB Spy Bill without Explanation

EUB purge, Security unit scrapped, members fired for EUB spying scandal

Alberta Energy Regulator (EUB) illegally spied, then lied: “When allegations first surfaced that the EUB had hired private investigators to spy on the public, Mr. Stelmach backed the regulator’s assertions that the charges were false.”

EUB coverup shocking, Prove to be inept at spying and lying

Spying doesn’t pay

Spying for the AEUB

Private Investigator posing as landowner was the worst, Spying on citizens casts a smothering pall of bias on any AEUB decision

Landowners intend to bring legal action against the EUB for spying on them and intruding on solicitor client privilege

No one will be disciplined — AEUB, Hiring of P.I.s to spy on opponents was ‘learning opportunity for the future’ If you think the Alberta gov’t’s changing the regulator’s name back and forth and around has cleaned up the dirty doings over at the AER, think again.

AEUB credibility on the line, Alberta Premier defends EUB spying on landowners

EUB fails integrity test by spying on residents

Landowners group says spying episode puts energy board’s neutrality into questionPfffft. The regulator never had credibility or neutrality. It’s a rubber-stamping, scuzz bag abuser and rights violator of the harmed, mobster self regulator for energy companies, most of which are foreign-owned.

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