All in the Protti Family? What are the connections between law-violating CSIS, law-violating Encana, propagandist big oil lobby group CAPP, law-violating EUB/ERCB/AER and the big banks?

Civil servant heads banking group, Former CSIS head Raymond Protti (Gerry Protti’s brother) was named as new president of the CBA by Bertand Marotte, March 23, 1996, The Vanvouver Sun

A little history on Raymond’s brother, Gerard (Gerry) Protti:

Chairman’s conflict
… Former chair Gerry Protti had his own ICORE email address and travelled abroad to promote the initiative, according to the provincial watchdogs. He also actively recruited prospective members for ICORE’s advisory board.

AER board members are supposed to list any potential conflicts, but Protti never disclosed his involvement with ICORE.

The Alberta government suspended all ICORE-related activities after it learned of multiple investigations surrounding the organization. (International Centre of Regulatory Excellence)

The overwhelming support for ICORE by Ellis and Protti “deterred [other board members] from questioning ICORE further,” according to the Auditor General’s report.

  • Gerry Protti was appointed Chair of the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) April 1, 2013 by the Alberta govt – or did Protti order the govt to appoint him chair and remove “public interest” from the regulator’s mandate?
  • Gerry Protti was VP of Encana when the company illegally frac’d Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers and when the RCMP invaded – warrantless – Ernst’s private property to harass and try to intimidate her after she served her lawsuit papers on Encana, EUB (now AER) and the Alberta gov’t:

Slide from Ernst Presentations

At the time, Gerry Protti’s appointment to monitor impacts to environment and water from the energy industry is rife with conflict of interest. He: 

  • served as Founding President and Chairman of CAPP since its inception in October 1992 to September 15, 2008, when the President of Shell Canada was appointed to take over;
  • served as EnCana senior executive 1995 to 2009;
  • was Executive Advisor to Cenovus Energy (split from EnCana in 2009), 2010 to current;
  • was appointed by Order in Council to the Board of the Alberta Research Council (after the name was changed to Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures), 2010 to December 2013 which reviewed Alberta Environment investigations/wrote reports on frac-caused water contamination cases including Ernst’s, complete with edits and conclusions changed by Alberta Environment the Council was “independently” reviewing;
  • was appointed by Order in Council on July 26, 2011 to Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures;
  • was a Board member of Darian Resources Ltd.;
  • was a Director of Petromanas Energy Inc.;
  • was on the Board of Directors of Sub-One Technology, strategic partner with Flint InnerArmour and Quinn’s Oilfield Supply;
  • was Chairman of Flint Transfield Services Inc.;
  • was a Vice Chair of Energy Policy Institute of Canada (EPIC); and
  • was a registered lobbyist for EPIC when he was appointed.

Mr. Protti’s keynote speech at the 2005 Public Policy Forum’s Second Annual Western Conference revealed that EnCana had “begun to set up innovative development strategies,” including:

– Targeting royalties

– Regulatory streamlining … 

The Energy Policy Institute of Canada writes deregulation policy and lobbies government to implement regulatory reform.

More on Gerry Protti in The Science Is Deafening, Industry’s Gas Migration

And in Andrew Nikiforuk’s award-winning Slick Water.


Ex-Encana VP (Gerard Protti) led AER taps Encana with $7,500 administrative penalty for major sour gas blowout at Fox Creek Alberta, Nothing for injecting 18 million litres of frac fluid into Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers.

AER’s EMERGENCY COMMAND CENTRE SET UP 2.5 HRS AWAY! DON’T AER COMMAND STAFF WANT TO DAMAGE THEIR BRAINS? Encana’s Fox Creek blow out spewing 20,000,000,000 litres/day sour gas & condensate: Where’s the regulator? Ex-Encana VP Gerard Protti = AER Chair; Ex-Encana Manager Mark Taylor = AER VP Industry Operations

Again? AER trying to look like a regulator? Encana had no permit to divert fresh water from Rosebud’s aquifers before or after fracing. Why is Ex-Encana VP Chair of the AER Protti not charging Encana?

What’s AER Chair, Ex-Encana-VP Protti going to fine Encana for fracing Alberta drinking water supplies? $16K fine for Apache pipeline spill not even a slap on wrist; Why is AER suddenly spurred into waving? Trying to look like a regulator?

Shell Canada, Fox Creek Alberta: 47 year old worker killed by water hose in AER’s Blanket Approval, “Brute Force & Ignorant” Frac Frenzy Pilot Project

Why isn’t AER’s Fox Creek Frac Frenzy Regulatory Failure front page news? AER releases evaluation of its Play-Based (Blanket Approval) DeRegulation Pilot

Devolution of a Species. Alberta Venture Special Report: Towns in Alberta’s industrial heartland ran out of water last summer. Is fracking to blame? Is “No Duty of Care” legally immune AER’s one-size-fits-all, world-record quaking frac frenzy drying up Fox Creek’s drinking water supply?

Set-up extraordinaire to burden Canadians with cleaning up billion-dollar profit-taking oilfield’s dirty underwear? Alberta landowners fight for enforcement by “No Duty of Care,” legally immune (even for Charter violations, gross negligence, acts in bad faith) regulator. Law violations ignored by AER, as usual.

Who are CSEC, CSIS Working for? Oil Companies & the fraudulent, lying, Charter violating, “No Duty of Care,” legally immune, ex-Encana VP led AER? Harper’s Communist China?

Prevent Cancer Now calls out AER’s Health Fraud! “The AER has no jurisdiction for human health, and Alberta is famed for a chill against the medical community linking ill health to petrochemicals.”

Frac Fraud Academia? How University of Calgary’s Enbridge relationship became controversial, “Most damningly it smacks of us being apologists for the fossil fuel industry.” Is that why Alberta government switched labs to U of C after U of A isotopic fingerprinting analysis of gases in Rosebud drinking water matched those from Encana gas wells?

Fracing the Bow River: “The most important resource in the province, and the rarest, is water” Then why let “No duty of care,” legally immune, Ex-Encana led, Charter violating AER permit multinationals to frac it?

Alberta Government Low Flow Advisory in Fox Creek/Peace Region, Asks Users to Reduce Water Consumption. Does that include in AER’s Fox Creek Fracing Pilot Project?

AER Frac Pilot Project: Earthquakes, tax increases, water restrictions, double homicide, spills and accidents shake Alberta town’s faith in fracking; Aging sour facilities in deregulated Fox Creek a big worry for council; AER’s FracQuake Red Light stops Chevron only 16 days; Families moving out

AER, Chair Protti and CEO Ellis: WHERE ARE YOU? ‘Very special person’ one of victims of fatal Fox Creek Blanket Approval Frac Experiment Camp knife attack

AER and Gerard Protti trying to erase the murders in the Frac Hell Free-for-all they created and enable at Fox Creek? How will the AER restore those lives? How will they wipe out the horror facing residents and workers?

Cumulative Impacts Frack Attack? Double Homicide in “No Duty of Care” AER and Gerard Protti’s Fox Creek Blanket Approval Pilot Project

AER & Encana Lying Update: Encana’s Deadly Sour Gas Blow Out at Fox Creek: Did Alberta’s Energy Minister lie for Encana & “No Duty of Care,” cover-up agent extraordinaire, the AER?

AER Responding to Encana Sour Gas Well Blowout in AER’s blanket approval, fracing free-for-all near Fox Creek. Was it caused by what Mayor Ahn fears? Fracquakes?

Fox Creek Mayor Jim Ahn rightfully worried about frac quakes harming sour gas infrastructure in the community. How much damage have the quakes already caused sour gas wellbores and pipelines?

Alberta misses target in oilpatch regulatory violations. Violations double since 2010. 610 High-risk violations in 2014

Is this what the entire province of Alberta gets to look forward to, thanks to Tory Government, Encana, CAPP, AER Chair Gerard Protti et al? Losing water quality and quantity?

Town of Fox Creek Water Ban on ALL Non-Essential Use. Does that include fracking in AER’s Deregulated, Blanket Approval, Frac Frenzy, Play-Based Pilot Project surrounding Fox Creek?

Gerard Protti Sings “I Wanna Stay.” Who is Gerry? Chair of Alberta’s Energy Regulator. AER is: Legally Immune, Charter Violating, “No Duty of Care,” 100 Percent Industry Funded, Deregulating, Non-Enforcing, Lying Propaganda Synergy Machine; Protti IS Director Petromanas; was Encana VP, Lobbyist, Advisor to Cenovus, Creator/Chair of CAPP, Director Alberta Research Council/Innovates …

Did Alberta Just Break a Fracking Earthquake World Record with 4.4 Temblor at Fox Creek? Sounds of Silence: The Crooked Lake Earthquakes

Why does the “No Duty of Care” AER, legally immune, even for failing to protect Albertans and water from hydraulic fracturing, need a Liability Management Coordinator?

How does one meet “half way” an energy regulator that covers up industry’s non-compliance and claims in court it owes Albertans harmed by fracing “no duty of care?”

WARNING! Synergy and blanket approval to give industry free-for all fracking in Alberta! Watch out Fox Creek and the rest of Canada, Synergy is brainwashing controlled by industry, incredibly evil and works well

Toxic pollution, odors caused by Baytex heavy oil operations in the Peace River area need to be eliminated says AER; Two-tiered AER? What about the AER saying nothing about Encana fracturing Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers? What about the AER violating Ernst’s Charter Rights trying to cover up Encana’s unlawfulness?

March 31, 2014 LED BY GERRY PROTTI: Devastation Day for Alberta’s Water: The Oil and Gas Industry takes over total control of Alberta’s Fresh Water as “No Duty of Care” Spying AER now a single regulator, 100% funded by industry, takes over Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and Water Act

More than 75 Alberta environmental regulators now paid by energy industry

Alberta Energy Regulator (previously ERCB, previously EUB and ERCB before it was the EUB) 100% financed by oil and gas industry, will be corporate-style, allocate water, including for fracking

First Nation discovers large petrochemical sheen on Athabasca River; Alberta’s new energy regulator and Gerard Protti missing in action

Over 30 Alberta groups demand oil industry fox Gerard Protti get out of Alberta’s henhouse

Groups demand that head of new Alberta energy regulator Gerard Protti previously VP of Encana and head of CAPP resign before he starts

New Alberta Energy Regulator AER now Regulates Fresh Water with 100% Oil and Gas Industry Control

Appointment of Gerard Protti

Isn’t appointing Gerard Protti to regulate the energy industry in Alberta, like appointing the Wolf to protect the Three Pigs? He can’t, even if he’d like to. He’s a ‘wolf’ with an appetite for large amounts of oil and gas revenue.

EnCana’s Gerard Protti will be Chair of Alberta’s AER, the new energy regulator that swallows up Alberta Environment, Alberta’s Water and the ERCB

Energy lobbyist, Ex Encana VP Gerard Protti, appointed as Alberta’s new top energy regulator

Alberta’s New Super ERCB: Single Regulator or Franken-Child?



Denis, Raymond and Gerry Protti, born and living in Canada, came to Friuli and Veneto to complete the mission begun by their father Luigi in 1936. It took more than 80 years of research, travels to Italy and consultations of various archives, after difficulties and disappointments, they finally made it. Their grandfather Giovanni Battista Protti from Cimolais is buried in the cemetery of Belluno. Laura Ruzzier, a Canadian professor of Istrian origins, accompanied them in this incredible adventure.

In April 1903, Maria gave birth to a son named Sebastiano. Giovanni had to leave Cimolais for America. Giovanni embarked alone for New York at Le Havre, France, on June 13, 1903. From there he traveled to Pennsylvania and then to Canada to a small village called Pocahontas, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in the Alberta Province. In September 1913, a decade after leaving Cimolais, John succeeded in bringing Maria and Sebastiano to Canada. The family was reunited again. Maria and John had three other sons at Pocahontas: Luigi, born in 1914, Vittoria, born in 1915 and Angelo, born in 1917.

When Italy went to war in 1915, again, Giovanni left his wife, this time in Canada, and arrived in Italy in late 1916. He gave them the money he had set aside during the years of hard work in North America, hoping it would be enough to keep the family up to his return. Unfortunately, things did not go as Giovanni hoped: after one year, on December 28, 1917, Maria died of pleurisy and was buried in a small cemetery, now abandoned, at Pocahontas. For a time, their four children, the youngest was just eight months, were hosted by another family who had emigrated from Friuli, the Del Boscos. When the war ended and they realized that their father could not be reached and would not return, the three younger children were sent to an orphanage about 200 kilometers from Pocahontas operated by Francophone sisters. Sebastiano, who then was only fifteen years old, went to work in the mine.

All the traces of Giovanni Protti had been lost. Disappeared. No one knew where he was or where and if he was dead. During their lifetime their children desperately sought information of their father and in 2015 the Protti nephews returned to Cimolais. On the last day in the village, the following document was found in the parish archives: “Giovanni Protti, son of the late Sebastiano, died at 11:30 am on January 8, 1918, aged 44, a worker resident in Cimolais and was buried in the cemetery of Belluno. Death took place in Via Loreto No. 14 ” (the then civilian hospital in Belluno). He passed away twelve days after his wife and, at the time of their death, they could not imagine their children could be orphans. Giovanni Protti was hospitalized on October 19, 1917, but nothing was known about his illness and burial place. In May of this year, it emerged from the Udine State Archives that Giovanni Protti had enlisted in the Italian army in April 1917 and was reformed in June 1917 due to tuberculosis, probably because of his hospitalization at the Belluno Hospital and his death. That is why John never returned to Canada.

“On Friday, September 15, from an old archive kept in the caretaker’s house in the Belluno cemetery, we discovered his burial place in the cemetery of Belluno – specifies Gerry wiping tears of emotion – and we finally could say thank you, we will go on grandma’s grave in Canada to tell her that we finally found him. “

The Protti brothers appealed to the village of Cimolais: “We would like our grandfather to be remembered by adding his name to the fallen warriors on Cimolais’s cemetery monument because, returning to Italy, Giovanni sacrificed his life in defense of a nation he loved “.

The sons and grandchildren of Maria and Giovanni Protti have reached important study and professional goals leaving a legacy of seven grandchildren who continue to contribute to Canada’s growth through their leadership in the academic, public and corporate sectors.

Refer also to:

Big Fracking Lies poster by Will Koop, BC Tap Water Alliance

Welcome to Canadian “justice” in Hell: CSIS officials and Federal Justice Dept lawyers being taught to tell the truth and share information with courts!

Canada’s spy agencies chastised for duping courts; CSIS deliberately breached its “duty of candour” to the courts

2006: EnCana Vice President of Corporate Relations, Mr. Gerard Protti in an interview about Jessica Ernst’s flammable water:

That’s actually fairly common.

Ernst’s flammable water after Encana illegally frac’d the aquifers that supply her well. Photo in 2006 by Colin Smith

The historic record on Ernst’s well filed with Alberta Environment states Gas Present No.

Slides from Ernst presentations

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