Why is The Guardian Publishing Putin Propaganda?

Subject:Why is The Guardian Publishing Putin Propaganda?
Date:Thu, 28 Apr 2022 14:59:03 -0600
From:jessica ernst
To:email hidden; JavaScript is required

Dear Editor,

Re: “Further arming Ukraine will only destroy it. The west must act to end this war now” by former PR adviser to the Russian government, Angus Roxburgh

I have been reading and trusting the Guardian for years only to be horrified to see Putin propaganda porn published in it. I think Mr. Roxburgh’s piece is tasteless and harmful.

Putin’s behaviours make it clear to Ukrainians and those of us who do not fall for his spin that if Ukraine stops defending herself, her people will be exterminated or worse, broken and conscripted to invade others. As usual, NATO and the powerful in the west enabled Russia’s illegal war because they did not want to jeopardize their own Putin-tied riches (personal and coal, oil and gas), were too slow to help, and too lame and late in their sanctions, believing President Zelensky would flee, leaving Ukraine to fall in a jiffy.

Zelensky did not flee and Ukrainians stunned the world (notably those addicted to Putin/Trump propaganda), showing the west and Russia what true leadership and courage is.

Ukraine is defending democracy for us all. I believe the Guardian owes readers and Ukrainians a retraction and public apology.

I will no longer financially support the Guardian and might stop reading it. I certainly no long trust it.


Jessica Ernst
Box 753 Rosebud Alberta Canada
T0J 2T0

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