Russia’s Illegal War: Street Mural in Kyiv by Ukrainian artist Sasha Korban, “We will stand, we will win.”

Sasha Korban’s post and call for donations


Euromaidan Press@EuromaidanPress:

According to the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion
🔹78% Russians support Putin, actions (13% don’t)
🔹 74% Russians approve of his decision to attack Ukraine (17% don’t)
🔹89% trust Russian Army
🔹90% think there is infowar agnst Russia


Velina Tchakarova@vtchakarova: Realpolitik 101:

More than EUR 27,3 Billion in total for payments to Russia for fossil fuels (Oil, Gas and Coal) by the European Union members since the launch of Russia’s war against Ukraine on February 24.

David Clark @David_K_Clark:

Only two things now stand in the way of a Ukrainian victory over Russia. The EU’s failure to embargo Russian energy and NATO’s failure to supply offensive weaponry. Defeat Putin now or regret it later. That’s the choice.


April 5, 2022 Pat Chappatte cartoon in The Washington Post:


April 4, 2022 Morten Morland cartoon in The Times:

And still the rich, including Canadian, enable Putin’s rapes, torture, mass murders and destruction in Ukraine, as elsewhere including in Syria.

NATO, the UN, UK, Germany, USA, Canada, etc., are pathetic cowards with too many personal greedy grubby evil fingers in Putin’s big oil & gas & frac pie.

With no western power standing up to Putin, he will keep invading and killing as he pleases. Ukraine is fighting WW3 on her own.

Sanctions? Oh please, too few, too weak, too late. The sanctions are just to make the rich and powerful feel good about themselves and their incessant rape of the world and rest of us.

Humanity is inhumane; frac’ers and the Putins and their endless enablers – including politicians, lawyers and judges – prove it.

April 6, 2022 Morten Morland cartoon in VG, Norwegian paper

Phillips P. OBrien@PhillipsPOBrien:

This is exactly the right kind of question that we need to be asking ourselves. It’s not a question between having energy and somehow abandoning Ukraine.

It’s having some short term pain to basically guarantee the peace in Europe for a generation.

2022 04 07: Europe can choose peace in Ukraine or air conditioning, says Italian PM, Mario Draghi’s comments come as Kyiv urges full ban on Russian gas and oil – but he says ‘gas embargo is not yet on the table’

European citizens may have to give up their air conditioning this summer I’ve never lived with air conditioning; I am unable to reconcile the pollution and harms it causes. A tiny sacrifice that I am sure the European rich will refuse. What a vile species humans are. to help secure peace in Ukraine, Italy’s prime minister has said.

“If the price of gas can be exchanged for peace … what do we choose? Peace? Or to have the air conditioning running in the summer?” Mario Draghi said in Rome.

… “How many Buchas have to take place for you to impose sanctions? How many children, women, men have to die, innocent lives have to be lost for you to understand that you cannot allow sanctions fatigue as we cannot allow fighting fatigue?”

The EU was on Thursday poised to back a ban on Russian coal imports as momentum built behind new measures after evidence of suspected Russian war crimes.

Europe spends £16.7 million a day on Russian coal but £709 million on oil and gas, which are not subject to any sanctions. 

The European Commission is drafting possible future measures against oil, but Mr Draghi said: “A gas embargo is not yet on the table, and I don’t know if it will ever be.It won’t, humans are too selfish, greedy, lazy and evil.

… Italy imports 95 per cent of its gas, and 40 percent of that comes from Russia. It has gas reserves that would last until October if Russian supplies were stopped.

Mr Draghi said Rome would not block an EU gas embargo if all the other member states supported it. Speaking after a cabinet meeting to curb sharp energy price rises in Italy, he said Rome would be “perfectly happy to comply” with the ban.

Germany and Hungary have ruled out sanctions on Kremlin-controlled gas. Budapest also opposes an oil embargo, which Berlin – which has set a mid-2024 target for phasing out Russian imports – would back.

Kyiv attacked Viktor Orban for “helping” Vladimir Putin after Hungary’s prime minister said extending the sanctions was “a red line”.  

Budapest, which signed a 15-year gas contract with Gazprom last year, received the first shipment of nuclear fuel for its Paks nuclear plant from Russia by air on Wednesday.

Talks finalising a package of sanctions, which could include bans on Russian ships on landing in EU ports, were expected to continue late into Thursday evening, with a deal expected on Friday. 

Finland said it would invest up to £710 million to end its energy dependence on Russia, as Estonia pledged to end its dependence on Moscow by the end of the year.

Switzerland, which is not an EU member, said it had frozen more than £6.1 billion in Russian funds and assets. 

In a symbolic and non-binding vote, the European Parliament in Strasbourg voted overwhelmingly in favour of a resolution calling for “an immediate full embargo on Russian imports of oil, coal, nuclear fuel and gas”.

2022 04 09: Cartoonist Morten Morland, cover, The Spectator.

March 27, 2022 Pat Cappatte cartoon in Der Spiegel

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Match made in Hell: Calgary-based killer Calfrac supports Putin’s illegal war, rape & pillage in Ukraine; Frac giants Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Halliburton too. No wonder: invading, rape & pillage is what frac’ers do.

On the brink of WW3 (no, already in it): Law firm Norton Rose Fulbright, with extensive Russian client list, pits evil against humanity and other life on earth, “imposes silence in the face of wanton atrocity.” A few days later, Linklaters is first major law firm to exit Russia over Ukraine war.

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