Trudeau: “Every Canadian has the fundamental right to live safely … Canada is a rule-of-law country.” But not in your own home if you live frac’d, near abandoned oil and gas wells, sour gas or tarred and poisoned by bitumen; or blown up by your drinking water contaminated by industry’s methane and ethane like Bruce Jack at Spirit River, Alberta; or blown up by industry’s leaking sour gas in Wheatley Ontario; or health harmed and at risk of blowing up by industry’s leaking sour gas in Norfolk, Ontario; or in my frac’d home in Rosebud; …

2024: Ontario: Pathetic $23.6 Million Action Plan to *try* to stop abandoned oil and gas wells (most locations unknown) from exploding and killing. Rural Albertan: “I don’t think $2 million or $23 million will prevent them all from ‘exploding’ … omg too funny.” And, irresponsible and too tragic.

Living frac’d in NEBC:

Living frac’d in NW Alberta:

2021: Frac’ing Ontario? Wheatley (thermogenic corrosive) sour gas explosion injures 20, destroys two buildings, more, many families displaced. Still leaking, area remains at risk of more explosions like Hutchinson Kansas where two were killed in their home from industry’s leaking gas migrating 7 miles. Chatham-Kent top administrator, Don Shropshire: “Our area has hundreds, if not thousands of abandoned gas wells. They stretch from Niagara Peninsula to Windsor.” Also exploded from industry’s gas 85 years ago. The community must be relocated. But, where?

2023: Frac Central Alberta: Fox Creek Wall of Wildfire. How many hundreds of thousands of fracs are leaking methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, sour gas to surface fuelling wildfires? Do leaking facilities, wells, pipelines start and fuel fires? Who’s checking? AER? Encana/Ovintiv? Chevron? No one.

Wall of Fox Creek Alberta Wildfire, photo by Kyle Brittain

2019: In Norfolk, leaking abandoned industry *sour* gas wells forces exclusion zone for vehicles, vessels, and evacuation of 22 homes. In nearby Town of Jarvis (population 2,300), unusually high methane readings, firefighters test gas levels at every home. Compare to grossly negligent, “No Duty of Care,” Charter-violating, lying, spying, heinous AER covering-up industry’s deadly gas leaks.

2017: To Honour the Fallen on Remembrance Day: Make public AER’s secret “D79 Abandoned Well Methane Toxicity Preliminary Assessment” & Appendix 2 by Alberta Health, Admitting “Acute-Life threatening” risks & “Neurological effects”

AER’s leaked report admits abandoned well (they all leak eventually) under one of Calgary’s new run ways, boom boom, as you take off on holiday with your kids.

Alberta: Living in urban centres with industry’s seriously health harming, life threatening (risk of explosion) leaking methane and ethane kept secret by “regulators”, even leaking into churches.

2014: CNRL reports aquifer is contaminated with BTEX 10 km from closest seepage site, How far from steam injection site?

2014: Satellite data sound alarm on safety of high pressure injection; data shows significant ground deformation (subsidence and uplift) in area of CNRL leak, 10 times faster than lower-pressure injection

2014: More on CNRL high pressure steam injection at Primrose and the Alberta Energy Regulator caving to its funder instead of regulating

2013: CNRL’s frac’d bitumen leak to surface in NE Tarred Alberta:

2006: My water after Encana/Ovintiv illegally frac’d the fresh water aquifers that supply Rosebud:

Photo by Colin Smith

Bruce Jack’s methane & ethane contaminated water well explodes seriously injuring three men; professional venting of the gases had been advised by Alberta regulator and provided by oil company

Bruce Jack Private water well explosion at Spirit River, Alberta

2006: Bruce Jack in hospital after he and two industry gas-in-water testers were seriously injured by Jack’s contaminated water well exploding from industry’s leaking methane and ethane in the water.

2005: Many Canadians, especially Albertans (which is likely why they vote so stupidly), live breathing brain-damaging sour gas intentionally vented or leaking (including into drinking water) by industry’s negligence and greed, with zero responsible action by “regulators” and police/RCMP terrorizing the harmed instead of charging the criminal companies and their complicit politicians and regulators. AER even let Encana get away with keeping secret it’s sweet-turned-sour facility near Rockyford, lying, selling it as sweet, when the company knew it was sour (frac’ing with contaminated surface water sours formations). Encana didn’t even have the decency or courage to notify farmers living next door or the volunteer fire department, putting their lives at serious risk.

‘Canada is a rule-of-law country,’ Trudeau says of charges in B.C. Sikh activist’s killing, Comments come day after 3 Indian men charged with murder in Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s death by CBC News with files from Reuters, May 04, 2024

Every Canadian has the fundamental right to live safely and free from discrimination and threats of violence,’ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told attendees at the Sikh Foundation of Canada gala in Toronto on Saturday following Friday’s arrest of three men who were charged with murder in the killing of Sikh activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in B.C. last year.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau touted Canada as a “rule-of-law country”But AER and oil, gas, frac and bitumen companies are above the law, so are lying lawyers and judges that enable industry’s crimes no matter how many workers are killed, or how many residents are forced to live in life-threatening risk of explosion in their own homes in comments on Saturday about arrests made in the killing of a Sikh separatist leader, as he sought to reassure Sikh Canadians that persecution won’t be tolerated.

… “This is important because Canada is a rule-of-law genocidal settler country with alying, biased, grossly unfair and unjust, racist, misogynistic, pro-polluter and pro-rapist judicial industry strong and independent justice system, as well as a fundamental no commitment to protecting all its citizens,” Trudeau said Saturday at a Toronto gala celebrating Sikh heritage and culture.

… The prime minister acknowledged that many in Canada’s Sikh community are feeling unsafe following Nijjar’s killing, adding:

“Every Canadian has the fundamental right to live safely and free from discrimination and threats of violence in Canada.”But not me, not Bruce Jack, not the residents of Wheatley or Norfolk or near the tarsands of Alberta, or in frac fields and or near deadly frac’d sour gas, etc. etc. etc.

Nijjar was a Canadian citizen campaigning for the creation of Khalistan, an independent Sikh homeland carved out of India. The presence of Sikh separatist groups in Canada has long frustrated New Delhi, which had labelled Nijjar a “terrorist.”Ya, like AER’s outside counsel, liar Glenn Solomon, labelled me also a terrorist in his 2012 court ruling (without any evidence) knowing his defamation of me would put me at risk from vigilante oil and gas loving, women-hating Alberta rednecks.

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Cartoon above by Jon Kudelka, The Saturday Paper, Aug 12, 2023: “Everyone has the right to feel safe in their own home” (in homes destroyed by industry’s greed-induced climate chaos).

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