Easter rips down statue of soviet marshal Georgy Zhukov, “the butcher,” after Russia’s Moskva sinks. Brute Putin next. Slava Ukraini!

Defence of Ukraine@DefenceUUkraine government organization April 16, 2022:

For Ukrainian warriors a torn turret of a russian tank is not only a symbol of inevitable victory, but a piece of contemporary art too. We already have quite a collection!

Photo by Iryna Rybakova, 93rd Mechanized Brigade of @ArmedForcesUkr


Trent Telenko@TrentTelenko April 17, 2022:

The De-Russification” of Ukraine is the most logical outcome of Putin’s latest invasion of Ukraine.

This video should drive Russian Z-media into apoplexy.

April 17, 2022: ‘Happy Easter’ by Morten Morland in The Sunday Times:

Featuring Russia’s Moskva.

Ukrainians flock to buy stamp telling Russia to go [bleep] itself by DW News, April 16, 2022

It’s well-known around the world. The moment at the beginning of the Ukraine war when a border guard not so politely refused to surrender Snake Island to a Russian warship – using some very colorful language. A new postage stamp depicts the guard and the Russian ship – the Moskva. Now, Ukraine claims to have sunk that very ship and the stamp has become a collector’s item.

Photo by Iryna Rybakova, 93rd Mechanized Brigade of @ArmedForcesUkr

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Match made in Hell: Calgary-based killer Calfrac supports Putin’s illegal war, rape & pillage in Ukraine; Frac giants Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Halliburton too. No wonder: invading, rape & pillage is what frac’ers do.

On the brink of WW3 (no, already in it): Law firm Norton Rose Fulbright, with extensive Russian client list, pits evil against humanity and other life on earth, “imposes silence in the face of wanton atrocity.”

Delicious justice! 13 Canadians will hold piece of history in limited edition collectible postage stamps with John A. MacDonald’s decapitated head.

“Rule of Law” or “Rich White Man Law?” US Senate (controls Supreme Court nominees) created to represent the rich: “…to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority.” John A. MacDonald, 1st thug PM on why Canada needed an appointed Senate: “We must protect the rights of the minority, and the rich are always in fewer number than the poor.”

Yup, the same racist thug PM who lost his head recently:

….it is crucial to recall that these statues are not monuments of collective historical remembrance; rather, they are static, physical pieces of propaganda. … The evidence of Macdonald’s crimes against humanity are quite disturbing, to say the least.

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