Pennsylvania: Allegheny County Co votes 12-3 to ban frac’ing in county parks (Bravo!), overrides Executive Rich Fitzerald’s veto, first county-wide no-frac legislation in the state, protecting 12,000 acres across 12 watersheds

Excellent photos showing what the courageous county council is preventing in the parks:

Allegheny County Council Overrides Fitzgerald Veto on Park Fracking Ban by bobscaping, July 20, 2022

“Nothing changed in the past 14 days about the nature of fracking, about the harmful practices of fracking, about the need, the want to preserve one tiny little space in our community. Yinz are fracking everywhere else. Can we please save this one little space for the enjoyment of county residents?”

Bethany Hallam, County Councilor. The parks only make up 0.2 percent of the land in Allegheny County.

Earthworks@Earthworks July 19, 2022:

Siding with industry over public health and safety is unacceptable. This vote proves communities will not stand for the blatant disregard of clean air, clean water, healthy children and sustainable economies. Onward!

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