Ridiculous. There’s no rule of law when it comes to the rich and powerful (like Encana/Ovintiv) and crime enablers (like AER), except to evade it. Steve Bannon will be excused by Trump’s appeal & supreme court judges, and if not, when Trump (or one of his ilk) is President again he’ll pardon him.

Andrew Weissmann @AWeissmann_:

BREAKING: Bannon sentenced to 4 months. But key here is he won’t be required to surrender to prison until after his “timely” appeal. Bannon now will seek to delay that process until he can be pardoned. Yet again. Oct 21, 2022

peace1 @peace1 Replying to @AWeissmann_:

Shit. I’m so sick of them getting away with everything.

Lily M Sarver@LilyMSarver Replying to @AWeissmann_:

I heard the sentence and came to see what you had to say, @AWeissmann_. I’ve developed a dependency. I’m so incredibly angry about the lack of true justice. It’s overwhelming.

Allison-@AllisonWools Replying to @AWeissmann_:

It’s why we don’t believe in the Justice System anymore. Rich white boys walk away, POC and others get locked up with max sentences. As a public figure, you need to constantly be pointing out the disparity. Instead, it’s silence from the pundits.

Oeishik@NoOneUnscripted Replying to @AWeissmann_:

Judge should have ordered Bannon to be taken into custody today. This is another delay of accountability that the judge had discretion over. This type of one foot in, one foot out ruling is what causes bothsidesism to thrive.

Eyes on DEMocracy@RidAmericaOfGOP Replying to @NoOneUnscripted, @Hefner_Online
and @AWeissmann_:

“Average citizen” would have been taken into custody immediately!

justjudy@justjudy Replying to @AWeissmann_:

Oh good grief. He belongs behind bars for a long time. 4 months is a joke.

Kacoco@karenmeekcoen Replying to @justjudy and @AWeissmann_:

An even bigger joke that he’s out pending appeal.Rule of Law when it suits ’em.

Joel Spiegel@joelrspiegel:

This. This. This. The fact that Trump and company freely thumb their noses at the rule of law is corrosive beyond measure.Same as Repuglicons in Canada, including Steve Harper and his judges, and new (unelected) fossil premier of Alberta Danielle Smith and Canadian Con Party leader, Pierre Pepperhead (Poilievre) and his klan (it’ll be horrendous watching the judges they put on the bench). And worse, con voters refuse to see the truth and keep voting for these law abusing political garbage cans.

Sheislisad305@sheislisad305 Replying to @AWeissmann_:

The appeal will not be timely……was a timeframe given for this timely appeal or its whatever Bannon wants?? Awww to be a white, wealthy male in America. Even if you participated in a failed insurrection you can still get the VIP treatment when you go to court for crimes.

Marc Schaeffer@MarcSchaefferGD Replying to @AWeissmann_:

Guy who refuses to provide financials req’d as part of sentencing gets fined $6.5k instead of $200k sought by prosecutors.Guy who is funded by Chinese billionaires w/unlimited access to private plane not jailed pending “timely” appeal.What is “timely?”The longest he can delay it.

Ant43@Ant4316 Replying to @AWeissmann_:

I hate I feel this way but I don’t believe in our justice system anymore. I used to. But it appears to be nearly impossible to hold whitemaleconservatives accountable no matter what. It’s rotten and biased and gives deference based on race, political ideology, money etc

A Maker Be @AMakerBe1 Replying to @AWeissmann_:

Got off relatively easy, especially since he’s out on appeal. And seriously, $6500 fine? I agree that he’ll pull a Trump and delay, delay, delay.

January 6 panel says Bannon conviction is a ‘victory for the rule of law’ – as it happened, The former Trump adviser was charged with two counts of criminal contempt for refusing to appear before the House committee July 22, 2021, The Guardian

The jurors in Steve Bannon’s contempt of Congress trial returned guilty verdicts today, meaning the former Donald Trump adviser is likely to serve jail time. Bannon has vowed to appeal the decision.

2021 05 25: Steve Bannon Officially Cleared Of Federal Charges After Trump Pardon

2021 01 20: Trump pardons Steve Bannon as one of his final acts in office

A few tweets:

Tyler Dawson@tylerrdawson:

Well that’ll make getting invited back to a Munk debate kinda tricky I guess.

Kyle Griffin@kylegriffin1:

BREAKING: Steve Bannon has been found GUILTY on two contempt of Congress charges.


Does he actually go to jail or does he still get to roam free and do his podcast? Trumpers are above the law. And, just in case the line above the law blurs for them, they have their judges on the bench.

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