New York State: How to ban deadly industry practices like CO2 frac’ing? Dr. Sandra Steingraber: “Citizen activism + science + journalism + political leadership.” State Senator Lea Webb: “These companies continue to find loopholes…at the expense…of our livelihood not just now but for generations to come….”

Dr. Sandra Steingraber @ssteingraber1 Mar 5, 2024

“The bill has moved quickly through committees in the state legislature and is now heading to senate and assembly floors.”

citizen activism + science + journalism + political leadership did that

New York State lawmakers push for bill banning CO2 fracking

New York State lawmakers push for bill banning CO2 fracking by WBNG Staff, Mar. 5, 2024, 12 News

ALBANY (WBNG) — Local lawmakers and advocates railed in Albany Tuesday in support of a bill to prohibit using carbon dioxide to drill and extract gas and oil resources.

Since Fall 2023, Southern Tier CO2 to Clean Energy Solutions has been asking landowners to lease their land in the Southern Tier to extract gas by injecting carbon dioxide into the Marcellus Shale formation.

New York State’s law banning fracking prohibits the use of water to extract gas, but State Senator Lea Webb said the industry’s push to get around the ban is to use CO2, which poses the same threats.

“These companies continue to find loopholes or thrifty ways to offer economic opportunities but at the expense, I want to make that very clear, of our livelihood not just now but for generations to come and we can as a state and we must as a state require we do better,” said Webb.

The State Senator said the bill has moved quickly through committees in the state legislature and is now heading to senate and assembly floors.

You can read more about the bill at this link.

Dr. Sandra Steingraber:

Send the gas villains back to Texas. No, we’re NOT fracking out state with CO2 waste from the Guld.

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2023: Sneaky dirty rotten frac’ers: “Southern Tier CO2 to Clean Energy Solutions LLC” attacks New York State’s Frac Ban, tries to con landowners into getting frac’d with CO2 under guise of being clean.

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2020: The New York Times: Living near drilling (and frac’ing) is deadly (in Canada too), especially with captured courts. “Law” makers take blood money to let companies poison us.

2020: Front Page New York Times! Satan Hailing Frac’ers Lynch the People. Oil & Gas companies hurtling into bankruptcy (intentionally – to avoid lawsuits, leak repair & clean-up, enabled by taxpayer-funded courts) as execs snatch millions in unjust rewards (also enabled by our courts).

2020: New York: Governor Andrew Cuomo promises to make permanent the state’s partial frac ban (only bans frac’ing with water, not other fluids, eg CO2, N2, H2S, propane, butane, etc)

2019: New York Tioga County landowners group pushing highly dangerous gelled propane fracs to circumvent State’s frac ban

2016: New York signs law prohibiting fracking, and oil, natural gas waste in city; Alberta & other jurisdictions allow it dumped in landfills, on roads, leases, near communities and water ways (perhaps in them, who’s checking?). NORM increasing because of unconventional oil & gas, “has become a much more significant health, safety and environmental issue”

2015: Died today: Cris McConkey, founder of Shaleshock Media: “recorded many of the key moments, key presentations and major rallies that led to the New York Frack Ban.”

2015: Group calls on Cuomo to close New York regulator loophole that allows extremely dangerous high volume gelled propane/LPG fracs

2015: While Ontario Government Won’t Define High-Volume Fracking and Lies to the Public, High-Volume Fracking Banned in New York State Today!

2015: Why Did New York State Ban Fracking? Massive study finds health, safety and environmental uncertainties regarding fracking’s dangers have ‘grown worse over time’

2014: New York State to ban fracking because of red flags to public health. Health Commissioner Howard Zucker: “Would I let my child play in a school field nearby? After looking at the plethora of reports, my answer would be no.”

2014: New York Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court, rejects oil and gas industry’s second bite at communities, Towns can use local zoning laws to keep fracking out

2014: Judge dismisses 2 lawsuits trying to force Gov. Cuomo’s approval of fracing in New York State; “The potential injuries are solely economic in nature.”

2014: Massive Legal Victory in New York State: Towns can ban fracking; New York’s highest court ruled in 27 days Compare to the ultra long times Canadian judges take to rule. The supreme court of Canada took a year and a day to rule in Ernst vs AER on merely a preliminary matter of law, no evidence was allowed to be filed or argued.

2014: 89-34 vote! New York Assembly passes fracking ban; Senate hopes dim

2014: New York State consultant, John Adgate, hired by health department to assist in review of health effects, slams fracking

2014: NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio: Fracking science and technology not reliable, Fracking is too much danger to New York water supply and environment in general

2013: USGS study in areas heavily impacted by gas drilling in upstate New York State: 26% of water wells tested showed more than 1 mg/litre of methane!This would have dramatically increased had the state allowed frac’ing.

2013: Strictly Business: Schuyler County Farm Bureau in New York State rejects fracking by 10 to 6 vote; More than 150 municipalities passed ban or moratorium

2012: Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon Put Anti-Fracking Message on New York Billboard

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2012: Jessica Ernst at Cortland Health Dept. New York

2012: Jessica Ernst at Elmira, Owego, Ithaca, La Fayette New York

2012: Truth & Consequences of Frac’ing: An evening with Jessica Ernst and Dr. Tony Ingraffea at Elmira Heights New York

2012: Jessica Ernst at Bath (Steuben County) New York

2011: The Fracking Industry’s War On The New York Times — And The Truth

2011: The New York Times: Drilling Down, Deep Frac’ing by Kaiser Gas Co Contaminated West Virginia Water Well Rendering it Unusable and There May Be More Gagged by Nondisclosure Agreements

Slide from Ernst presentations

2011: UNANIMA International Courage Award Presentation speech to Jessica Ernst in New York

UNANIMA applauds Ms. Ernst’s courage to stand up for her rights in the face of the powerful entities who the cause of the degradation of fresh water supplies for herself, her neighbors and the flora and fauna of the region.

The UNANIMA International WOMAN OF COURAGE award is symbolized by this flame, which captures the passion, energy and commitment that Jessica demonstrates in trying to protect our environment and especially the natural resource of water. The flame is mounted on a piece of oak from the mighty oak tree known for its strength and endurance. The oak tree is one that is deeply anchored and steadfast amidst buffeting by winds and storms. It also symbolizes a perennial birthing of new life and hope. The copper plate on which her name is engraved is also a symbol of the deeply spiritual values which underlie the passion she has in her struggle to overcome the injustices brought about by the predatory search for profits at whatever cost to present and future generations. Her voice has become a source of hope and empowerment for all of us engaged in the same struggle.

Jessica Ernst embodies these values and life and hope. It is with immense pleasure that we award the fourth annual UNANIMA International Woman of Courage to Jessica Ernst.

2011: Is hydraulic fracturing safe and sustainable? Jessica Ernst presents at United Nations in New York City.

Slides from Ernst presentations at UN in New York City

2008: New York’s governor signed bill to permit shale-gas frac’ing. Controversial path to possible glut of natural gas: “Each of these wells uses millions of gallons of fresh water, and all of it is going to be contaminated.”

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