The New York Times: Living near drilling (and frac’ing) is deadly (in Canada too), especially with captured courts. “Law” makers take blood money to let companies poison us.

Click on link, have sound on, sit back, watch the phenomenal visuals, listen, feel your anger boil (if you have a heart and soul):

Living Near Drilling Is Deadly. Why Don’t California Lawmakers Care? 4:19 Min. by Josiah Edwards, November 16, 2020, The New York Times

The state may be phasing out gas-powered cars, but it’s still legal to put an oil well right next to an elementary school.

Then read this:

Captured Courts (in Petro-Thug Canada too? Too bad Canadians don’t have courageous Senators like these) by Democratic Policy & Communications Committee: Senator Jeff Merkley, Senator Tom Udall, Senator Debbie Stabenow (DPCC Chairwoman), Senator Edward Markey, Senator Richard Blumenthal, Senator Sherrod Brown, Senator Brian Schatz, Senator Martin Heinrich, and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Oct 2020

And watch Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse on “dark money” influencing USA Supreme Court appointments

… as you and your loved ones choke trying to live in your homes and communities: Encana/Ovintiv’s Vexatious Sour Gas Frack Flaring near Grand Prairie, Alberta; After clip posted, Encana pulls a scrubby dubby.

2020 10 30: Harvard researchers suggest not living within 12 miles of frac’ing – that puts much of rural Alberta and NEBC out of bounds for living (and parts of SK, MB and Ont)

2020 10 23: Frac’ing Beautiful British Columbia: No regard for community, family, farms, wildlife; No Environmental or Cumulative Impact Assessments; No care for water or the lives of others, just spin, lies & broken promises; Premier John Horgan, his Dancing NDPipers and OGC heed demands of multinational corporate polluting abusers while ignoring the environment and harmed.

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