Student encampments calling for divestment from Israel’s genocide blamed on lockdowns. Too much brain-rot from SARSCov-2 in New York Post, forensic psychiatrist trial “expert” Carole Lieberman and psychologist Jennifer Gittleman? Or Zionism?

COVID shutdowns, isolation to blame for pro-Palestine protests, experts say by Lauren Elkies Schram, April 28, 2024, New York Post

The pro-Palestinian cause allows discontented youth to express “long-withheld rage,” said forensic psychiatrist Carole Lieberman. It gives them an “opportunity to identify with the ‘oppressed’ against ‘oppressors.’”

“People who offer an escape from this confusion, by promoting a direction they claim will lead to happiness and purpose, have found a hungry audience,” said Lieberman, a California-based trial expert witness.

“The worst example of ignorance is that the protesters do not know that terrorists want global jihad — not just to destroy Israel,” Lieberman added. They also don’t know what they are saying, when they chant, “From the river to the sea,” the psychiatrist said of the death-to-Israel phrase.Woah! Liar for a trial expert? Typical monstrous murderous Zionism propaganda. Ms. Lieberman needs to study Zionism and it’s brutal history. Without Palestine there’d be no Israel. Must watch clip below:

Another relic of the pandemic has become a common sight at protests and college encampments: masks.

While most of the country has moved on from Covid-19 protectionsyes, because of lies by authorities and politicians everywhere. I value my brain. It’s been proven COVID can cause serious brain damage, so I wear N95 everywhere indoors in public, and outdoors if other persons present, protesters are clinging to the facial fashion as a sign of fear of the virusah, nope, because the students calling for divestment from kid-killing are not stupid like this article, journalist, Semafor and above trial expert, are more intelligent than most, and well taught in the importance of not relying on Zionist or fascist capitalist/politico propaganda, and think for themselvesas well a bid to shield their identities, reported online news outlet Semafor, which noted the prevalence of covered faces in the current wave of demonstrations.

“To us, the optics are communicating that we deny the Biden administration’s narrative about COVID — that it’s no longer a big deal,” Olan Mijana, a spokesman for the March on DNC 2024 coalition, was quoted as saying. “It’s about collective safety, and it’s also about connecting this COVID neglect to the very issues that we’re marching on the DNC for.”Bravo! Wise. Courageous and compassionate to protect the health of self and the community.

The communal aspect of the demonstrations may also give demonstrators — denied socialization at a key point in their lives — comfort, !!!! WTF new idiocy spreads in the media??? said psychologist Jennifer Gittleman. …

Laura Miers@LauraMiers:

Every time I think I have seen it all, our media, fake experts, & captured physicians (who are here to do our corporate overlords’ bidding at the expense of humanity) double down.

They have NO SHAME. (This claim may seem silly, but it’s quietly supporting a preexisting pro-business narrative, as bird flu barrels down on us.)

Amazon Piss Jugs@JeremyWard33:

Wow this headline. I thought it couldn’t get worse. And then this. Unbelievable.

Laura Miers@LauraMiers:

I audibly gasped.I laughed because I’ve been watching the evil that is Zionism for decades. And, because this piece is just stupid, so are the experts quoted. And, I see fear, big fear, because they know they are enabling genocide and do not have the compassion, selflessness, courage or integrity to do what the students are doing and sacrificing for humanity.

Joshua Boaz Pribanic #AntiviralsNow@JoshuaPribanic:

Newscorp is scared to death of public interest threatening their bottom line

Barbara Banfield@BarbBanfieldRN:

Wait, wut? I thought lockdowns caused our young people to become alienated, anti-social, and lonely. How did they become empathetic, connected, and well organized?

Corbie still wears N95 and stays outside@Corbie25:

Joshua Casey @email hidden; JavaScript is required

@Autistic_JC really… “covid shutdowns”

that was literally 4 years ago (and wasn’t even a true “shutdown” as we were still allowed to leave our houses).

I long for the day when the NY Post shuts down


Al Jazeera English@AJEnglish:

“For decades, Western states were able to support [Israel’s] abuses against Palestinians with impunity due to public ignorance on the issue… This is now over.”

How many Palestinian journalists, photographers, poets, doctors, babies, kids, women, surgeons, bakers, first responders, professors, artists, international aid workers, sports stars, and more murdered by Israel?

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