Delicious justice! 13 Canadians will hold piece of history in limited edition collectible postage stamps with John A. MacDonald’s decapitated head.

Canada Post Printed Stamps With Former Prime Minister’s Decapitated Head, The man who had them made, through Canada Post’s Picture Postage program, promised to send them to people for free if they or their ancestors were “fucked over” by John A. Macdonald by Kevin Maimann, Sept 10, 2020, Vice

Canada Post has apologized after the severed bronze head of the country’s first Prime Minister was immortalized in stamp form. 

James Bone, a federal government employee who handles stamp collections at Library and Archives Canada, had a sheet of official Canada Post stamps made bearing the detached head of a John A. Macdonald statue that was recently toppled in Montreal. 

Bone posted a photo of a sheet of 50 domestic stamps on Twitter Tuesday, tweeting “Please RT if fuck colonialism” and promising to send them to people free of charge “if you or your ancestors were fucked over by Macdonald.”

He had them printed through Canada Post’s Picture Postage program, which allows people to put their own photos on usable domestic or international stamps for a fee ($68 for a sheet of domestic stamps), a service that’s typically used to innocently celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.  

Bone said he was pleasantly surprised that his photo of Macdonald’s severed head made it through the printing process. 

“I think I just got lucky the first time around. Somebody was sort of asleep at the printer,” he said. 

“I hope nobody lost their job over it.”

After his tweet blew up, the Ottawa resident mailed the stamps out in 13 batches on Wednesday afternoon. He tried to print more to satisfy the dozens of requests he was getting, but Canada Post shut him down, even responding to him directly on Twitter to say the stamps “shouldn’t have been processed.” Roaring glorious laughter! Thank you Mr. Bone for your brilliant contribution of truth in Canada’s vile white history!

Macdonald served as Canada’s prime minister in 1867-1873 and 1878-1891. While he was known for overseeing the creation of Canada and its national railway system, those accomplishments came at the expense of the Indigenous peoples who had lived on the land for thousands of years.

People Are Tearing Down Racist Statues Worldwide Because Governments Won’t

Macdonald’s policies facilitated mass starvation of Indigenous peoples, whom he regularly referred to as “savages.” His conservative government also orchestrated the forcible removal of Indigenous children from their homes to be placed in residential schools, where they were often abused.

On Aug. 29, Montrealers pulled down a statue of Macdonald following a demonstration in support of defunding police. Videos circulated online of the statue falling and its head popping off, bouncing on the wet concrete to applause

Canadian politicians, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, condemned the toppling of the statue. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney asked for it to be shipped west and erected Excellent word choice. Erect – like the pedophile penises on the endless vulgar loathsome priests raping thousands of innocent Indidgenous Canadian children, again and again and again! at the Alberta legislature. 

As someone who works with postage stamps for a living–a philatelic archivist, to be precise–Bone has spent a lot of time thinking about their power and meaning. He hopes his “fun subversion” helps Canadians take a more critical look at their country’s past.

“Stamps represent the official image of the country, and sometimes the official image of the country isn’t the more nuanced truth of its history,” Bone said. 

“I’m a very privileged settler. I’m amongst the group that Macdonald and his type favoured in the development of Canada. I realize that part of reconciliation is recognizing that those who have privilege for historical reasons, they need to try even harder to decolonize as best as possible even if it’s never fully possible.”

Black Lives Matter Protesters Topple Slave Trader Statue and Dump It in Harbour

Canada Post was not amused by the stamp or the attention Bone’s tweet received. Fire all white supremacists leading all Canada’s public agencies, notably those appointed by racist thugs in ex-PM Steve Harper govt! There are too many white supremacists (with shit for humour) getting more fat, “slobberly” and vulgar on our tax dollars!

In an email to VICE News, a spokesperson said Canada Post was investigating how the image cleared the approval process for submissions to the Picture Postage program.

“This image does not meet the terms and conditions of the program and should not have been approved or printed,” the statement said. “We apologize and will take measures to ensure our vetting and approval processes are strengthened and closely followed.” Too funny and too late!

Meanwhile, the 13 Canadians waiting to receive the stamps in the mail will soon hold a piece of history in the form of a limited edition collectible.

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“Rule of Law” or “Rich White Man Law?” US Senate (controls Supreme Court nominees) created to represent the rich: “…to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority.” John A. MacDonald, 1st thug PM on why Canada needed an appointed Senate: “We must protect the rights of the minority, and the rich are always in fewer number than the poor.”

Yup, the same racist thug PM who lost his head recently:

….it is crucial to recall that these statues are not monuments of collective historical remembrance; rather, they are static, physical pieces of propaganda. … The evidence of Macdonald’s crimes against humanity are quite disturbing, to say the least.

Emmett Macfarlane@EmmMacfarlane Poli Sci Prof, UWaterloo. Constitutional Law, Public Policy & Cdn Politics. Author & editor of books.

Law is politics people. Never forget.

Canada’s top judge history:

All Supreme Court of Canada appointments to date:

87 White men
10 White women

2020 06 23: Alberta Law Society rescinds lawyer Grey Leighton’s appointment from adjudicator pool; Ignorant Kenney/UCP refuse to apologize for putting Leighton on their judge picking committee

2020 06 20: Canada’s racist legal industry rots & lies on: Alberta lawyer Leighton Grey (posted Black Lives Matter ‘leftist lie’ video), resigns. Picked by racist Kenney’s racist UCP to be on racist committee to pick racist judges? Grey was lawyer for Clayton Boucher, imprisoned after racist RCMP found baking soda in his home.

2020 06 08: Racism murders on. In Canada too, enabled by lawyers & LSO. If legal & judicial industries refuse to confront their white privilege, how will police? Nina Simone, 1968: “They’re shooting us down, one by one. … Killing us, one by one.”

2020 06 04: Law Society Ontario (LSO)’s white privilege bucket runneth over

Paul Butler: “This is not about enforcing law. It’s about enforcing white supremacy.” The New York Times: “How the Supreme Court lets cops get away with murder.” Roxanne Gay: “A hashtag is not a vaccine for white supremacy.” Linda Tirado: “It was police who shot me, not protesters.” Slate: “Police errupt in violence nationwide.”

Gillian Hnatiw, Canadian lawyer, female: “Fundamentally, the law is about power – who has it, who gets it, and how they are allowed to wield it. … Yet evidence of misogyny remains all around us. Lest anyone forget, there is a self-confessed sexual predator in the White House. … In Canada, we’re not faring a whole lot better…. All of our political leaders are men.”

Doctrine of Discovery: Stolen lands, Strong Hearts: Never mind sexual assault/rape education for Canadian judges, they need to learn Indigenous Law & Rights too (and how to be honest). But, is it possible to “train” misogyny and racism out of people, especially privileged (mostly white) people (mostly men) like lawyers & judges?

2020 02 21: Legal scholar Joshua Sealy-Harrington “totally eviscerates” Murray Klippenstein’s arguments. It revolts me that my public interest lawsuit is being destroyed by Klippenstein pissing on Law Society Rule 2.09 to enable racism. After abruptly quitting my lawsuit more than 730 days ago, he *still* has not sent me my case files. What tune would Klippenstein sing if all the bias/prejudice was directed at Mennonite lawyers?

2019 12 20: Oh Racist Colonial Canada: As vile under Trudeau as Harper! Police prepared to shoot Wet’suwet’en land defenders; Documents show Commanders argued “lethal overwatch is req’d” – a term for deploying snipers – like in Elsipotog in 2013. RCMP commanders also instructed officers to “use as much violence toward the gate as you want.”

2019 09 11: “Hey look Ma!! Racists won!!” Ontario Law Society’s Statement of Principles (SOP) abolished by dinosaurs. “Shows how corrupt our legal (definitely not justice!) system is. May all White supremacists rot in hell.” … “It is from this circus of clowns we choose our judges, and it shows in our injustice system.”

Studies of federal courts found that when a female justice or a justice of color sits on a panel, their male or white colleagues are more likely to side with plaintiffs in civil rights cases.

2019 07 16: No wonder Canadian “justice” is so often misogynistic, racist &/or abusive. Looking in the mirror: Harassment in legal workplaces

2019 07 06: Ontario Bar Association reaffirms commitment to promoting equity, diversity & inclusion, “speaks as a united voice.” Compare to Law Society of Ontario’s white supremacists squabbling childishly trying to hold onto power. How does a litigant get fair legal representation with shit like this going on?

2019 06 30: How prevalent is racism (and misogyny) among Canadian lawyers & judges?

Photo above: Murray Klippenstein, One of my quitting lawyers (the other is Cory Wanless).

Do you want fairness, equality, diversity, inclusion in Canada’s legal profession? In 2019, 85% of the legal profession in USA is white and mostly male. No wonder so many sexual assault victims are re-victimized in court by judges and known convicted pedophiles are granted licence to practice law! No wonder our environment is underrepresented and unjustly served with vile demented gag orders.

2019 Profile of the Legal Profession [in USA] Report

Diversity? Not So Much

A whopping 85% of the profession is still white. 85%.

For example, while the Report’s introduction points out that the profession changes every year, much of the story contained in the Report is unfortunately the same. For example, a whopping 85% of the profession is still white and mostly male. 85%.

… 80% of our federal judges are white. Almost 75% are men. That’s an incredible lack of progress for a key metric. [White men don’t like to share power do they?]

… The Report also reveals what most of us would have assumed: public service lawyers are grossly underpaid with civil legal aid lawyers being paid on average the least of the least. Its no wonder we have an access to justice problem.

… 21% of lawyers report problem drinking; 32% of lawyers under 30 report problem drinking. This compares to 6.4% of the general population. 25-35% do lawyers facing disciplinary proceedings report some mental illness or addiction issue.

2016: Justice understood? Or are some lawyers and the Canadian Bar Association wanting to silence the many Canadians concerned with the serious access to justice problems in Canada?

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