U of A’s Zionistiche Gestapo Bill Flanagan: Why brutalize students with the brains to see Israel’s genocide and lies, and the heart, compassion, integrity and courage to peacefully oppose mass slaughter of Palestinians? Flanagan, you’re as dirty as AER naming me a terrorist because I sued them for violating my charter rights and as bad at making shit up as supreme court of Canada Zionist judge Rosalie Abella in her ruling in Ernst vs AER. Resign Flanagan! You are no leader.

Human for Liberation@BactrianQueen:

I did not have a university making up shit up about its students in my 2024 bingo card and we’re only May.


Wow must have been a gang initiation ritual.


They were using tools to build something

Those criminals

Olive It@ManFacingSE:

Weapons of mass construction


These settler colonies really showing their origins

Jorge @kokefdez33:

damn, construction sites are now Hamas


Does this make every hardware store an illegal arms dealer and terror supporter?


breaking news home depot arming terrorists

ale Belanger@ydbelanger:

That’s the same list used when the homeless encampment was torn down.
Someone’s mixing up the paperwork.

Hahahahahah! Above tweets are too funny.


Can you even imagine the cache of weapons you’d turn up in a search of even a single freedumb convoy RV?


In addition to tools

Sook, Flames Appreciator @UrbanTurbanMan:

It’s so frustrating to see this type of stance on “potential” weapons when there were literal hunting rifles and shotguns found at the Coutts blockade, during the convoys, in the protestors vehicles – but all they got were handshakes and hugs from the cops when it was all over!

Pat Johnston@patjinfo:

…reminds me of the time police saw the freedumb convoyers carrying in numerous fuel cans – and did absolutely sfa about it. …


box of needles? What is next? scissors, staples, rubber bands

Lena Wahlgren-Smith@lwahlgrensmith:

Pencils. You can do a lot of harm with a pencil.

Snarl Marx (he/they)@beeferiksson:

Markers and crayons are gang paraphernalia because they can make signs

Ukraine Victory #NafoFella@uavictory22:

a box of nails!!!!!


Biden’s most mid soldier@GamerBrocialist:

100% bs

The Truth Seeker@NazKaz98:

Zionist lies @UAlberta. Looking for ways to justify the way they mishandeled the situation. Sue them!


Disgusting fear mongering.


They learned this from the IOF


Sounding like Israel


A box of needles. Like the Very Scary Stuff the Israelis won’t allow into Gaza? Does UofA have an on-site Israeli operative on its staff?


Dave’s a real name@davidconstable6:

Scissors, especially medical scissors, like the terror medical scissors Israeli military found being smuggled in an aid shipment


Next piece of “evidence” they’re gonna drawl out is an acoustic guitar with the sticker “this machine kills fascists”Or dressed up like Eric Clapton’s:

Growing City@skyscaping:

Forgot to mention brains. Those are a hell of a weapons when properly utilized, as demonstrated… well, atleast by the protestors.

It’s hilarious that U of A think following the same misinformation tactics of Israel will benefit them, but also clear them of wrongdoing.



They found tools.



Hellbertaor HeilAlberta.

jay s.@m_jay_smith:

I see this as a response to the CH piece yesterday pointing out the jurisprudence that the Charter applies on campus. This is the way around that.

The “outside agitator” rhetoric is disgusting. The crowd was mostly those with a direct connection (alumni, st, fac) to @ualberta


Tell me you’ve never set up a camp or owned a tool box without telling me you’ve never set up a camp or owned a tool box.


the “box of needles” consisted of Naloxone kits and sewing needles to do crafts


crafting is very threatening

Muscle Dad MonkehCommissions @shanerooks:

A. Box. Of. Needles.

Jésus fucking Christ these guys are stretching for that reach.

Valuable thread:

Independent Jewish Voices – Edmonton @ijvEdmonton May 12, 2024:

Can someone please get some adults in the room so that @UAlberta can properly take accountability for the brutal camp sweep yesterday? Because right now they’re propagandizing, distorting, and digging the University in deeper. Some quick points.

“We fully understand that the majority of the members of the encampment, particularly our students, were peaceful and posed no threat to public safety. However, this did not extend to all members of the encampment.” No evidence provided. Counter to all our observations.

Wood pallets:

(1) They were to put tents on in case of heavy rain.

(2) All were removed from the camp at least seven hours before the raid at the request of campus security. If campus security wanted them further away, they could have moved them farther without entering camp.

3) When intermediaries asked campus security if there were remaining safety issues to be addressed after the pallets were moved, campus security refused to discuss.

Next: “Potential weapons”. Ever been camping? Put up banners on stakes? Useful tools: mallet, hammer, screwdriver, pliers. The owner of these would like them back, by the way, together with all the other stuff you took during the raid.

Next: “box of needles”. Nice attempt to play on anti-drug-user prejudice, btw. But it’s most likely these were from naloxone kits, which the university trains us to use and are part of mutual care.

Next & crucially: It is gutting to watch our university trade on the invidious distinction between UAlberta students and “outsiders” who are then cast as dangerous interlopers. There were many UAlberta students/faculty in the camp: we think @UAlberta comms is lowballing. And.

UAlberta usually sings hymns to our links with the broader community, especially alumni (of whom there were many). Why the xenophobic garbage now, then, about ‘outsiders’?

OK, two more things. What is @UAlberta claiming or implying when they say ‘the vast majority of the occupants of the camp left peacefully’? ALL occupants of the camp left peacefully. EPS acted violently, and most of us left at the point of truncheons and non-lethal weapons

And finally, we’ll let our colleagues in Law school you on the ridiculous ways you’re framing free speech, assembly, and legitimate restraints on same under the Charter.

In summary

Please stop trying to gaslight your highly educated community about what you licensed when you brought riot cops onto campus to crush a peaceful protest encampment. Take genuine accountability. Align, finally, with @UAlberta ‘s espoused values.

Oh wait, that’s not the last thing. Here’s the last thing: DISCLOSE! DIVEST! WE WILL NOT STOP WE WILL NOT REST!

Whups, BREAKING, BREAKING. The IJV Newsdesk has been informed there was a box of needles with medical supplies brought by a certified first aid provider as part of mutual care in the camp. (A first aid tent was being created before @UAlberta’s violent sweep.)

A number of IJV Edmonton members are students, staff, & faculty at @UAlberta. It’s humiliating for us to watch PR hacks and inept leaders completely screw up accountability and communication on the heels of a massively bad decision. Some senior leaders need to be shown the door.


Message to the U of A community: Update on encampment by Bill Flanagan, May 12

Mr. Flanagan’s message of shit is too stupid for me to cut and paste here, go to link to read if you want to bash your head and soul. I know there are one hell of a lot of ignorant and cruel bullies in Alberta, notably in the TBA/UCP/previous con and incredibly nasty wildrose parties, and the fossil fool industry and its charter-violating regulator, but Flanagan takes the stupid cruel cake.


Unforgiveable and utterly shameful that UofA serves up this fascist brutality against peaceful, justified protest and compassionate young people of integrity. The students are on the right side of history. Resign @BFlanaganUofA

Laurie Adkin@LaurieAdkin:

Really, @globeandmail, you may as well have published Flanagan’s statement verbatim. No other voices from the @UAlberta context are quoted in this story. They reveal Flanagan’s version of events to be false or ludicrous. This is shockingly bad reporting.

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