May 15, 2024: 76 years since the Nakba when Palestinians were violently removed from their ancestral lands in 1948.

I wish land (and oil, gas and water) back and return for Palestinians and for permanent peace. This hell ravaged upon them by Israel’s insatiable greed and hatred and vile lies must stop.

Zionists (the real terrorists), USA and the other war mongers must stop aiding Israel’s thieving and genocide. May all those who are complicit, including leaders, lawyers (here’s looking at you Irwin Cotler) and judges (here’s looking at you Rosalie Abella) in Canada, dead and alive, burn in Satan’s guts, eternally.

The Nakba: All you need to know explained in five maps and charts


76th NAKBA DAY: A day of unimaginable violence and loss when Palestinians were displacement from their homeland in 1948.

It never stopped…


76 years have passed since the tragic events of the Nakba, a day filled with unspeakable acts of violence and immense loss as Palestinians were forcibly removed from their ancestral land in 1948.

And yet, the pain and suffering continue to this day, a stark reminder of the ongoing struggle for justice and peace in the region.

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