“Meticulous!” New embellishment for AER, Lying Spying No Duty of Care, Legally Immune, Charter-violating, vulgar bully of harmed Albertans, 100% industry funded and controlled, enabler of corporate crimes (e.g. illegal aquifer frac’er Encana/Ovintiv, gas spewing liabilities dumped onto Lynx) and deadly pollution everywhere.


Very careful about doing something in an extremely accurate and exact way

Marked by extreme care in treatment of details (Adj)

Alberta Energy Regulator@AER_news May 14, 2024:

While wildfires may be unpredictable, as Alberta’s energy regulator, we meticulously ensure the companies we oversee are prepared. We require companies to have emergency response plans (ERPs) ready to implement in emergency situations, including during wildfires.

To report an energy-related emergency, contact the 24-hour Energy and Environmental Emergency Line at 1-800-222-6514.

Sandy Clark Lives in DanielleHell@cynicsinc:

That is wildly inappropriate and completely unprofessional of the AER. Wow!


Cough cough bullshit.


The AER has a trust problem.
Also, a 3 degree rise is global temperature is incompatible with all of our current agriculture.
What is your ERP for that?

Hey AER! What a farce you are. When you were EUB, before it got wiggled into ERCB to make Albertans forget about you spying on innocent citizens, your staff told me the same lying crap – to call the emergency number available 24 hours a day and to call day or night. I did, and either rec’d no response or was bullied and abused by your staff for daring to call the number. I guess because I was not Encana or CNRL calling for a crime cover-up.

How are you going to fix the Rosebud aquifers Encana illegally intentionally frac’d repeatedly to force reluctant methane and ethane to release into our water and to surface via soils?

When will you charge Encana? Oh right, you won’t because you “meticulously” are Encana.

The gasses released by frac’ing rising to surface across Alberta (including in the tarsands where much frac’ing takes place) likely fuel wilder out of control wildfires putting all Albertans at risk and costing $billions. Meticulously.

Meticulously ensuring companies are prepared for fire while frac’ing the shit out of Alberta means nothing when you do not enforce your meticulousness.

I am a blur in above 2006 photo by Colin Smith because my frac’d water exploded with such ferocity, I jumped away. The flames hit the ceiling of my house. I never again showed my flammable Encana water inside my home after that water on fire event. Below photo by Colin Smith was taken inside my quonset.

ERCB became AER after my lawsuit went public.

AER is meticulously legally immune. Try to sue AER for violating your rights, judges across the land will lie to smear you, and meticulously deny you your rights.

Alberta’s public interest, meticulously on fire at frac central Fox Creek in 2023.

Photo by Kyle Brittain.

I dedicate this post to Rosemary Baxter of Courtenay BC.

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