War Room #2 start-up under Alberta Environment? What will they call it? The Canadian Environment Centre? Netflix must be thrilled.

First, watch and listen (make sure sound is on, and volume up), 1:13 Min.


Halfvaxxed Albertan.@Govman01 Replying to @vote4robgill and @jkenney

Oh My God I think I just laughed up a kidney.

Subsequent tweet (sputter sputter, too much laughter in this wild windy blizzard):

Observers question new Alberta environment, social, governance job posting, New provincial job posting more about talk than action, critics say by Bob Weber, The Canadian Press, Mar 29, 2021, CBC News

The posting for a new high-level Alberta government job supposed to help the province align with environmental concerns from financial markets seems more about talk than action, observers say.

“My impression is that it is about communicating,” said Olaf Weber, the University of Waterloo’s Research Chair in Sustainable Finance.

“The Alberta government does a lot of communication — not really addressing the problem, but changing the conversation.” Which is why CAPP, Encana and gov’t created Synergy Alberta after illegal frac’ing by Encana/Ovintiv contaminated a community’s drinking water supply (and chased me for years, trying to con me into participating. Vile). But many Canadians now know how evil Synergy Alberta is, how it works, and refuse to be conned by it (even to the point of saying no to the free luring lunches) so CAPP et al had to create the War Room strategy to feed their rabid pro-polluter base.

The United Conservative government has recently posted an opening for an assistant deputy minister with the Environmental, Social, and Governance Secretariat.

The job — which pays up to $200,000 — would report to executive council, headed by Premier Jason Kenney.

The posted description says the job would be “developing communication and engagement plans focused on key audiences, building strategic communications materials to support the implementation of the plan, and coordinating implementation.”

That’s not the general understanding of what’s commonly called ESG, said Bronwen Tucker of the environmental group Oil Change International, who regularly works with private-sector ESG officers.

“It is a lot of setting benchmarks in order to compare different investments,” she said. “The aim of ESG is to ensure that environmental, social and governance side of things that are typically harder to measure aren’t completely left behind.”

Such benchmarks are often referred to as non-financial disclosures. They’re intended to help investors evaluate hard-to-quantify risks such as climate change regulation, social unrest or government corruption — as well as provide ethical guidance.

‘Extremely communications-focused’

The government posting doesn’t mention improving performance or helping companies set benchmarks. It seems to suggest the job would point out what the province already does.

“[The job] will contribute to the development of a competitive environment for Alberta businesses through effective communications e.g. lies, spin, deflection, lies, spin, lies, more spin & propaganda, repeat, repeat, repeat. on Alberta’s standing in the world on ESG criteria,” it says.

The job would focus on both long- and short-term objectives.

“The Strategy Directorate leads the development and implementation of strategies and plans to define and reach different target audiences, including content curation,” it says.

“The Operations Directorate leads issues management, including developing and executing rapid response capacity to correct misinformation.” via quick lies, spin, deflection, then more spin, lies, deflection, repeat to try to hide the truth from investors, investment firms, banks, etc., about Alberta’s toxic rape of the environment, including globally, to benefit a few mega rich old white men while harming the rest of us and wiping out other species.

The job will include “the development of cross-ministry policies related to climate, energy and innovation.”

But a more typical ESG job would focus on advising the organization on ways to improve, Weber said.

“If you talk to banks and others, they are aware they have to work on ESG,” he said. “But they wouldn’t say it’s mainly communication.”

Tucker agreed.

“[This job] is called the ESG secretariat, but definitely seems extremely communications-focused.”

‘A vocal promoter’

Asked how the ESG secretariat would differ from the Canadian Energy Centre — the government’s so-called “war room” combating perceived misinformation about Alberta’s energy industry — a spokeswoman for Kenney said the office would work with other government departments.

“ESG is a financial metric that applies to a number of sectors in Alberta across various ministries,” Jerrica Goodwin said in an email. “The secretariat is being formed to co-ordinate all of Alberta’s policy and advocacy efforts across government.”

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers said it supports the government’s ESG secretariat. Of course! It will be excellent for CAPP members, all heavy polluters, and very bad for communities, families, and the environment.

“We have been a vocal promoter of the strong ESG performance demonstrated by Canada’s natural gas and oil industry and welcome a greater focus on [its] high standards,” president Tim McMillan said in an email.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2014-04-20-Alberta-Crown-to-Judge-you-cant-let-this-suit-go-forward-because-it-will-expose-all-the-crimes-my-client-has-committed1.jpg

“There is an opportunity to help tell the story of how our country produces some of the world’s most reliable, affordable and responsibly produced energy.”

Weber said this is the only provincial ESG position in Canada focused on industry that he’s aware of. He wonders why it’s needed.

“I find it interesting that the government sets up a position that communicates ESG for companies working in the province,” he said. “The oil industry can do that on its own.” But that would cost the rich old white men money, said CAPP, Harper, Kenney, Encana/Ovintiv et al. Let’s enrage our base with a War Room and make taxpayers pay.

Refer also to:


2012: Energy Literacy in Canada by the School of Public Policy, University of Calgary

2013: Canadian Geographic accused of spreading CAPP oil and gas ‘propaganda’ in schools, including to Grade 3′s

EUB/ERCB/AER’s Charter-Violating, Abusive, Cowardly McCarthyism expands to UCP Party: War room set for Calgary to attack courageous citizens concerned about Alberta’s deregulated frac-frenzied polluting, health-harming free-for-alls

Premier Jason Kenney gives oil & gas industry $30 million gift from taxpayers to attack concerned citizens courageous enough to speak out, Gives not one penny to fix Rosebud’s drinking water aquifers frac’d illegally by Encana, covered-up by “No Duty of Care” AER

Jason Kenney gives multi-billion dollar profiting companies a taxpayer-funded war room to abuse citizens concerned about industry’s rampant life-threatening pollution: Suncor tarsands revenue up from $11.2 to $12 billion between 2017 and 2018 when companies whined about how hard it was to operate in Canada; CNRL boosted its revenue from $7.1 to $11.5 billion

Rob Schwartz, past Director of Alberta Surface Rights Group, on Jason Kenney’s War Room: “CTV produces ‘The Amazing Race Canada’ and UCP produces ‘The Amazing Shit Show Alberta’

Mega list of bankrupt companies! Kenney’s $30 Million McCarthyism War Room renamed “Alberta Energy Information Centre” (AER’s 100%-industry-funded ass): PetroPimps’ Propaganda Hanky Panky Bunker to Spy ‘n Lie for CAPP ‘n Koch ‘n Encana ‘n Harper? Just New West Partnership cont’d?

The Hanky Panky Continues! Kenney’s newly named War Room, “Alberta Energy Information Centre,” gets another new name: “Canadian Energy Centre” and it sounds like AER’s/Jim Ellis’ ICORE on steroids! UCP failed candidate, Tom Olsen, hired as manager, reportedly to get $195,000.00 salary. “Spin pays big time in Alberta.”

“The orks are getting nervous.” Big Bad Powerful CAPP afraid of Greta? Oil industry’s cowardice the real reason for Jason Kenney’s anti-information, private corporation Canadian Energy Propaganda Centre? Steal from citizens to give polluters the loudest voice? CAPP is foolish to whine, but wise to be afraid. Greta has more power than Alberta’s unethical war room, no matter how much money it eats or how many media lie for it.

Hey Kenney! Grant Collies: “Tom Olsen from this point onward shall be known as Stupid Goebbels.” Arthur Vandalay: “It’s not a war room against anti-oil types. Its a war room against truth.” Claude DeRoche: “$30 million! Enough to hire 500 nurses!”

Alberta’s “Logo a no-go” Tom Olsen (salary $195,000.00 a year) tries to bring “measured tone” to Alberta’s War Room and to “correct” Jeremy Appel’s excellent Opinion Piece in Medicine Hat News. Olsen fails, miserably. Must read review of Olsen’s attempt by David Climenhaga! (I’ll be laughing for days!)

Jason Kenney’s (CAPP et al’s) War Room swamped by fightin’ mad Albertans falling for lies & propaganda instead of looking honestly at industry’s greed-induced “de-manning” killing jobs & causing their suffering

Downstream of [Alberta’s] oilsands, death by cancer comes too often Will Alberta Health make a War Room too to try to stop investors from fleeing Alberta’s tar ‘n frac patch?

Courageous (and funny!) Medicine Hat News Opinion piece by Jeremy Appel, ‘Energy war room an expensive joke at best,’ Inspires tart and bossy email from war room spin doctor, Grady Semmens, who previously spun at Cenovus (Encana spawn), Currently listed as executive for TransCanada Corp

Another Canadian Clusterfuck: Too funny! Kopy Kat Kenney copied U.S. software giant’s logo for his propaganda war room. How many millions of dollars will “Logo a no-go” cost Albertans? Guffaw!

CNBC’s Jim Cramer: “I’m done with fossil fuels … they’re just done. We’re starting to see divestment all over the world. … It’s going to be a parade that says, ‘Look, these are tobacco and we’re not going to own them.’ … Younger people don’t want to own them. The dividends are great…but you can tell that the world’s turned on them. It’s actually happening really quickly.”

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