The big picture of violence against women

Sarah Boesveld@sarahboesveld March 24, 2021:

A woman in Kitchener, Ont gets fined for sharing documents with trusted friends & family about her own court case; a teenager in Britain fined for reporting her stalker to police five times before being murdered by said stalker.

2021 03 22: Teenager was fined for reporting stalker to police five times before he murdered her, Shana Grice, a 19-year-old receptionist from Brighton, had begged Sussex Police to take action against Michael Lane five times over a period of six months in 2016 before he slit her throat

… According to the Crime Survey of England and Wales a shocking one in five women has been stalked since the age of 16.

In the past 10 years 2,075 women have been murdered in the UK and 57 percent were killed by someone they knew – a majority were the victim’s partner or an ex.

Forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes, who contributes to the programme, says Shana’s case shows the ‘dangerous’ attitudes towards female victims and it often puts off women from reporting crimes.

She told the Sun: “This is such a tragic murder and all the more so because it was avoidable.

“The case typifies why women have little faith in the police and why they often don’t report incidents because they are not confident they will get the help that they need.” …

2021 03 18: Caveman Canada hits a sexual assault victim again, to protect our perverted legal system. Sara Casselman: “This is our justice system folks. A survivor in our community was fined yesterday for sharing a transcript of the judge’s ruling *in her favour* with her friends and family.”

How many companies, regulators, police, lawyers and judges enable harm to women and bully and harm women directly?

2021 03: Canada’s military:

2021: If rape-enabling shit sits atop the judicial industry, what runs through it?

Happy V Day 2021: One billion rising: “We are asking for justice!” “No more rape or incest or abuse. Women are not a possession.”

Me, it was since I was 8.

2021: How big a player is the oil and gas patch in sex trafficking?

RCMP told Ernst they “don’t do surveillance” when she refused them entry into her home without a warrant while trespassing on her land, lying and trying to terrify her silent after she served legal papers on Encana/Ovintiv, AER & Alberta gov’t.

In my experience, Encana/Ovintiv illegally frac’ing Rosebud and Redland’s drinking water aquifers, repeatedly, injecting 18 Million litres frac fluid directly into them, is like being repeatedly raped by Christian married pedophiles. When will there be an “independent assessor” reviewing the many frac’d water supplies and frac-harmed Canadians suffering betrayal after betrayal by politicians, regulators, the courts, police/RCMP, and even one’s own lawyers (Cory Wanless and Murray Klippenstein)?

2020: Humanity on a roll – backwards: 91% of men, 86% of women hold at least one bias against women in relation to politics, economics, education, violence or reproductive rights. Almost one third of men and women think it’s OK for a man to beat his wife. How many think it’s OK for men to rape & murder women? Too many judges do.

2020: How many Canadian women and children must endure rape and or physical abuse and sexually transmitted diseases to keep the oil patch rolling?

2020: Time to Boycott Rape Culture Alberta! X-Site (‘Excite’) Energy Ltd. decal depicting rape of Greta Thunberg printed, distributed *without her consent,* posted to X-Site’s Facebook, Instagram; denied after public outrage; next a feeble apology. Canada’s oil patch collared RCMP, as expected, say the decal is acceptable. Gotta let the oil boys satisfy their penis’ wants, no matter how abusive or violent, to keep profits rolling in for the rich.

2020: As expected, the rapist’s future and “good family” privilege strikes again (systemic?): Judicial industry gives convicted serial rapist Matthew McKnight everything his defence asked for. Disgusting. Horrifying. He’ll likely be out in 2 years or less, free to rape again and again and again. “I’m saddened for the victims of McKnight who also became victims of Justice Sulyma.”

2019: “It’s the judges!” enabling rape and murder of women. No kidding. In Canada too.

The big picture of violence against women by Ann Telnaes, Editorial cartoonist, March 23, 2021, Washington Post

Is society willing to acknowledge the factors that contribute to the pandemic of violence against women?

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