Diary of a frac’d resident in NEBC. Damn It Premier Horgan, find some humanity! Ban Frac’ing! For the Love of Water, Community and People, not just Fake Jobs for Multinational Polluters.

Shale Gas Drill n Frac’ near Dawson Creek in
Super Natural British Columbia
Life in the Time of Induced, Quakes, Shakes & Slams


May 24 10:59am, 2:16pm, 2:21pm, 2:25pm, 2:34pm, 2:45pm, 2:52pm, 2:57m, 3:03pmside to side, tremor, 3:06pm, 3:10pm stronger steady

May 25 10:30pm starts vibrating floor, goes on and on

May 26 11:00pm starts vibrating floor, goes on and on

May 27 3:00pm starts vibrating floor, 3:33pm jolt, 3:36pm, 4:08 vibrating, 4:17pm ongoing 10:00pm shaking, 11:29pm shakes again

May 28 4:38pm, 4:42pm, 4:56pm, 7:44pm, 10:19pm, 10:23pm side to side shake

June 8 10:02am, 10:08am, 10:11am, 10:16am, 10:41am, 10:45am, 2:32pm sways and stops

June 19 6:19pm, 7:58pm, 11:56pm house shakes

June 20 12:58pm, 1:05pm, 1:16pm, 1:30pm, 1:38pm, 1:41pm, 1:51pm, 1:56pm, 2:14pm movement

June 27 1:40pm, 1:42pm, 1:54pm, movement

Sept 3 4:33pm, starts shaking, 4:53pm vibrate, continues

Oct 30 2:47pm, 9:51pm swaying house

Nov 1 7:03pm sharp sway in house

Nov 26 2:34pm, swaying house, 2:51pm shaking

Nov 29 8:20pm side to side shaking

Dec 18 5:15pm STRONG loud, roll/noise under the house

Dec 19 8:03pm up & down motion- then side to side motion


Jan 27 11:10pm shaking, moving

Mar 3 12:13pm up & down movmnt

Mar 4 8:30pm shake, side to side

Mar 8 9:08pm, 9:11pm, 9:15pm, 9:17pm, 9:19pm, 9:34pm, 10:29pm shaking, moving

April 24 11:22am roll, shake

May 14 1:26pm, 1:32pm, 1:38pm, 1:46pm, 1:52pm, side to side shake
2:05pm BIGGER shake, 2:33pm, 6:33pm, 6:45pm, 11:54pm, 11:29pm shaking

June 20 12:40am, 1:06am shake, 1:10am, 1:15am house ‘snaps’, 1:16am swaying side to side

June 21 10:45pm jolt


May 19 10:37pm house sway

June 23 womping sound in the pm

July 26 10:17pm vibration shake

Aug. 3 2:07 am equake – shake 6am, 7am

Oct. 23 12:39am side to side jolt, wall snaps

Nov. 5 8:00am unbearable can’t stay here today vibration and sound!

Nov. 8 8:00 pm still ugly constant vibration hum on floor !

Nov. 9 9:30 am swaying house. 12:01pm jolt!


Nov. 13 5-6am roll under floor, vibrates, rolls 3 times.

Nov. 16 7:00-7:15pm and 10:100pm house jolts and sways

Nov. 19 hell nite

Nov. 26 6:30pm very strong senation in the air; buzz, hummmmm

Dec. 13 swaying and vibration going on

Dec. 14 between 10:00 and 11:00am house moving, swaying, 3:00pm it starts again
8:00-9:00pm floor starts vibrating

Dec. 15 1:00am my chair is swaying, 7:57am and 8:17am floor ‘wave’, 2:00pm seismic jolt

Dec. 16 a crew was not drilling/fracking but ‘well servicing’ SW of us approx. a mile.


Jan. 3 1:06am and 1:14am !! shaking and feels like chair is lifting up!

Jan. 9 Noon – thud and vibration starts

Jan .17 1:00am swaying moving & low thud going on

Feb. 3 8:03pm earth tremor, hum, thud 10:15pm, 10:22pm, 10:26pm up & down movement, 11:00pm the wall snaps!

We’re experiencing a demonstration of colossal ignorance!

The rural, industrial sprawl of gas drilling includes: trucks, cranes, manlifts, gravel trucks, and more cranes, heavy equipment by the boat load and semi trucks that whiz by hauling rig mats and more.

Recently I’ve seen more vehicle rollovers, vehicles in the ditch and semi trucks burning than I’ve seen in the past 20 years living here. Traffic has increased with drivers that jockey for position on our narrow rural roads.

Feb. 13 12:08am rumble vibration going on under floor!

Feb. 25-26 Last night! Loud bang in house, quakes, felt like ‘my chair was lifting up’ again

Feb. 27 hell night again, quakes, shakes. Repeat, repeat… numbness in face and jaw at times.

Mar. Some of the unpaved side roads are destroyed beyond recognition. They look like….. pancake batter – quick sand – unbelievable. TOO much traffic! Never mind the spring melt these roads were not designed to withstand this much traffic!

May 3 It goes on and on. It seems there is a mad frenzy of activity west of us to get that gas plant built with a record number of heavy machines in operation all at the same time, the ground is vibrating, the house is snapping and the industrial equipment drones on and on pounding the spring air.

May 8 Now for something completely different….sitting in the chair, late it felt like the floor, chair, house was being drawn, or pulled downward, very unusual went on for a while, gravity, seismic who knows.

June 5 I’m in the den, the ceiling and wall just cracked and snapped loudly. There is a distant pounding and thudding, drilling nearby and fracking going on

June 6 11:22pm jolt in chair! Dog leaped up from where he was sleeping, he’s an old dog, leaping up is difficult. Same at 11:40pm, 11:48 pm, 11:58pm

June 10 3:20pm very nice summer afternoon and right now house is swaying. This is too difficult !!! R’s field is torn up, J’s field is torn up and pipelines are going in.

June 13 what a drag….JUST returned home from Prince George trip and woke up to a call from Pembina Pipeline inquiring about right of way access…….the answer is NO.

July 22 11:30pm Strange THUD directly under the house! Disturbing……west of us there is a roar going on. 11:34pm Ugly wave under the house!! Like a wave out on the water! Quake or?11:35pm snap in the wall in hallway, more waves! 11:43pm, 11:46pm sway, 12:17am swaying

Jul 23 7:21pm Jerk & sway

July 26 1:21am constant odd vibration; 1:27am again

July 28 droning sound in the air, 3:30pm strong seismic sway, 3:38pm the room is creaking.

July 31 12:06am just after midnite and the house is rolling and banging. Still swaying 12:08am, 12:13am, 12:16am hollow bang somewhere in house

Aug. 7 11:54pm really rapid shaking, unusual….still…..then more shaking. Like someone is grabbing the house and trying to shake it; 12:24am SHAKE

Aug. 9 12:42am long shake and vibrate and wall snap, 12:45am again, side to side and up and down

Aug. 27 10:53 pm seismic sway and stillness and sway, 10:55pm still going, 12:15am sway

Aug. 29 Yesterday, there were unusual noises in the house, today I drove around and may see a connection. Equipment and heavy machinery has moved in; more trees torn down. They are preparing a wellsite.

Sept. 16 Last night was a busy night for this house. The ceiling snapped, pinged and banged throughout the night. The ramping up of movement started late, 11:30pm and later. House shook and rolled all night

Sept. 18 3 nights and counting, rolling, snapping, swaying, vibrate, pound, someone is busy from late night to 2, 3, 4, 5am

Sept. 25 12:15am quake, shake, roll; 12:21am it’s still going on; 1:10am disturbing dip and quake. House snap; 1:11am now chair is ‘rocking’

Oct. 2 beautiful day and there is an annoying hummmm, drone sound outside coming from west of us.

Oct. 9 about 10:30-11:00pm the drilling rig starts

Oct. 10 12:43am floor moving; 12:47am, 12:50am, 12:53am, 1:00am lifting, swaying – it’s going to be a long night; 1:09am, 1:15am swaying; 1:17am, 1:20am stronger swaying, house snaps. 11:00am swaying starts

Oct. 10 2017 7:47pm, 9:10pm sway under house, 11:41pm, 11:43pm movement

Oct. 11 9:41pm floor movement, 12:08am, 12:14am, 12:21am side to side shake

Oct. 14 midnite moving, shaky, 12:48am too much moving, shaking! 12:56am going to have an earthquake, 12:59am another shake, 1:0 am up and down movement, 1:11am obvious strong movement!

Oct. 15 12:00 midnite shakes, quake; 12:06am shaking and etc. repeat…

Oct. 17 12:42am there’s going to be an earthquake. What an odd sensation!!

Oct. 18 People around Ft St John/Hudson Hope report shaking etc.

Nov. 9 about 7:00pm-7:30 house floor is shaking, unsettling. Bad rumbling sound in the living room where I’m sitting! 8:25pm something is ramping up, 8:34pm worse now, 9:40pm quieter, a bit
10:00pm wobble/vibration starts! 10:17pm still vibrating, ceiling snaps
10:18pm weird surge under floor
10:27pm window is ‘pinging’ floor shakes up/down
11:05pm stronger sway & ‘wave’
12:30am irritating steady vibration on floor.
1:04am, 1:10am jolt

Nov. 10 quiet but about midnite sway starts
12:03am noticeable slight thudding in floor
12:08am pulsing in air and on floor and chair!
12:12am steady pulsing in floor, stronger

Nov. 11 11:32pm side to side sway

Nov. 12 fairly quiet day until 4:00-4:30pm. Rumbling under floor, vibration etc.
12:31am feels like floor moving side to side, 12:52am noticeable shake again
1:08am rocking & snap in ceiling

Nov. 13 8pm pulsing/vibe starts. Talked to R said his dogs don’t like to go outside anymore. They’re farm dogs they live for the outdoors!

Nov. 14 8:25pm shimmer under floor, 8:28pm getting floor vibe, 10:22pm side to side shake, 10:57pm vibe. On floor. 10:58pm definite seismic!! Sway! Door snapped. 11:01pm another one
1:04am odd shake up down side ways, 1:12am rumble under floor

Nov. 16 12:36am sharp movement. 12:42am rumbling, moving floor, 12:58am back & forth mvmt. 8pm heard 4 loud thuds/bangs below the house. 8:20pm chair feels like it is rocking

Nov. 18 very early 12:03am chair starts to sway, 12:08am definite movement
12:10am yikes! up and down floor, wall snaps too. 12:47am noticeable movement
12:55am something is in high gear!
The air has a brown haze
The air has a strong diesel smell
The driving of pilings is relentless
The industrial noise of drilling rigs and heavy equipment is overbearing
We lived here when it was a good time to live here, it’s no longer an appealing place to live.

Nov. 29 relentless sound of pile driving BANG BANG BANG BANG still pile driving noise in evening 5-6pm; 9:00pm chair, floor has vibe/buzz going

Nov. 30 8:30am Pile Driving going on

Dec. 10 12:41am chair swaying etc.

Dec. 11 very very early morning? 2-4am? Quake, shake, house moving, dog pacing.

Dec. 18 loss of sleep & shaky night. Yesterday I noticed the growing ‘ice sheet water seep’ in the yard is getting bigger

Dec. 21 12:07am sudden and definite sway starts, 12:11am continuing! 12:14am dog is disturbed, floor moving, 12:22am definite shake, floor is snapping here and there
12:26am as if a truck is idling under the house, 12:27am yikes, walls ping, bang

Dec. 28 1:35am sway, shake movement, Low thud thud thud thud thud sound in the cold nite.


Apr. 27 frac’ going on, 3:00pm, 3:06pm, 10:23pm, 10:31pm, 10:47pm odd seismic sensation w/restless dog! 10:51pm very strange!

May 1 12:37pm, 12:39pm, 12:47pm sway

June 20 10:28pm a jolt & sway in house, 10:36pm kitchen wall snapped loudly
11:44 pm constant vibration/shake,low thudding

June 21 12:37am, 12:41am definite surge/sway!! 2:15pm roll under floor
2:23pm shake & window creaking! 2:26pm vibrating/hum through floor
2:28pm wow! Plenty of popping sounds in house! 2:44pm another sideways movement
8:57pm noticeable up down shake

June 22 12:02am, 12:06am, as above, disturbed dog too.

We replaced a fitting under kitchen sink, it could have easily shaken and broken a seal from the oil gas shaking. Water leaked from under the sink, through the wall into the basement. Had to remove ceiling tiles, use fan, use dehumidifier, use bleach for mould that started etc.

June 26 between 1:00 – 2:00pm vibrate/sway in house, 2:06pm vibraton
How does one put heaving and sinking land, back together after a frac? You don’t, this isn’t Lego Land where you can simply click things back into place.

June 28 10:20pm feels like truck idling under house, window snaps, can hear ngines/vibration like sound outside, porch snaps, stairs snap

July 1 thudding, shaking, vibrating going on today! 4:30pm heaving, shaking etc.

July 14 about 3:00pm wave under house, ceiling, porch snapping and popping
6:10pm same thing again? 6:14pm vibration, feels like a wave.
11:52pm droning sound, vibration, buzz going on

July 15 after 1:30am? earthquake

July 16 1:06am, 1:08am shake, jolt in house! 1:20am house bangs

Aug. 5 12:24am side to side sway, ‘truck idling under house sensation’
12:31am sway again! 12:38am, 12:55am strong sway

Aug. 6 late pm drone noise vibration starts, 11:57pm feels like house is lifting, the house IS groaning and snapping. 12:00 midnite another lift sensation, 12:24am side to side

Aug. 9 shakes,quakes, movements
late pm less vibration but more movement for longer and many cracks, snaps in the house!

Aug. 11 10:57pm, 11:11pm strong roll under house!

Aug. 12 10:02pm roll under the house, thud shake, 10:05pm vibration, thudding going on….
snapping, popping house.

Aug. 13 noon: house = snap, crackle and popping, here there and everywhere, 12:15pm side to side movement, the den floor and ceiling are popping

Aug. 14 12:12am, 12:35am swaying, shaking. Maybe I could just roost in a tree to sleep but that won’t work either.

Sep. 4 house pops, snaps,jolts and…8:04pm strong movement under house, ceiling, wall ‘pops’, huge frack w/sand silos, also construction, 4 drilling rigs going.
11:08pm side to side shake, ongoing! House pops again.

Sep. 6 12:40am swaying, rocking


Feb. 11 midnite swaying & snapping house, 12:20am should have left

Feb. 16 10:22pm, 10:31pm vibration under floor, 10:36pm surge, roll under floor, 12:09am jolt

Apr.16 1:20am quick jolt, 1:22am, 1:25am rocking, swaying
1:26am, 1:32am, 1:43am up down movement swaying, 1:52am shake, sway


Jan. 9 11:30am shaking starts, 11:58am, 11:59am wave, 12:24am jolt
2:20pm jolt, 2:25pm steady rumble on floor, 6:15pm, 7:03pm side to side sway
10:17pm jolting, 11:50pm, 11:54pm, 21:21am strong side to side jolt!

Mar 14 12:25am, 12:29am quake shake in house
Pictures on the walls have to be straightened, more window seals are broken than intact and the gas line into our house is heaving for a second time. This industry wrecks stuff.
I’d like our land and house to stop walking around, I’d like some stability back.


Jan. 4 2:45pm shake under house, 3:05pm shake & lift, roof snaps wall snaps
4:36pm, 4:39pm house ‘slides’

Jan 12 1:03pm underground sway & vibration, 1:15pm a lot of vibration!

Jan. 16 3:38pm, 3:47pm Vibe under the floor, 4:48pm sideways shake in living room.
5:10pm noise vibe ramping up, 5:18pm surge and sway going on.

Feb. 6 4:55pm swaying begins

Apr. 3 1:20pm sway seismic, Brief quieter time, and then…3:20pm jolt, 5:00pm swaying
5:15pm destruction continues! This drill n frac’ creates a bloody mess. The spin blather about green clean gas is an excuse to build more infrastructure or to expand existing infrastructure. Endless infrastructure. Infrastructureitis.

Refer also to:

Peace Region NEBC Canada, New Study: Cumulative frac development and earthquakes: Warning by Allan Chapman: Bigger frac quakes coming, may kill and destroy; Pathetic 100% industry-funded OGC enabling the horrific frac harms like 100% industry-funded AER.

New Irish Study: Frac’ing not compatible with human rights law; “Must be banned worldwide” … “No amount of regulation can adequately address all the problems that fracking causes” 

Demand grows for Irish-led global frac ban after release of report from Irish Centre for Human Rights; Over 600 groups, scientists, organisations sign open letter to the UN Secretary-General.

“Yes We Can Globally Ban Fracking” Sign on for groups

Scrubbadubbadub! Happy Frac’ing Holidays! Two earthquakes west of Alberta’s Fox Creek Frac Hub: 4.0M on Dec 25; 4.1M on Dec 30. Like a coronavirus, it spreads. Earthquakes Canada already scrubbed the 4.1M; nothing reported in the media or by AER, again

Alberta: AGS confirms frac’ing caused 4.18M earthquake that rattled many homes from Sylvan Lake to Red Deer last March, knocked out power to 4,600 customers, and caused subsequent 3.13M and smaller cluster of quakes. “Complaints of damage from the event were received.” And a water well was damaged by frac’ing near Sylvan.

Vesta Energy Ltd update on 4.6M fracquake near Red Deer March 4, 2019 that knocked out power to 4,600 Fortis Alberta customers, some reports of damage including to home driveway and underground electrical line.

Alberta frack operation near Devon shattered home window; No wonder Edmonton-area residents are protesting fracing near their homes

2015 08 15: NE BC: Monday’s 4.5 Magnitude frac quake, felt from Pink Mountain to Fort St. John (180 km), ‘likely’ caused by Progress Energy, OGC confirms

Nikiforuk: Fracking Industry Has Changed Earthquake Patterns in Northeast BC, Impact on groundwater and migrating gases mostly unknown

2014 11 28: 100,000 Netherlands Homes Harmed by Natural Gas Extraction, Over 700 private homeowners and 12 Groningen housing corporations suing Netherlands Petroleum Company (NAM)

Between April 2009 and July 2011, in NEBC:

UK British Columbia Earthquakes from hydraulic fracturing or frac waste injection, 2nd UK quake caused deformation to well structure

Slide from Ernst presentations

2012: Investigation of Observed Seismicity in the Horn River Basin

Two instances of wellbore deformation along horizontal sections were reported by one operator.

2000 04 01: Seismicity in the Oil Field

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