100,000 Netherlands Homes Harmed by Natural Gas Extraction, Over 700 private homeowners and 12 Groningen housing corporations suing Netherlands Petroleum Company (NAM)

OVER 700 SUE NAM OVER EARTHQUAKES by Janene Van Jaarsveldt, November 28, 2014, nltimes.nl
700 private homeowners and 12 Groningen housing corporations are taking the Netherlands Petroleum Company (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij – NAM) to court.

The individuals and housing corporations want NAM to reimburse the depreciation of their homes caused by gas extraction. This involves a total of 100 thousand homes. The plaintiffs want the compensation to be paid directly and not only after the houses are sold with a possible loss, as Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs wants.

The submitters of the claim have joined the Foundation of Depreciation through Earthquakes Groningen (WAG). This foundation has already started a case against NAM. [Emphasis added]

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