Canadian gas ‘n oil polluters pissed off by Biden pausing unnatural frac’d LNG approvals in the USA. Dr. Sandra Steingraber: “It looks like Enbridge is mad.” TXSharon: “If Enbridge is mad, it’s a good day.”

This fit of dismay by Canada’s energy industry gives me perverse pleasure. The industry still owes me many apologies, my quiet back (I live surrounded by frac compressors, noisy and polluting as hell), and my illegally frac’d water restored.

December 19, 2023, 170 scientists wrote Biden urging him to stop LNG. I was honoured to sign on to the letter and delighted it had quick dramatic effect.

If everyone made a tiny sacrifice (use your imagination) a day, there would be no need for destructive frac’d unnatural LNG, and there would be no need for frac’ing which causes damaging earthquakes, is toxic, cruel, harms health, pollutes, and divides and conquers communities. Much worse, it permanently removes water from the hydrogeological cycle – often in jurisdictions suffering extreme water shortages.

Exporting unnatural gas, means losing masses of water. Thirsty yet? Here CAPP, I’ll share some of my frac’d water with you. Thank Encana/Ovintiv and Gwyn Morgan on your way out:

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Source of above table by Energy Intelligence: What does Biden’s LNG freeze really mean

Canadian energy producers dismayed by Biden’s move to pause U.S. LNG approvals by The Canadian Press in the Globe and Mail, Jan 26, 2024

Canada’s energy industry is reacting with dismay to U.S. President Joe Biden’s move to pause approvals of new liquefied natural gas export terminals in that country.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers said it sees LNG as a lower-emission source of secure energy that can help countries get off coal.No, that’s a lie. Big lie, and CAPP knows it.

“LNG facilities on the U.S. Gulf Coast are also offering Canadian producers an opportunity to export their natural gas globally,”Ya, to drive up the price, freeze Canadians in the dark, and help the excessively rich get richer, leaving frac’d, contaminated, life-threatening aquifers in their wake said CAPP president and CEO Lisa Baiton in an e-mailed statement on Friday.

“Given the highly integrated nature of the North American energy market, CAPP is disappointed in the White House decision.”I am disappointed too – in CAPP.

Canadian pipeline giant Enbridge Inc. also expressed its displeasure with the decision. The company currently supplies natural gas to five operating LNG export facilities on the U.S. Gulf Coast and has previously said it is interested in expanding its export strategy through further acquisitions in the region.

“Our immediate view is any delay in the development of U.S. liquefied natural gas is a loss for our greedy pockets and investors the U.S., our Allies, for U.S. jobs and for efforts to cut emissions around the world,” said Enbridge spokeswoman Gina Sutherland in an e-mail.

Mr. Biden’s election-year decision comes as gas shipments from the United States to Europe and Asia have soared since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. From having zero LNG export facilities a decade ago, the United States has grown to become the world’s largest LNG exporter, averaging 20.4 billion cubic feet a day in the first half of 2023.

But a White House statement on Friday cited climate risk as the reason for pausing new LNG approvals, adding the current process the Energy Department uses to evaluate LNG projects doesn’t adequately account for the effect of greenhouse gas emissions.

Canada does not yet have its own LNG export capacity. This country’s first LNG export facility, being built near Kitimat, B.C., is not expected to become operational until later this year.

But Heather Exner-Pirot, special adviser to the Business Council of Canada, said Friday’s decision by the U.S. President is deeply concerning for the Canadian energy sector.

“Your first instinct might be, maybe this is good for Canadian LNG, you know, because our main competitor is having its wings clipped,” she said.

“But Canadian natural gas companies are so integrated with the North American market that there isn’t really a separation. If it’s bad for American energy, it’s bad for Canadian natural gas producers and mid-stream companies.”Excellent!

The pause is not expected to immediately affect U.S. supplies to Europe or Asia, since seven LNG terminals are currently in operation, with several more expected to come online in the next few years.

But Ms. Exner-Pirot said she believes Europe, in particular, is likely very concerned with Friday’s announcement as it had come to depend on the United States as a replacement source for Russian energy.Are you kidding me? Europe will buy stolen Palestinian gas, it doesn’t need North American energy. Bibi, the world’s current most cruel mass murderer (who strengthened and financed Hamas for his own uses for years), is busy with his genocide of Palestinians, while stealing hundreds of billions of dollars worth of their oil and gas. Bibi’s already licenced some gas plays to majors, licenced on the bodies of blown to bits kids and their families and homes, destroyed places of worship, hospitals, aid centres, schools, universities, parks, ambulances, journalists, academics, poets, and more.

Not one of the oil and gas companies told Bibi take his murderous theft and go to hell with it, not one company. Shows the world the oil and gas industry happily enables genocide if there’s money to be made (stolen) for them and makes clear Bibi’s real reason for his “war.”

She added Canadian natural gas companies should also be concerned about the way this decision effectively paints their product as an environmental “bogeyman.”No painting needed. Unnatural LNG is bad in all ways. It’s frac’d gas. Worst thing humans ever invented.

“There’s obviously a corner of the environmental activism world in the United States that doesn’t like natural gas, doesn’t like any fossil fuel, doesn’t see it as a bridge to replace coal. And so those groups are very pleased today,” she said.

LNG proponents have long said that replacing the use of coal globally with cleaner-burning natural gas will help the world in its battle against climate change.Big lie.

On Friday, LNG Canada’s vice-president of corporate relations Teresa Waddington said greenhouse gas emissions from the Kitimat operation are expected to be lower than any facility of a similar size operating in the world today.So what? Lowest emissions of the most polluting industry and technology (frac’ing) on earth, is nothing to brag to Mom about.

“Canada’s lower-carbon No such thing. Frac’d gas is high carbon. Unnatural LNG is frac’d gas! There is nothing natural about LNG. It’ll quicken humanity’s destruction of earth’s livability while destroying North American communities that must be frac’d to supply the gas for itprovide security of supply for global markets that can rely on our country’s natural gas reserves to advance their economies and reduce global GHG emissions,” Ms. Waddington said in an e-mail.

But critics say LNG is problematic for the climate in many ways.

“If you only consider emissions at the burner tip, then yes, natural gas is about half the emissions of coal,” said David Hughes, president of Global Sustainability Research Inc.

“But if you consider the full life-cycle emissions of LNG, you’ve got the emissions from transporting it from B.C. to Asia, you’ve got emissions from the liquefaction process, you’ve got emissions from drilling and flaring and methane leakage across the entire value chain.”

Why would Mr. Hughes leave out frac’ing? It causes massive methane leakages and other pollution, and takes “natural” right out of liquified “natural” gas (LNG) and destroys water, which forests, humans and many other species, need to survive.

2019: Frac’ing in U.S. & Canada linked to worldwide atmospheric methane spike. “This recent increase in methane is massive,” Howarth said. “It’s globally significant.”

Mr. Hughes said building additional LNG capacity now essentially “locks in” greenhouse gas emissions for the long-term and will make it impossible for countries to meet their climate commitments in the future.

Julia Levin, associate director with Environmental Defence, said countries agreed at the recent UN climate summit in Dubai on the need to transition away from fossil fuels. She said increasing LNG capacity does not fit with that vision.

“At COP28, countries sent a clear message that we’re at the end of the fossil-fuel era,” Ms. Levin said.

“President Biden’s decision further drives the point home. Canada should follow.”

New study shows liquefied natural gas might be worse for climate change than coal, The findings have major implications for global climate goals and for the United States, which became the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas earlier this year by Chase Cain, November 29, 2023, NBC Universal Inc.

New research from Cornell University shows that liquefied natural gas (LNG) has an even bigger climate footprint than burning coal. The analysis has amplified opposition to a major gas project on the Gulf Coast and scrutiny from Congress on the U.S. as the world’s top exporter of LNG.

One of the world’s biggest sources of energy, thought to be a replacement for coal, might be even worse for the environment than the energy sources it wants to replace and could be responsible for heating the planet faster than other known polluters.

New research from Cornell University shows liquefied natural gas, known as LNG, has an even bigger impact on climate change than burning coal.

“A broader conclusion is the need to move away from any use of LNG as a fuel as quickly as possible, and to immediately stop construction of any new LNG infrastructure,” wrote Robert Howarth, the author of the analysis.

The findings have major implications for global climate goals and for the United States, which became the world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas earlier this year.

LNG exports were banned until 2016, and now, more than 60 members of Congress are urging the Department of Energy to reconsider shipping the fossil fuel abroad.

In a letter to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon and 64 other Democrats wrote they’re “concerned” the department’s decisions to approve every LNG project are “inconsistent with the latest climate science.”

The letter also raised concerns about CP2 LNG, a project in Southwest Louisiana that would be the single largest export facility in the U.S., which would allow American exports of liquefied natural gas to increase by as much as 20%.

“The thing about it is there’s nothing natural about LNG,” said Roishetta Sibley Ozane, the founder of the Vessel Project of Louisiana, a group fighting to stop gas expansion on the Gulf Coast. Ozane lives a few miles from Cameron, Louisiana where Venture Global hopes to expand its existing LNG facility.

The latest National Climate Assessment provides a comprehensive look at the current impacts and future threats from climate change across the U.S. In the report, experts say we’re not adapting or reducing emissions quickly enough to keep pace. National climate reporter Chase Cain shows us how one coastal city is working to stay ahead of sea level rise.

Ozane and her volunteers have already collected more than 100,000 signatures to stop the approval of CP2, and she plans to personally deliver the petition to the Department of Energy in Washington.

“I’m doing this as a mom and as a grandmother, and that’s who I’m fighting for,” Ozane emphasized. “If this project is built, its impacts will be felt throughout the world.”

However, Venture Global LNG contended that the CP2 expansion would actually offset emissions from coal power plants, projecting a global decrease in emissions of 140 million tons per year. The company said it will also directly capture a portion of the carbon emissions on-site in Louisiana.Carbon capture, direct or indirect (also high risk to groundwater), is con job to keep polluters polluting and raking in $billions in profits while destroying earth’s livability for us and other species. Industry knows it doesn’t work except to make more profits for them and theirs.

“American LNG is the best weapon in our arsenal to quickly displace global coal use and combat climate change,” Venture Global Spokeswoman Shaylyn Hynes said in a statement to NBC.

Nevertheless, Howarth claims short-term energy needs are better met by reopening closed coal facilities temporarily, instead of expanding LNG use.

“The scale of it is off the charts,” said Bill McKibben, journalist and founder of climate action group Third Act. “We have to get off fossil fuel and leave this stuff in the ground. That’s what the scientists keep telling us.”

McKibben, who advocates for a full embrace of green energy, both as a journalist and because of his faith, said we should instead focus on capturing the full power of the sun instead of burning fossil fuels.

“The good Lord was kind enough to hang a large ball of burning gas 93 million miles up in the sky. We now know how to make absolutely full use of it, so we should give up on energy from hell and substitute energy from heaven.”

24 major weather and climate disasters have hit the United States this year, each causing more than a billion dollars in damage. Climate change is driving an increase in frequency and intensity of floods. National Climate Reporter Chase Cain shows us how the National Weather Service aims to better inform communities about the local impacts of flooding.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, an independent agency under the Department of Energy, is set to make a final decision on CP2 as soon as December 19th.

The Department of Energy did not immediately respond to a request for comment by NBC.

“What’s happening here in Southwest Louisiana, along the Gulf Coast directly impacts everyone,” adds Sibley Ozane, emphasizing concerns of environmental justice amid the rapid expansion of LNG. “We have to save this Earth. We only get one.”

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2023 12 19: Scientists Letter to Biden: Stop CP2, No LNG

December 19, 2023
President Joseph R. Biden Jr.
1600 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W.
Washington, DC 20001

Dear President Biden,

We are scientists who write to you with ever increasing urgency as our climate continues to deteriorate to implore you to stop the dash to increase exports of liquified natural gas (LNG). Specifically, we urge you to determine that the proposed CP2 LNG export terminal in Louisiana is not in the public interest and to reject it and other pending LNG facilities.

For years, the science has been overwhelmingly clear that we must stop expanding fossil fuel extraction and infrastructure and rapidly transition to renewable energy. We have simply no runway left and little margin for error. In fact, we are rapidly passing tipping points that are further escalating the climate crisis. Altogether, the science to date shows that spiraling emissions of the climate super-pollutant methane are a major contributor to the ongoing failure to meet agreed-upon global emissions targets and stabilize the climate. The science also shows that LNG facilities are inherently leaky operations and prodigious emitters of methane.

Yet the magnitude of the proposed buildout of LNG over the next several years is staggering. Taken together, if all U.S. projects in the permitting pipeline are approved, they could lead to 3.9 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually, which is larger than the entire annual emissions of the European Union. A forthcoming study by Cornell University climate scientist Robert Howarth shows that, even in the best-case scenarios, LNG is at least 24 percent worse for the climate than coal. Increasing LNG exports will mean increased extraction of fossil fuels and climate pollution and directs us away from a renewable energy future.

All by itself, the CP2 facility would release 20 times more heat-trapping gases than the Willow drilling project in Alaska –the equivalent of 42 million gas-powered cars every year. These climate-wrecking emissions are on top of prodigious amounts of toxic air pollutants, including carcinogenic benzene, released into local environments both from the LNG facilities themselves and the upstream drilling and fracking operations that feed them. LNG plants and their associated infrastructure pose serious health harms to surrounding communities and worsen environmental injustice. These facilities are disproportionately located in communities of color and low-income communities on the Gulf Coast already overburdened with pollution.

You have often said that your policies will be guided by listening to the science. As scientists we are telling you in clear and unambiguous terms that approving CP2 and other LNG projects will undermine your stated goals of meaningfully addressing the climate crisis and put us on a continued path toward escalating climate chaos. We implore you to turn back from this course, reject CP2 and other fossil fuel export projects, and put us on a rapid and just trajectory off fossil fuels.


Scientists joining this letter do so in their individual capacities and not on behalf of the institutions with which they are affiliated. …


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2021: Frac’d to Hell NEBC, Rose Prairie: Explosive gas levels in water well kill $1.3 Million “potable” water station day before it was to open to the public. Taking bets: Will nature be blamed or frac’ers?

Rose Prairie is 31 km north of Fort St John

All members of CAPP

2014 Big Fracking Lies Poster by Will Koop, BC Water Alliance

2012: AEA: Support to the identification of potential risks for the environment and human health arising from hydrocarbons operations involving hydraulic fracturing in Europe

A proportion (25% to 100%) of the water used in hydraulic fracturing is not recovered, and consequently this water is lost permanently to re-use, which differs from some other water uses in which water can be recovered and processed for re-use.

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