Alberta under fascist Danielle Smith and her anti-science, anti-education, anti-health, anti-freedom, misogynistic TBA evangelicals & oil, frac and gas.

Martin Z. Olszynski@molszyns:

Contrary to the Premier’s projections, most academics do not identify as conservative or liberal or left or right. Most of us are just nerds first & foremost, getting our kicks out of trying to solve problems, whether in science, medicine, engineering, energy, or law/policy.

Mark Ungrin@Mark_Ungrin:

The goal is to establish new ways of threatening and retaliating against people who say things the UCP doesn’t like. Give experts pause before they contradict the UCP’s alternative facts.

The only way they can retain power in Alberta is if they can control what voters hear.


One would have to assume she doesn’t care where the re$search goes;
The research, and the researcher can get the hell out of her university. They’re not welcome.
How else would one take this? Seems pretty straightforward.


Yes, she does. Believe it.
She wants to have universities crank out more of what she calls conservatives.
She would love research showing vaccines are ineffective.
She wants to personally control what research gets done in the province and see that it fits her world view.

Running to be Prime Minister of Canada@IAMSMRT1:

I remember hoping when the UCP/TBA got rid of the gross Kenney that they wouldn’t put in someone worse yet here we are. Alberta could be a real dump by the time she is done.

Refer also to:

Smith’s fascist world view is that of the big polluters in oil, gas, bitumen, frac and coal.

Polluters need voters propagandized with lies and extreme religion, not educated in the sciences or honest (uncensored/unaltered) history and literature.

Polluters need voters super stupid to get away with endless corporate crimes against humanity and to con voters into buying more and more, bigger and bigger, grossly expensive polluting fossil fuel vehicles and toys to keep the profits rolling in for the extreme raping rich, and to con workers into sacrificing their health, and that of their loved ones, by working and living surrounded by radioactive waste, carcinogens and brain damaging but undisclosed chemicals.

This is the education big oil and big religion want in Alberta:

2020: Fracking with Jello: Family Propaganda Day at SAIT. Education Alberta style.

2015: Letter by Ronalie Campbell: Frac Prosperity Prentice Style: Take $30 Million from Education, Give Hundreds of Millions (how many Billions?) to Oil and Gas Industry (and zip in royalties)


2014: CAPP-funded Big Propaganda Project to tour Canadian schools with Canadian Geographic (to try to give CAPP some credibility)

Source: We are

2013: Canadian Geographic accused of spreading CAPP oil and gas ‘propaganda’ in schools, including to Grade 3’s

2007: Inside Education is controlled by polluters and their enabling Env NGOs, notably lying Pembina Institute, which after I went public about Encana illegally intentionally frac’ing my community’s drinking water aquifers, travelled around Alberta propagandizing for Encana in schools, lying to kids about groundwater and how industry does not pollute or frac it:

Let’s look at Inside Education’s “partners” again:

Gov’t of Alberta;

Alberta Research Council (engages in fraud to blame nature and cover-up crimes by oil and gas, including when companies intentionally frac into and contaminate community drinking water aquifers), name changed to Alberta Innovates after it got caught fudging data to cover up crimes by Encana;


CAPP (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, big oil’s lying propaganda lobby group);


Connacher Oil and Gas Ltd.;


DucksUnlimitedCanada (one of the most vile enablers of frac crimes against water, this Env NGO takes over water bodies on private properties under the guise of protecting them for ducks, to hoard and give the water to frac’ers. Do not donate to them if you value water and the wildlife and birds that depend on it to exist);

Encana (now run away to the USA, name changed to Ovintiv, to hide the company’s many crimes);

Forest Resource … Association of Alberta …;

Millar Western;




Tomorrow Fdn for a sustainable future;

West Fraser.



Most importantly and cruelly, cut/propagandize humanities and the arts (like Harper and Hitler did, now copied by Danielle Smith and her Harper & Evangelical bosses).

Madmen and Dreamers@MadmenDreamers:

“Artists Are Society’s Immune System.”

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