FFS Trudeau! Iran is defending itself from a murderous war criminal. Do not include me in your “we.” I do not stand with lying genocidal terrorists, occupier Israel or thieving Zionism, no matter what lies ‘n spin Rosalie Abella, B’nai Brith, Irwin Cotler and media spew.

We stand with Israel,’ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said after Iran launched a barrage of drones and missiles at Israel by CBC News, April 13


Cowardly war criminal Bibi. Pathetic kid-killing, kid-starving cowardly monster.

Barak Ravid@BarakRavid April 13, 2024:

This is an amazing story by @talshalev1: Ahead of a possible attack from Iran Netanyahu moved over the weekend to the house of Simon Falic in Jerusalem which according to previous reports has a fortified bunker. Falic is a U.S. billionaire, a GOP donor and the owner of Duty Free America. Netanyahu stayed at his house at the beginning of the war after rockets were fired on Jerusalem


Imagine condemning a country that attacked Nazi Germany during the Holocaust for not behaving peacefully? Absurd.

Dima Khatib@Dima_Khatib:

Netanyahu knew when he attacked the Iranian Consulate in Syria that Iran would have to retaliate. He did it to provoke an Iranian response, hoping it would deviate attention away from his utter military failure in Gaza and would revive sympathy for Israel so he can stay in power

Owen Jones@OwenJones84:

The Israeli state deliberately incited a war with Iran because

  • its onslaught against Gaza is failing on its own terms
  • global public opinion has swung decisively against Israel
  • the Biden administration is under pressure
  • Netanyahu faces jail when war ends

You don’t need to be apologists for the Iranian regime – I think they’re tyrants – to know if a country destroyed a US embassy and killed senior US army officers, the US would have launched a huge bombing campaign against that country within hours.

Israel is trying to stoke a regional war to deflect from its military failures, force the US back into total support, and keep Benjamin Netanyahu out of jail.

So many lives are now at stake as a consequence. Horrific.

Watzitooya @Katawaboo02:

Exactly. I don’t like the Iranian government, but I also recognize that Iran has a right to defend itself. Especially since I*rael attacked their embassy

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