Cowardly Crime-enabling Genocidal Canadian Courts: supreme court pisses on Blood Tribe in nauseating ruling by J O’Bonsawin, its one Indigenous judge, writing reconciliation is about “helping to restore the honour of the Crown” not reconciling. WTF! No justice for Indigenous, just stinky judicial circle jerking.

@Darcy13Lindberg [U Victoria Law Prof]:

“As long as the grass grows, the sun shines, and the rivers flow….and it’s within a limitation period” ~ Supreme Court of Canada proverb

A constitution that has been set up to be juriscidal towards Indigenous governance is not going to have the answers for the reclamation of Indigenous governments.

S.35, even in its best interpretation, is quite literally a half-measure, if you can make out a claim.


2019: Recognizing multiple legal systems: Decolonizing our understandings of “The” Law with Val Napoleon, Indigenous scholar and law professor, being reminded to never think of Canada’s legal system as “the only” legal system.

2018: Val Napoleon: Indigenous scholar, law professor at University of Victoria embraces disruption

Painting above by U Vic Indigenous Scholar and law pro Val Napoleon. The only thing that keeps me going sometimes – like after shit rulings by the supreme court of Canada against Indigenous, against justice, against Reconciliation, against humanity, is art.

The supreme court of Canada pissed on the law enabling criminal frac’er AER, and on me and my lawsuit too, and my charter right to Freedom of Expression. The judges seem proud of how nastily and often they abuse their power. In my case, the supreme court judges knowingly published Rosalie Abella’s lie, defaming me, and left me with a “valid charter claim” against AER but no legal way to exert my charter right to seek remedy for it. A judicial septic tank.


Genocide IS WHAT IT IS. Timeframe?


“Canada acted dishonourably by breaching its treaty obligations to the Blood Tribe in Alberta, but the band is barred from suing by the province’s statute of limitations, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled.”

Alberta became a province in 1905

Canada made a treaty with Blood Tribe in 1877

Image of Canada’s unjust supreme court:

“You’ll never find justice in a world where criminal makes all the rules.


Today the Supreme Court of Canada released its unanimous decision in Shot Both Sides v. Canada, 2024, written by “Indigenous” Justice Michelle O’Bonsawin, which found time limitations in Alberta legislation, apply to breach of a Treaty #7 specific claim of the Blood Tribe!


WTF! Might the statute of limitations be weaponized? Where have we heard this before? Canada broke its treaty promise, but Blood Tribe is barred from suing, Supreme Court rules | CBC News


Terrill Tailfeathers@Terrilltf:

“Judge first” above all else is a huge red flag. Assimilation is a helluva drug.


So again the liberal atrocity government criminal content forces the Supreme Court to avoid Blood Tribe law suit for it intended disregard of the treaty. Why are we no surprised and now moving to a revolutionary action to rip their throats out from Canadian society forever?

Stephen John Ford @1mohawklawyer April 13, 2024:

For First Nations there is no justice to be found in the Colonizer’s Courts

patti doyle-bedwell@Pattidbedwell:

Barring the lawsuit due to the Provincial statute of limitations is wrong. Constitution recognizes ongoing treaties and Canada’s deplorable behavior should allow relief through the courts. Pathetic decision.

Gerry Dunn@stopline9toront:

This would be the colonizer deciding what’s fair or timely. Abomination.


Unfuckingbelievable. How is anyone supposed to have any trust in our courts and system?That’s the purpose with our racist courts’ unjust barbaric dishonest rulings.

Amir Attaran (@email hidden; JavaScript is required) @profamirattaran April 12, 2024:

The Supreme Court’s Blood Tribe decision today is penurious and cowardly.

The Court agreed that Canada cheated the Blood Tribe for a century, but blamed them for trying to negotiate (!) which made a few years late to sue—so they lose.

Lesson: fuck negotiation. Just sue. Always.

The SCC may as well have said that reconciliation is dead. Because if the Indigenous are given legal disincentives to negotiate, which the Court did, then they should escalate as a rule.

The Court sees reconciliation not as a way of restoring lost Indigenous rights and dignity—oh no! It says the purpose of reconciliation is “to restore the honour of the Crown.”

Justice O’Bonsawin totally blew this.

Call me a radical, but maybe a “non-coercive” avenue of the law is not the right one when a nation has been cheated of its land for a century.

I mean, even a PARKING TICKET is legally coercive but land theft should be talked through sweetly? Gosh.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego@MeshachAnd:

In a 7-0 decision Friday, the top court declared that the Blood Tribe was entitled to more than 420 square kilometres of additional territory, saying the Crown “dishonourably breached” the treaty provisions.

Celeste George@cie1947:

Canada broke its treaty promise, but Blood Tribe is barred from suing, Supreme Court rules
High court confirms Alberta’s statute of limitations applies to the band’s treaty-based lawsuit

The high court on Friday handed down a unanimous decision in Jim Shot Both Sides v. Canada, a case that may impact the ability of First Nations countrywide to sue the Crown for historic treaty violations.

The decision largely confirms the status quo and misses an opportunity to move the needle on reconciliation, said Kate Gunn, a partner at First Peoples Law, which represented Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta as an intervener.

“I think for a lot of First Nations across Canada, it’ll be a disappointing ruling,” Gunn said.

“It affirms what the Blood Tribe has been saying all along but it leaves the First Nation in a place where they’re not able to get substantive relief from the courts. I think it raises a couple of problematic and challenging issues.”

“[Indigenous]Justice Michelle O’Bonsawin, writing for the court, declared Canada’s historic double dealing was “deplorable,” but that the Blood Tribe failed to sue within the mandatory time frame.”


This country was founded on the backs of immigrants who stole the land from Natives. Having native blood of 2 tribes in me, I feel the pain of those lost for greed.


“Canada broke its treaty promise, but Blood Tribe is barred from suing, Supreme Court rules”


“Canada’s historic double dealing was “deplorable,” but that the Blood Tribe failed to sue within the mandatory time frame.”

Supreme Court of Canada = bunch of fucking thieves.

Ya I stole your wallet 2 days ago, but when I appointed a court to determine if I had to give it back, they determined that you failed to sue within the mandatory time frame that I made up yesterday.

They did call me deplorable though for stealing from you in the first place.

Indigenous know genocide when they see it:

Refer also to:

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