BDS Victory! Canada’s first Faculty Association votes to divest “from any companies and investments complicit in Israeli war crimes or illegal occupation.” What ever will the Zionistiche Gestapo and B’nai Brith do?

F4P SW Ontario@F4PSWON:

BREAKING: The Windsor Faculty Association (WUFA) just passed a motion on Academic Freedom, Preservation of Palestinian Education & Solidarity with Palestine at its AGM!

Windsor Univ Fac. Union voted to divest from “from any companies and investments complicit in Israeli war crimes or illegal occupation”, sign on to the @uwinraaces letter condemning the scholasticide and genocide and move towards the ending coperation with Israel instns. @PACBI

Jasmin Zine@JasminZine:

This is a fantastic precedent, & more will follow. The Canadian university sector stands in solidarity with Palestinan education workers & condemns Israel’s destruction of universities & cultural & educational institutions through scholasticide. Divestments now.

Zionistiche Gestapo in action! MUST LISTEN:

Middle East Eye@MiddleEastEye:

In an exclusive interview with Middle East Eye, Ghassan Abu Sittah, a British-Palestinian doctor who has become known for his work in Gaza, detailed how he was detained at an airport in Germany and subsequently denied entry. Abu Sittah wanted to attend a conference where he would present evidence on the war in Gaza and his witness statement as a doctor working in its hospitals.


Official Germany’s position on Palestine: a profoundly immoral morality play that claims to atone for the horror of German antisemitism by embracing colonial Zionism at the ongoing expense of Palestinians. Then silences Palestinians/allies for pointing out this hypocrisy.

Prominent surgeon says he was denied entry to Germany for a pro-Palestinian conference by Jack Jeffery And Geir Moulson, The Associated Press, April 12, 2024, Toronto Star

Dr. Ghassan Abu Sitta said he arrived at Berlin airport on Friday morning before being stopped at passport control, where he was held for several hours and then told he had to return to the U.K.

Airport police said he was refused entry due to “the safety of the people at the conference and public order,” Abu Sitta told The Associated Press by phone. There was no immediate comment from German federal police.

Abu Sitta said his ban was to last until Sunday, covering the planned duration of the Berlin conference he was to attend, entitled the Palestine Congress. The gathering was to discuss a range of topics, including German arms shipments to Israel and solidarity with what organizers called the Palestinian struggle.

Berlin police said later Friday they pulled the plug on the event, attended by up to 250 people, on its first day after a livestream was shown of a person who is banned from political activity in Germany. They wouldn’t identify the person, but said they decided after a legal assessment to end the congress and asked those attending to leave.

Organizers wrote on social network X that the conference was “banned by the police without reason.”

Germany remains one of Israel’s staunchest defenders, even at a time of growing international outrage over the soaring Palestinian death toll in Gaza, which has surpassed 33,000.

German officials have stressed Israel’s right and duty to defend itself since the start of the war — though their tone has gradually shifted, with Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock increasingly decrying the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza and calling on Israel to allow more aid to reach the territory.

Shortly after Hamas’ Oct. 7. attack on Israel, the German government implemented a formal ban on activity by or in support of Hamas.

Since the war erupted, Germany has clamped down on many pro-Palestinian activities and demonstrations, with officials citing fears of possible antisemitic or anti-Israel incitement.

The hard line has broad political support at home, but has drawn criticism.

“Germany’s deportation of Dr. Abu Sitta is a naked act of authoritarian censorship, more in line with the policies of dictatorships like Saudi Arabia and China than a rights-respecting democracy,” Sarah Leah Whitson, the executive director of Washington-based human rights watchdog Democracy for the Arab World Now, or DAWN, said in a statement.

Abu Sitta, who recently volunteered with Doctors Without Borders in Gaza, has worked during multiple conflicts in the Palestinian territories, beginning in the late 1980s during the first Palestinian uprising. He has also worked in other conflict zones, including in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

Friday’s congress was viewed with great wariness by German officials before it started and was heavily policed.

Earlier on Friday, German Interior Ministry spokesperson Maximilian Kall told reporters in Berlin that federal security authorities had been in touch with their local counterparts in the capital “about questions of, for instance, entry bans,” he said. He added that he couldn’t give details.

Sam Hersh@SamHersh01:

According to @AdvocatesJust around $100 million in Canadian taxpayer money has gone to charities that support illegal settlements and the Israeli military.


Does genocidal racist Canada have any non racist, non Zionist judges when it comes to lying pro-genocide Zionist B’Nai Brith fighting freedom of expression rights?

tara@taraxrh Nov 22, 2023:

only when it comes to McGill can a provincial superior court judge suspend a policy that democratically passed by 78% with the highest recorded voter turnout because a student, backed by zionist org bnai brith, no longer “feels comfortable”

So is this legal precedent to suspend anything at mcgill that makes a student feel uncomfortable ???? Great

This is not surprising considering mcgill’s principal compared us to nazis two weeks ago

tara@taraxrh Nov 9, 2023:

.@mcgillu is equating the transnational shut down for gaza campaign to state-sanctioned antisemitic attacks in nazi germany

is it our fault that gaza is still being bombed to smithereens on the 85th anniversary of kristallnacht @mcgillu?

sushi @friendlust:

and mcgill keeps stooping lower and lower

2023: The following is excerpted from the policy passed in McGill’s student referendum:

Policy against genocide in Palestine

Be it resolved, that the students of McGill University and their student union:

Demand that our university’s administration immediately and publicly condemn the genocidal bombing campaigns and siege against the people of Gaza, retract its abhorrent threats against Palestinian students and student groups, and provide concrete support to Palestinian and Arab students.

Demand that our University immediately cut ties with any corporations, institutions or individuals complicit in genocide, settler-colonialism, apartheid, or ethnic cleansing against Palestinians.

Demand that our University immediately divest from all corporations and institutions complicit in genocide, settler-colonialism, apartheid, or ethnic cleansing against Palestinians.

Demand that our student union, the SSMU, make an immediate public statement condemning the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza, and reaffirming its solidarity with Palestinian and Arab students.

Demand that our student union commit to a strong, consistent position in solidarity with Palestinian students, and with the Palestinian struggle against genocide and settler-colonial apartheid. 

This Policy shall remain in force for a period of 5 years until May 1st, 2028.

2023: Quebec Superior Court halts adoption of pro-Palestinian McGill student union policy, University has warned student group to stay away from ‘contentious’ issues

Some McGill students say their right to express support for Palestinians is being suppressed, after a Quebec court temporarily put a stop to a student plan to adopt a pro-Palestinian policy at the university.

Quebec Superior Court issued a safeguard order Tuesday, preventing the student union from moving forward until the court can hear arguments from both sides on March 25, 2024.

The policy calls on McGill University to cut ties with people, corporations and institutions that are “complicit in genocide, settler-colonialism, apartheid, or ethnic cleansing against Palestinians.”

About 35 per cent of eligible students voted in the referendum Monday. Of the 8,401 students who voted, 78.7 per cent (5,974 students) were in favour of the policy, 1,620 voted against it and 807 abstained.

Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights McGill (SPHR), a student group, said in a statement to CBC News that the court order sets a “dangerous precedent for student democracy and undermines the supposedly democratic structure of Canadian institutions.”

In a response for a request for comment, a member of the SSMU executive committee forwarded an email to CBC alleging that B’nai Brith and the Israeli Consulate have publicly identified some McGill students involved in the pro-Palestinian movement, putting them in danger.

The member asked not to be named because they were concerned about their personal safety.

B’nai Brith’s Quebec regional director, Henry Topas, denies the accusation and says that it has never intimidated or harassed a member of the SSMU or another student group such as the SPHR.B’nai Brith has shown me it’s unwise to believe any words they say.

“We are here only simply to protect the rights and ensure the safety of the Jewish students at McGill University who we believe are being constantly harassed and intimidated, physically and verbally,” said Topas.

… The SSMU email said that exposing students is unfair since they “do not have the same resources for legal representation.”Of course it’s unfair, that’s what Zionism’s cruel middle name is: Unfair. So is B’nai Brith.

… Still, SPHR cited the use of the court as a strategy for intimidating Palestinian organizers and anti-Zionist Jews and suppressing the Palestinian movement.

B’nai Brith Canada pleasedIn my view, any time B’nai Birth says they are pleased about a court ruling against justice for Canadians supporting freedom and rights for Palestinians, they’ve won against democracy and freedom of expression (which Netanyahu and genocide-lover Steve Harper hate).

Topas says B’nai Brith Canada welcomed the court order and he described the student referendum question as “continuity of singling out the state of Israel.”Hey, Israel, stop your genocide, stop your lies, stop you racism, stop your oil gas, water, land thefts, and persons protesting your crimes against humanity and genocide will fade away.

“Year after year, there is some form of referendum or question that they [SSMU] have people vote on to basically condemn Israel where they would not condemn other countries,” said Topas.What a fool. There’s a simple sane reason for that: Israel is currently – in the view of many around the world – the worst genocidal criminal on earth.

Topas added that while B’nai Brith acknowledges “collateral civilian suffering” in Gaza, Israel must defend itself following the murders of 1,200 Jews.Got it wrong buddy. Hamas is the resistor, defending itself against crimes by Israel, the murderous occupier. Zionism is the racist; Zionism is the terrorist.

“To turn it around and say there is genocide being committed in Gaza is nonsense,” he said.

… In the 2022 winter semester, the SPHR submitted the “Palestine solidarity policy,” which also called on the university to boycott and divest from “all corporations complicit in settler-colonial apartheid against Palestinians.” It passed with 71.1 per cent approval from students but was not ratified.

At the time, McGill administration said the “Palestine solidarity policy” was inconsistent with the students’ society’s constitution. Ultimately, the SSMU board of governors agreed, saying the policy did not follow the SSMU constitution and could not be adopted.

Last year, McGill warned the SSMU off adopting “contentious” policies about Palestinians and threatened to cut funding and even ban it from using the school name.

A spokesperson for the university said in a statement Wednesday that McGill administration maintains that the latest policy, if adopted, will “sharpen divisions in our community at a time when many students are already distressed.”

Azmi A@M41M2A:

zionist playing victim

1+1 hosted by Youri Smouter (sometimes Yuri)@1Yuriyouri:

Moath Herzallah@herzallah_moath:

Absolutely reprehensible censorship and suppression. Western Democracy has been reduced to token participation.


Where’s the so-called democracy when you need it?

78% versus one student.That math spells Zionism.

The Futurist Devil @FuturistDevil:

The ruling is ridiculous, of course, but hardly surprising considering that this butthurt victim mentality has been in the air on campuses for decades now. Debate & free speech has been replaced by litigiousness, either to courts or HR tribunals. And now, unfortunately, the Zionists are gaming the system to their own advantage…Yes, but, … Zionism is losing in the Court of Truth and Public Opinion, globally.


why on earth is a judge allowed to weigh in on what a student union can doZionism – just ask retired supreme court of Canada judge, liar Rosalie Abella

Fizz Wizz@fizz_wizz74897:

Why is a judge involved in this?? Why are they interfering in the democracy of students??Because Canada is a raping colonizing genocidal country, controlled by Israel and Zionism. Canada’s Zionist politicians serve genocide and appoint genocide serving and or enabling judges.

Boom Kachoom@boomkachoom:

I’m not comfortable and don’t feel safe with Zios on this planet, Judge. Now what are you doing about it for me?


Shameful. The student body must be respected even if it politically rocks the boat. Ain’t that the point of universities???


At least they’re exposing their tyranny for all the world to see.

ricardus lordhighexecutioner@ricarduslordhi1:

This nonsense does more to promote anti-semitism than doing nothing. The Superior Court judge is contributing, I’m afraid, to the idea that Jews have the institutions in their pocket and are forcing silence upon the rest of the population.

If I was the judge I’d consider that granting the injunction would do more to promote irrecoverable prejudice here… Do they really think they can force the genie back into the bottle? What arrogance! It’s a show of brute force!

The same Superior Court that ruled that since Muslim students did not rush to court the moment after the anti-prayer policy was enacted after school year ended(!!!), that therefore this proved there was no emergency and the injunction was denied! …

The message is: sure people don’t agree with us, but WE control the institutions! We are in command! The Zionists are very loud with that.

ethical girlboss@lavionline:

basically fuck how the palestinian, arab, and muslim students on campus feel because none of us feel comfortable from the extremely biased and one sided emails that can’t even name “Palestine” but that doesn’t matter because one Zionist students comfort takes precedence


These judges should be removed from the court.That’d likely mean Canada would have judge-less courts. Zionists control our politicians and thus control who get put on the bench.



Pro-violence is a spectator sport that kills everything.

So sorry; unfair.


Every aspect of our precious, troubled democracy has been infiltrated by Zionists. They’ve also cast their shadow over the arts, public spaces and almost every other part of the country. It’s up to us, now that we know the extent of the problem, to eradicate it.


Typical Zionist narcissism, to think everything is about them, no common sense, no decency, any reasonable person would be ashamed to stand out as an Apartheid supporter.


A student feels “uncomfortable” because other students are challenging their support for genocide. This is the fu$&ed up world we live in.

2016: McGill (Montreal) voting for BDS

2016: Controversial vote by McGill students supports BDS, It was the third vote in 18 months for the Student Society of McGill University (SSMU) on the polarizing movement, calling for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel

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